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The Official Top 5 Review team is dedicated to testing and researching the top products available for many different industries. We do the research and testing so that you don't have to! We welcome you to provide your feedback on your experiences with any products that you have experience with.

Electric Scooters

Electric scooters are a great form of entertainment that can be used for a variety of different purposes. Sometimes electric scooters are used for entertainment purposes so that kids can roll around at high speed pulling off jumps and tricks. Alternatively, some people actually use electric scooters as a form of transportation so that they […]

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External Hard Drives

This review is going to focus on presenting the five best external hard drive products so that you can narrow down your choices and effectively make the best purchase for your own personal needs. There are so many things to consider when looking to make an electronic purchase like this. External hard drives have a […]

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Electric Grills

This review is designated to presenting five of the best electric grills that are currently available on the market. There are so many factors that are imperative to consider when attempting to select a high quality electric grill for purchase. Table Of Contents Top 5 Electric GrillsWeber Q2400 Electric GrillT-Fal OptiGrill Stainless Steel Indoor Electric […]

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USB Racing Wheels for PC

Racing wheels are a common accessory that can be used for racing video games like iRacing and Project Cars. They are extremely popular among sim racers who are looking for an enhanced experience of driving on video games. They are all designed very differently, which can ultimately have an impact on the quality and the […]

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Saxophone Cleaning Kits

Saxophones require a lot of care and maintenance. Not cleaning your saxophone can not only make you sick from germs, it can also destroy your instrument. Saxophone cleaning kits are a great investment because not only are they useful, they allow you to get everything you need to care for your saxophone all at once. […]

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Fitness Trackers

Getting a fitness tracker means you boosting the quality of your life by monitoring your health as well as physical activities in a hassle free way. The best gadget is one that is able to keep track of your heart rate, workout data (distance, speed, time etc), and calories burned. You should look out for […]

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Flute Tuners

Whether you are playing your flute for a concert performance or you are just practicing by yourself at home, you probably understand how annoying it can be to have your flute out of tune. Not only that, but having your flute out of tune can make the music you play sound awful. Table Of Contents […]

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Whether for professional or recreational use, a slingshot is a useful device that has multiple benefits. Despite being viewed by many as toys or , slingshots are serious weapons that can come in handy when used correctly. Table Of Contents Top 5 SlingshotsBarnett 160433 Outdoors Cobra SlingshotWisdoman Prof. Outdoor SlingshotAdjustable Stainless Hunting Laser SlingshotUcho Professional […]

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Books to Learn German

With so many options available, learning a new language has never been easier. While Spanish and French continue to be the main foreign languages taught in school, German is quickly increasing in popularity in high school and beyond. Table Of Contents Top 5 Books to Learn GermanGerman: How to Speak and Write itGerman: Learn German […]

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Shop Vacs

Do you work in construction? Have a wood-working shop? Do you often do-it-yourself with projects around your home?Whether you are a professional out in the field of the master of your own domain, the purchase of a shop vac is an important decision to consider. There is more to this choice than simply buying the […]

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