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Snake repellants are products designed to deter serpents and keep them away from protected property. They can be sprayed or sprinkled around the property, but some can come in the form of sonic repellants.

A fact that everybody knows is the some products are more effective than others. This guide will help you choose which one on the market works best for you.

How a Snake Repellant Works

Serpents often end up in residential and commercial properties looking for food and shelter. Most of them eat mice, slugs, and other rodents. This is one benefit, but snakes can be a problem due to the fact that they can bite humans or scare pets. To fight snakes, several companies have developed snake repellants.

A lot of products that repel snakes actually have Naphthalene. This is a chemical sourced from black walnut trees and can be very dangerous since it can cause retinal and nerve damage. Naphthalene smells like mothballs and it is believed that snakes find the smell unpleasant.

That being said, there is a safer alternative to Naphthalene-based snake repellants. Some companies use essential oils such as clove, peppermint, castor, cinnamon, and other oils that are strong smelling.

Chemicals have strong scents and they are very effective in deterring snakes. However, snakes don’t usually use their nostrils to pick up a scent. Snakes are known to sniff at an object they find interesting and flick their tongues. It is the tongue that picks up odor particles that the snake senses using the special organs in their mouths. These organs are called vomeronasal organs. Certain chemicals can hurt snakes and are toxic to them, meaning they will avoid areas that have these chemicals.

As for sonic repellants, they can produce noise at a frequency that only snakes can hear. Snakes can only detect the frequency and the noise is irritating and unpleasant to them, so they will avoid entering a property affected by the sonic repellant.

Top 5: Snake Repellants Review

Liquid Fence HG-75011 Snake Repellent Granular, 5-Pound

The Liquid Fence Snake Repellant has granules that block the keen sense of smell or taste of snakes, deterring them from areas that are treated. This is a fast-acting product and works immediately to help stop the activity of snakes within the area. You can apply it all year round – simply shake the granules in your yard or garden, backyard perimeter, or patio.

What’s good about this snake repellant is that it’s safe to use around children and pets. It will not harm animals or plants when used and stored in accordance with manufacturer guidelines. This doesn’t contain naphthalene. Five pounds of granules can cover up to 2,500 square feet.


  • Helps curb snake activity for weeks.
  • Can be applied all year around.
  • Works immediately.
  • Safe to use around children and pets.


  • This product doesn’t repel poisonous snakes.
Nature's MACE SNAKE Repellent 5lb Granular Shaker

Nature’s Mace is a rain-resistant snake repellant, meaning you can use it all year round. It does not only stop the activity of snakes and prevent them from entering targeted areas, but it also trains them to avoid such places permanently, especially if that area has been treated multiple times.

The ingredients in this snake repellant act as an irritant to snakes and can be used in landscaped areas, lawns, and gardens. The manufacturer guarantees that this product works 100% in repelling stray snakes.


  • Complete satisfaction guarantee.
  • Safe to use around children and pets.
  • Environmentally-safe ingredients.


  • Some users have noted that garter snakes might not be affected as much as other snake species.
Hunter's Pest Control 2 X Solar Silent Snake Repellent Mole Repeller Spike Help You Get Rid of Snake Mole Gophers for Outdoor Garden Yard

The Solar Silent Snake Repellant produces a brief variable frequency vibration. It removes not only snakes but also other underground rodents such as voles, gophers, and moles by producing vibratory impulse every 180 seconds transmitted through the ground, which means there is no risk of contaminating humans, animals, and the environment. The snake repellant must be used continuously for days before it starts taking effect. Eviction time varies as animal habits are different.

This product is easy to install. Simply insert it to the ground and make sure the top part is protruding at least 40 centimeters high from the ground. When used for the first time, turn the device off completely for 3 days to charge it via sunlight. This solar repellant has a weatherproof design and features solid construction. In the event of rains, remove the device from the ground and store it in a dry place.

The solar power of this snake repellant reaches all directions at a full 360 degrees up to 1200 square meters. It has a solar panel on top of the device that collects energy from the sun and stores it in a rechargeable battery. When fully charged, the unit can last for 6 days.


  • Safe to use around children and pets.
  • The emissions can cover a large area.
  • Solar powered device.
  • Environmentally friendly.


  • Rain can prevent the device from charging.
  • The batteries will die when exposed to moisture.
  • Snakes may become immune to the vibrations and come back.
Exterminators Choice Snake Defense Natural Snake Repellent - Effective and Safe Spray 32oz| for All Types of Snakes|......

The Exterminators Choice Snake Repellant is an efficient and reliable product that it’s easy to use. It’s one of the more popular choices when it comes to snake repellants but users do note that this product is quite pricey.

This natural snake repellant is made of ingredients that snakes are known to find unpleasant, which is great because you get to get rid of serpents without harming the environment. Another great thing about this snake repellant is that it can also deter venomous snakes. Simply spray this product in areas snakes are known to frequent.

This product can also be used indoors. You can spray it on your kitchen cabinets without the fear of causing harm or contamination. You can rest easy with this product because a simple spray will prevent snakes from entering your property. It also has a strong smell but your pets won’t experience any health issues, although they may avoid this product. While expensive, users commented that this product truly works in stopping snake activity.


  • Works on venomous and non-venomous snakes.
  • Easy to use.
  • Comes in liquid form.
  • Is made of natural ingredients.
  • Has great online reviews.
  • Can be used both indoors and outdoors.


  • More expensive than other products.
  • A bottle may not be enough to last long.
Dr. T's Snake Repellent Hose End Spray 32oz - DT364HE

Dr. T’s Snake Repellant Hose End Spray is a tried and tested product effective in repelling non-poisonous snakes, including corn snakes and garter snakes. The potent formula of this product can cover up to 500 square feet and deters snakes from areas around the house, flowerbeds, trash cans, wood piles, barns, garages, cabins, and more. It comes with a convenient hose-end bottle making it easy to apply anywhere and also easy to store.

When used as directed, Dr. T’s snake repellant works fast in driving snakes away without harming plants, pets, and humans. However, do not apply this product directly on crops and plants that are intended for consumption.

The powerful ingredient of this product temporarily disrupts the sensory receptors of snakes through its outer olfactory sense organ, which is also known as Jacobson’s organ. A sniff will disorient the snake, causing it to scurry away unharmed to search for fresh air.


  • Covers a huge area.
  • Contains sulfur and naphthalene.
  • EPA-registered.
  • Rated efficient.


  • Has a strong mothball odor.
  • Doesn’t last too long according to some users.

How to Find a Good Snake Repellant

There are many snake repellants in the market and to find the most effective product, you should consider the effectiveness, strength, and overall cost. Below are the questions you should ask yourself when looking for a snake repellant.

Is It Effective?

The effectiveness of a product can be determined by how many snakes can be deterred by a single application. Note that not all products work on the same snake species, but there are some that actually works on a wide range of snakes. Some products can last for days, even weeks, while others need to be reapplied often and don’t last long.

Is It Potent?

There are repellants that can stand weather elements while others will stop working when there’s strong winds or rains. Some formulas also last longer than others, so always read the ingredients.

Is the Price Worth It?

Prepare somewhere between $10 and $60. The price depends on the ingredients and the construction of the repellant. Sonic and electric repellants will last longer so expect them to be more expensive than other variants.

Common Types of Snake Repellants on the Market

There are three major types of snake repellants: electronic repellants, chemical-based repellants, and repellants made with natural oils.

Electronic Repellants

Electronic repellants are the most popular type of snake repellants being used these days, thanks to the convenience it offers. This type of repellant is subdivided into three smaller types: ultrasonic, vibrating, and electromagnetic devices.

  • Ultrasonic repellants are devices that produce high-frequency sounds that snakes find unpleasant. While snakes can get used to these sounds, some repellants are designed in a way that it can change sounds regularly.
  • Vibrating repellants produce high-frequency vibrations that keep snakes away. They can detect the pulsing vibrations and see it as a warning sign that they are in danger.
  • Electromagnetic repellants come with a wiring system that produces pulses that trigger the snake’s nervous system. This causes them to scurry away from your property as quickly as they can.

Chemical-based Repellants

This is by far the most common type of snake repellant, the one that smells of mothballs due to is naphthalene and sulfur content. Both chemicals cause snakes to be disoriented and unable to see or detect where they are and where they are heading. Eventually, the snakes will avoid these areas since they have lost their senses. Note that this type of repellant has a very pungent odor, so always wear a mask and put gloves on when handling these chemicals.

Essential Oil Repellants

Snakes have been known to dislike certain essential oils. These oils can be used by humans but are offensive to snakes. Some samples are clove oil, cinnamon oil, and cedar oil. When you use these oils, expect the snakes to stay away from your property.

Do Snake Repellants Work?

We all have to be quite honest about it – repellants may not work all the time. As their name implies, they can only repel, but it won’t physically stop animals from passing by or crossing.

When we tested out the products, we noticed that snakes had definitely sensed something they don’t like, causing them to slow down, but don’t expect them not to cross the barriers of your property. Snake repellants are best used as a part of a more sophisticated pest control plan meant to stop snakes from inhabiting your property.

Risks of Using Snake Repellants

As mentioned above, some repellants have chemicals in them that are toxic to some animals and to the environment. Naphthalene, albeit a strong and powerful repellant, can severely damage the nervous system. The EPA also considers this chemical as a carcinogen for humans.

These carcinogens cause an increase in the likelihood of people developing cancer. You can avoid getting in contact with naphthalene by using environmentally friendly repellants or sonic devices.

best snake repellent

People will have different decisions when it comes to dealing with snakes. Some resort to killing these animals, while others simply want to deter them. All of the products above are effective in their own right, but our top pick goes to Exterminators Choice Snake Defense Natural Snake Repellent.

Exterminators Choice Snake Defense Natural Snake Repellent - Effective and Safe Spray 32oz| for All Types of Snakes|......

^^ Click Picture To Check Price & Reviews ^^

Yes, it’s quite pricey, but you’re not risking children, pets, and the environment when you use this product. It’s also environmentally friendly and is made of natural ingredients. The spray application offers a lot of convenience to users and ease of storage as well.

Final Verdict

In general, users have good reviews of Exterminators Choice. Simply spray this product on the area you want snakes to avoid and it’s a guarantee you won’t see a single snake, venomous and not. This repellant has a scent, but it’s not too strong to cause disturbance or annoyance.

Take your pick on the products we reviewed above and tell us your experience.


official top 5 review's 5 Ways To Keep snakes away

For most people, nothing is as annoying, scary and unbearable as the hissing sound of a snake or their rattles within their surroundings. In fact, some people experience nightmares when they see a snake. The likelihood of snakes showing up at our doorsteps is dependent on factors such as weather, location etc.

While many products have been developed by various companies to help keep the reptiles away, their effectiveness is a lot of times questionable. In some cases, the recommended medication may pose even more danger to pets and people in the home. Here are some practical tips on how to keep snakes

1. Keep Rodents Away

Like other animals, much of a snake’s activity is centered on looking for and obtaining food. They feed on insects and rodents that roam around our homes. As such, it makes sense to keep such rodents and insects away to avoid attracting snakes to our homes. One of the best ways to discourage such rodents is by properly getting rid of food leftovers and eliminating any scent trails around the house.

It also helps to keep the surrounding clean and sealing any potential hideouts for such rodents. Using rodent baits in the yard/garden and around the house also helps to get rid of them and keep snakes away. Be sure to put the baits in places where your pets cannot reach them. If the rodents persist, you may need to contact a pest control specialist for further advice and possible help.

2. Check and Seal Gaps, Holes, Cracks

Even as they roam around, snakes look for possible places to hide under for warmth when it is cold and to cool down when it’s hot. A small hole under your tool shed, or a crack within your foundation walls is all they need to feel comfortable in your surroundings. Surprisingly, they can fit themselves into the flattest crevice without anyone noticing and use cracks as their entry point.

You can use weather stripping under the doors and any visible cracks and holes. It is also advisable to conduct energy audits as a way of identifying cracks and crevices that allow heat to escape from the home and also used by snakes as entry points.

3. Regularly Declutter Your Surrounding

Decluttering is one of the surest ways to discourage snakes from getting into your home. Unnecessary stuff like unused clothes, stack or rocks, piles of grass provide a perfect rest place for snakes, especially when the weather outside is not conducive for them. As such, do not provide a home for snakes by leaving these things in the yard or garden.

Occasionally clean your spaces, checking for things such as woodpiles, firewood, excess lumber and other types of debris. In case a snake has found its way into your home, decluttering will help fish them out before they cause more damage. Be sure to proceed with extreme caution when cleaning up possible hideouts of snakes.

4. Keep the Garden Vegetation Short and Trimmed

If you are one of those people who have garden areas in your compounds, strive to keep the grass short and trimmed at all times to discourage snakes from hiding in them and finding their way into our house. As crawling animals, snakes use long grasses as channels to reach our houses unnoticed. They also prefer long vegetation as perfect hideouts from other predators such as stray cats, dogs, and specific bird species, among others. Such long vegetation also works in their favor, providing them with a shade and resting places whenever it is hot.

Again, it is essential to take precautions when clearing tall grass as you may already be having an unwelcome visitor. If that happens, do everything to avoid a deadly encounter, i.e. move to a safe place, and evacuate your loved ones and contact pest control or a professional snake removal specialist.

5. Use a Wall or Fence as Deterrent

As previously mentioned, location is one of the factors that determine whether a snake will come by your home. Forested areas have numerous species of snakes, and those who live around such places are at more risk of being attached. Setting up a perimeter wall/fence around your home may be necessary to prevent them from accessing your premises.

It is vital to ensure that the perimeter wall has no cracks and crevices, which can again act as entry points into the compound.

Even though most snakes are harmless, one may not immediately tell which one is, and which is not. As such, it is still safer to keep them away. Besides, the site of them (especially in homes) is unbearable to many people. By using above-discussed tips, you will most likely reduce the chances of having snake encounters in your home.

However, if you do, it is advisable not to panic but move to a safe distance, keep an eye on them and call specialists who can handle them better without any incidents.

Hopefully these are helpful tips to keep the snakes away, in addition to our recommended snake repellents.

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