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My best friend recently gave birth to a beautiful baby boy. I wanted to give the baby something interesting and special, something that can last as a memory. I made a detailed research of baby gifts producers and found exactly what I was looking for at Baby Aspen is run by a team of professional designers and manufacturers creating high-quality baby gifts whose items are designed to please both the baby's needs for play and the parents' needs for aesthetics.

While choosing the source of the gift I wanted to purchase, my most important criterion was safety. I found out that all gifts at Baby Aspen undergo rigid quality control and safety testing, which made them an ideal candidate for the perfect present for a newborn.

Baby Aspen

If you’d like to buy a gift before the baby is born and have it prepared, but you are unsure of the baby’s gender, Baby Aspen offers a large variety of male, female and gender-neutral collections.

Baby Aspen Features

  • User-friendly website.
  • Useful research filters.
  • Affordable prices.
  • Personalization of gifts.
  • Gift sets.
  • Themed collections.
  • Shopping by gender.
  • Gender-neutral shopping.
  • Safety testing.
  • Online ordering.
  • Discount programs throughout the year.
  • Paying by credit card, Google pay and Paypal.

Baby Gift Sets

Baby Aspen offers a large variety of unique baby gift sets. They usually combine different products like pieces of clothing, toys, blankets, towels, and bibs. Some gift sets are for one purpose only - playing, bathing or sleeping.

Baby Aspen

BabyAspen’s “Beary Cute Five-Piece Welcome Home” gift set is ideal for a newborn, coming home for the first time. It contains a plush bear as well as a rattle, mittens, bib, cap and an elegant package box. All the items except the bear can be washed cold with a low tumble dry. There are also animal-themed sets of socks, themed pajama sets or different bathing sets with shark and mermaid motives.

Gender Neutral Gift Shopping

If you want to prepare a gift for your or someone else’s future newborn and the baby’s gender is still unknown, Baby Aspen offers a large variety of gender-neutral gifts that also come in either gift sets or as individual products.

Baby Aspen

The colors for gender-neutral gifts are wisely chosen and there is a lot of green, brown, orange or white. There are bibs, booties, socks, rattles with animal motives, toys like stuffed cubes emblazoned with letters and numbers or plush giraffe, sheep, and elephant toys.

This category for shopping is very useful and satisfying because it’s suitable for those people who simply don’t want to buy gender-specific gifts, or have two children - a girl and a boy who will be inheriting toys and clothing from each other.

Baby Boy Gift Shopping

If you are looking for the perfect gift for a baby boy there is a large variety of toys, clothing, baby books and themed outfits for our little adventurers. The “Five Little Monkeys Gift Set” for example is a great choice because it has everything you can associate with a baby - a blanket, a plush monkey, a rattle and a couple of other useful things.

Baby Aspen

Also, the “Little Peanut Gift Set” with a lovely elephant-themed layette. This set is elephant themed and consists of a bib, socks and a plush elephant, all colored in blue and white stripes. There are some other loveable products offered, such as a shark-themed blue bath set, or a shark grey after-bath robe. One of my personal favorites is a 3-piece set of animal-themed diaper covers.

Baby Aspen

If you are looking for a fashionable outfit in wintertime, there is an amazing blue and white combination of a cardigan and a pom-pom hat that makes the baby look very stylish. In case you are looking for something that will suit a classy event, you can purchase the funniest baby tuxedo with a printed bow-tie.

Baby Girl Gift Shopping

Shopping for baby girls is often considered easier than shopping for boys. But, sometimes girl-themed baby products are overdone in a way that makes them look bad. At Baby Aspen, every item is designed with professional care and good taste. For example, you can check out a lovely bath time mermaid-themed set in a very subtle pink color.

Baby Aspen

Most of the toys, clothing, and bath equipment intended for girls are colored in light pink. There are very sweet pink shark-themed bath sets and the cutest tutu outfits suitable for first birthdays. You might fall in love with the ”Little Princess Gift Set” with a darling pink bodysuit with a skirt, bib and a burp cloth, as well as a plush unicorn.


Besides gender-specific and gender-neutral shopping, Baby Aspen offers a variety of collections.

Baby Aspen

Some of them are “Bedtime Stories” and “Big Dreamzzz” with bedtime outfits and toys, “Dino Baby” with dinosaur-themed towels, blankets and plush toys or “Fairy Princess” with mermaid plush toys, tutu skirts and bright colored dresses.

Pricing and Payment Methods

One more thing I like about Baby Aspen is that product prices range from $9.99 to $99. But basically, everything that costs more than $25 is a gift set. The most expensive products that reach the price of $99 are nine-item gift sets which are actually saving you money because buying each of those products individually would cost you a lot more.

Baby Aspen

Baby Aspen offers discounts that are redeemed by typing in a code given on the home page of their website. These discounts can be up to 10 or 20% off the price, so if you follow up on their website, you might catch a really good deal. Besides these discounts, there are also regular sales for specific items or sets. Payment is possible through credit card, Google Pay and PayPal for all products.

Baby Aspen offers three types of shipping which differ in length and price, but they also calculate the total price you need to pay in case of making a purchase.

Customer Service

Baby Aspen’s customer services are available in the quick links bar of their website. Also, here is a detailed explanation of their refund policy. You can ask for a return authorization within 30 days of receipt, but some items are non-returnable and non-refundable. Those are edibles, personalized products, cosmetics, and personal care items.

Baby Aspen

Return is possible only if you purchased items directly through Baby Aspen. After initiating the return and refund process you will receive your RA number which you need to enter in the space provided on the return label. Furthermore, if you want to return a product, you will be responsible for shipping so make sure you pack and secure them appropriately in their original packaging.

If you want to ask any questions or you need help, you can contact the customer services by phone (1-866-586-5095), e-mail ([email protected]) or form provided on their website.

Pros and Cons


  • A large variety of tasteful gifts appropriate for babies up to 1 year old.
  • Affordable and reasonable prices.
  • Safety tested and high-quality products.
  • Possibility of personalization such as embroidering or printing the child’s name on the product.


  • Online shopping makes ordering risky for size checking, as babies vary significantly in size in their early months.
  • Personalization is additionally charged.

Final Verdict

Baby Aspen is a business run by a team of talented and dedicated designers whose carefully manufactured toys, clothing, and baby accessories stand for high quality, safety, and good taste. My experience with them was excellent and I can say that I was very satisfied with the received product. In the future, whenever I need to buy baby gifts, I definitely plan on making new orders.

If you are looking for a high-quality, tasteful and responsibly-manufactured gift, delivered with on-time shipping and costing a reasonable price, Baby Aspen is the right place for your order.


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