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These days, I rely on technology for a lot of things. Whether I’m at home or the office, I’m doing work on my computer. You can call me a workaholic, but on the contrary, I really am not. In fact, I need software that will help make my work easier for me.

So I need software that will make it easy day in and day out. If I need something, I’ll use one software and get the job done. My work deals with videos on a regular basis. We create high-quality videos for clients for their online advertisements and presentations. I wanted to find something that my company will rely on for the long term. 


When I was doing some searching, I came across Wondershare. They have excellent software that I can use for any project and ensure that my office’s overall productivity is always on a high level.

Wondershare Features

  • Includes video editing software like Filmora, photo software like Fotophire and so much more. Perfect for when you are editing and adding effects to your photos and videos.
  • Build the perfect PDF file with PDFElement. You can create professional-quality PDFs so you can share them online or use them during a presentation.
  • EDraw for those who are in the business of designing and drawing. Create mindflow charts, floor plans, or whatever necessary to turn your idea into a rough sketch so they can become reality once the project is finished.
  • Keep your data protected and retrieve what you lose by accident using dr.fone. This software will keep everything backed up and well-protected just in case the unthinkable happens. Never lose your data ever again with software like this.
  • Recoverit lives up to its name and allows you to find old files that might have been long gone. Never again will you have to search high and low for a missing file nor will you need to lament about a file that has seemingly gone away forever.

Video and Photo Tools

My work deals with advertising online. And I would be lost without the kind of software that I need in order to edit videos and images for my clients. I have a couple of guys that do video editing using the Filmora software. They seem to know their way around it as if it were their own house. Because they are able to add effects, cut and edit videos, and make them stand out in more ways than one. You can add on preset effects that will make your videos look more cinematic and professional looking.

Also, I have a few people on my staff that spend time editing photos so they stand out and look eye-catching. If there is one thing I learned about being an ad agency, visual is definitely half of the battle. Putting out the right message is the other. I firmly believe that if I can’t make them eye-catching as possible then they message won’t get sent out.

In a world where a lot of ads are going digital, I know I’m not alone when I say this. But it’s all about attention-grabbing these days. My clients have been pleased with our work because we know what they want. And we were able to deliver that and then some using this software.

Also, you can choose royalty-stock videos that will help make your video project stand out. I use these sometimes for presentations or even client videos if they request stock videos. No matter what, we’re all about making life easier for them. I’ve been quite impressed with the stock videos that are available for you to use. All in excellent quality (including 4K). Whether it’s using their own videos or not, we are ready to edit them and make them look good.

Software for the Office

One of the things that we also do is put together PDF files that our clients can use as infographics or ebooks for their business. We’re in the business of helping them draw more of their own clients and customers. If you are looking for something that will help you build eye-popping and well-designed PDF files, I would definitely check out the PDFElement software. I find that design really matters most. Besides, you don’t want to make a PDF that is dull, bland, and has plenty of white space.

The cool thing about PDFElement is that it adds some pretty cool features to your PDF files. These include the ability to e-sign a document, convert files to and from PDFs, leave out any sensitive information, and so much more. I would be kicking myself if I didn’t tell anyone who had an office full of employees to put this kind of software to good use.

Another software that I use for the purpose of “mindmaps” is Edraw. In fact, I use this to draw up and distribute these mindmaps to my creative team. We use them so we are on the same page and on track with every client project we have. That way, we have all of our bases covered and we are ready to take on the next task, check them off the list, and move on to the next. Edraw does more than just mindmaps. If you are doing some other tasks like floor plans and architecture, this is the perfect software for you.

Data Recovery Made Simple

There are times when we tend to mess up and delete a file. I know I have. But once it’s gone, it isn’t gone forever. That’s because I was able to install two data recovery software that Wondershare has available: dr.fone and Recoverit. I never knew that such software would exist.

Especially when I wanted to look for a file only to find it nowhere else. I am able to use this software and go back to what’s been emptied in the recycle bin and permanently deleted. Also, data corruption can also ruin and delete key files. And yes, so do viruses that will render a computer useless.

Luckily, I’m prepared and ready for anything that might destroy whatever files I need. Because I can be able to recover them and they’ll be back in their original state. I was quite astounded when I would find old files that were no longer useful, but it was good to see that I could recover them if and when I needed to.


  • Plenty of video editing features from Filmora. You can be able to edit with all kinds of effects, transitions, title options, and more.
  • Easy to familiarize yourself with.
  • Data recovery is easy and does some deep digging for all of your missing and deleted files.
  • Reasonably priced packages and stand-alone software.
  • Make organized PDFs and mindmaps in minutes.


  • May be laggy at times.

Final Verdict

I can say for a lot of people like myself, we cannot live without Wondershare’s software. You should consider choosing one of their software or get all three if your business requires it. If you are doing plenty of work, you’ll want software that will give you no limits. I would be hard-pressed to recommend anything else other than Wondershare for all of your home and office needs. Your project may differ, but Wondershare always has the software for that.


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