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If you’ve been in the alternative health community for a while, then you’ve definitely heard of detox teas. And this popularity isn’t particularly surprising since many celebrities swear by these teas as an effective weight-loss hack.

In truth, detox teas can be used as a laxative to cleanse the body of toxins, which can help you with your weight loss journey. However, it is not safe assume that just drinking detox tea will cause significant long-term weight loss. In reality, the combination of diet, exercise, and detoxing efforts is what truly transforms the body.

These teas should be used as lifestyle enhancers. They increase the body’s natural ability to lose weight and purify itself. When looking for the type of tea that’s right for you, it’s important to keep in mind how it works, what others have said about the tea, and what side effects the tea may have. In this article, we’ll take you through five of the best weight-loss teas that’ll have you looking good in no time!

Top 5: Flat Tummy Teas Review

Recommendation #2

Bikini Body Detox Tea


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Hey Girl Detox Tea


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Flat Tummy Tea


Zero Tea 14 Day Detox Tea

WIth natural green tea and organic herbs and spices, Zero Tea boosts the body’s metabolism and provides you with essential vitamins and minerals. Due to its natural flavors, there is no added sugar. Zero tea reduces the body’s stress and excess water levels.

Zero Tea also reduces bloating by ridding the body of any excess water thereby making digestion easier on the body. This tea will last you for 14-28 days and contains anti-inflammatory properties to keep the bacteria in your body at a healthy level (yes, there are good bacteria in your body).

Zero Tea has an average rating of 4 ½ stars and customers have stated that the tea is tasteful and should be accompanied by lots of water. This is the perfect tea to rid your body of the all built up bacteria and it’s really good for cleaning out your body and making you feel brand new.

Zero Tea DOES contain caffeine! Please keep that in mind when looking at this savory product.


  • Removes excess water and bloating
  • Unlike most detoxing teas, Zero Tea does NOT contain a harsh laxative
  • It tastes great
  • You can see results within the 1st week accompanying diet and exercise
  • Zero Tea also curbs your appetite


  • May cause nausea and increased bowel activity
Bikini Body Detox Tea

Bikini Body Tea is the perfect detox tea if you’re looking to get your summer body back or trim down those inches for next month’s party. This 4 ½ star-rated, 30-day detox tea is specifically designed to trim and tone your body in just a few weeks. Everything in Bikini Body Tea is natural and so you don’t have to worry about any artificial ingredients or laxatives.

Before buying this tea, you should get familiar with what body type you are. The reason being is because Bikini Body will create a personalized step-by-step body transformation plan based on your needs.

Proud owners of the Bikini Body Tea have praised this tea to work wonders at taking off weight around the waist and tasting great! Plus, there are special offers going on for Bikini Body Tea right now.

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  • All natural ingredients
  • Fast-acting; may see results in as little as two weeks
  • Kicks those cravings and curbs appetite


  • There are no flavors added so you may need to add your own sugar or honey
Baetea 14 Day Teatox Detox Herbal Tea

Baetea is an organic, herbal tea that will boost your energy levels and decrease bloating in your body. Some of the ingredients include:

  • Ginger Root: speeds up the metabolism and helps the body burn fat
  • Green Tea Leaf: boosts your caffeine levels and burns excess body fat
  • Pomegranate: natural appetite suppressant and contains antioxidants that can fight against cancer cells and promote healthy skin

If you’re looking for an all-natural, rejuvenating detox tea, then Baetea is a great choice. To get the best results from this tea, drink it every morning when you wake up or before you workout. Customers have testified that they saw results after the first week of using Baetea! A few reviews have claimed that just drinking the tea alone has had some effect on their weight loss. Although, it seems like you’ll get the most out of this tea if you combine it with a small workout.

If you decide that this is the tea for you, you’ll receive a $3 off coupon on your first purchase.


  • Designed to relieve excess bloating
  • Suppresses your appetite
  • You’ll see results within the first 7 days
  • Rich taste
  • Gives your body the feeling of being lighter


  • More of a stronger laxative effect so you may go to the restroom a couple of times a day
Hey Girl Detox Tea

Hey Girl Detox Tea is the tea to drink to remove harmful toxins and built up bloating in the body. This tea has an active ingredient known as Senna which is the laxative used typically prior to surgery to clear out the bowels. So, if you’re more into just clearing it all out then this is the tea for you.

We’ve all experienced the aftermath of a hearty dinner. There’s the buildup of gas and the uncomfortable bloating and it all remains in the body to greet you in the morning. Who wants that? If your answer is 'not me', then drink one cup of Hey Girl before you go to bed or after you’ve eaten dinner. Those yucky feelings will go away in no time and you’ll feel right as rain the next morning.

Ingredients include:

  • Orange Peel: full of fiber and helps the body burn fat
  • Honey Bush: full of antioxidants that protect the body from digestive issues
  • Ginger Root: boosts the metabolism and helps the body burn fat
  • Lemongrass: boosts your metabolism and curves your appetite

Hey Girl Detox Tea fans have raved that this tea is really good for cleaning out the body and dropping a few pounds. An added bonus is that if you’re not satisfied with this tea, you can get a full refund!


  • A strong laxative that is guaranteed to clean you out
  • Tastes much better than most detox teas
  • An excellent remedy to last-minute bloating problems


  • Depending on your body, you may go to the restroom a couple of times a day
Flat Tummy Tea

Flat Tummy Tea is an all natural, four-week cleanse that will not only speed up your metabolism but will help you start the day alive and with energy! This detoxing system comes with two packets: Flat Tummy Activate and Flat Tummy Cleanse

Now, for the Flat Tummy Activate, you should drink one cup every morning at breakfast. All you have to do is add one teaspoon of Activate to one one cup of hot water. Simple! 

The Flat Tummy Cleanse you drink at night. For the first week, you’ll drink one cup every other night before you go to sleep. On week two, you’ll transition to drinking a cup every third night before you go to sleep. Again, all you have to do is add one teaspoon to one cup of water and you’ll be good to go!

After four weeks of using Flat Tummy Tea, you’ll notice the weight falling right off. Customers who’ve reviewed this tea claim that at first the change in weight starts slowly and then increases as you continue using the product. There’s not much to be said about how Fit Tummy Tea tastes but it wouldn’t hurt to add maybe a teensy bit of honey or sugar (like putting the cherry on top of the ice cream sundae).


  • Made in the USA and is FDA approved and is certified by the Safe Quality Food Institute
  • There is a money back guarantee
  • Will leave you feeling energized


  • It can be hard to keep track of when you’re supposed to drink your tea
  • You’ll need to buy a tea strainer if you don’t already have one

Buying Guide

Now you have a decent list of teas to sort through on your quest to find a good detox tea. All of these teas boost your metabolism and aids your body in its fight against the toxins that reside within. As if that weren’t good enough, all of these teas contain natural ingredients and antioxidants that promote healthy skin and fight against harmful bacteria in your digestion system.

Though all of this is exciting and I know you can’t wait to check out these products, please keep in mind that detox tea is not a miracle juice that will magically take the pounds away. Detox teas are created to assist you with losing weight and cleansing your body. There still has to be some effort on your part if you want to see results. That means coming up with a healthy diet and exercise routine that works for you. 

Top Pick

Even if you’re just getting started in the world of detox, the Flat Tummy Activate and Cleanse Detox System is a great choice. With the Flat Tummy Activate, you receive a product filled with antioxidants designed to energize you and give you the fuel you need to make through the day.

Flat Tummy Tea

Also, the Flat Tummy Cleanse helps regulate your flow and adds such a kick to your metabolism that you don’t need to break your back as much working out. 

Final Verdict

In this review, we've provided details of some of the best detox teas for flat tummys. Don’t hesitate to take a look at these products and make an informed decision on which detox tea would best suit you!


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