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I run a small cafe in my hometown. I’ve been in the business now for almost a year. I’ll tell you something about running your own business. While it might be a bit stressful at times, I really enjoy it. Especially when people I know come in, sit down, and eat a nice meal while we catch up on things. My kitchen staff is hard at work and always making sure that every customer gets the best service and get exactly what they’ve ordered.

When it came time to make another order of food, supplies, and other things I wanted to find a place that I can trust. Yes, I work with a couple of food and supply distributors. But something was missing. What did I need that the other distributors didn’t deliver in previous orders? 


A friend and fellow restaurant owner told me about the LollicupStore. It’s a place where you can get food, but also things like Bubble Tea, kitchen utensils, kitchen tools, and so much more. I can be able to order what I want when I want and have it delivered to me fairly quickly.

LollicupStore Features

  • Get food and beverages for your restaurant so you can add it all to your menu for all of your customers to enjoy.
  • Want restaurant supplies for takeout, delivery, and dine-in? You got it. You’ll have plenty of supplies at your disposal depending on what you are ordering.
  • Need more appliances and tools for your kitchen? They have extra bottles for condiments, tools for food prep, storage containers, and more.
  • Keep members of your kitchen staff safe just in case of any emergencies or when they are dealing with raw foods. These include your masks and gloves. You can also get cleaning supplies in order to make sure your kitchen is clean from top to bottom and safe for food prep.

Food and Beverages

One of the most important things a restaurant obviously needs is enough food and beverage for their customers. While I have one distributor that handles most of the appetizers and entrees, I can get plenty of stuff for desserts. They have all kinds of syrups, pudding mixes, dessert mixes, and so much more.


You can also get your coffee and teas from LollicupStore including their Bubble Tea. I even added bubble tea to my menu as a “trial” offer and it was selling like hotcakes for a couple of weeks. So I decided to add it onto the menu for good. Can’t go wrong with a little “trial and error” to see if the customers like it or not.

I pretty much order my desserts, coffees, and teas from them so I don’t have to go anywhere else. How is that for convenience? Plus, I don’t have to wait too long to get them even when I am running low on them.

Needless to say, my customers are quite happy with the food here (and even the desserts and beverages). I always listen to my customers when it comes to what they want on the menu. Plus, I pay close attention to some of the best sellers. When the demand is high, I know I can order more of whatever I need. This is one of the reasons why I love running a restaurant.

Restaurant Supplies

One thing that I am proud to offer is takeout services. I know that a lot of people are on the go all the time. But they cannot resist a bite of their favorite dish at my restaurant. Alternatively, people want to take home what’s left of their meal and eat it later. Either way, I can order the containers that they need in order for them to take out and head home.


Most of the containers that they take home will keep the freshness in there. I know a lot of us hate the idea of eating leftovers. But the containers do a good job of locking in freshness so it doesn’t have that bland look when you dig it out of the container and throw it in the microwave.

Other than the take out containers, LollicupStore is also the only place where I can grab some disposable eating utensils like your spoons, forks, and knives. Perfect for those who want to order take out rather than dine in. I have all the supplies that I need to at least get me through the month.

Appliances and Tools

My kitchen cannot be fully operational without the right kind of appliances and tools. After doing an assessment on my kitchen, I needed a few supplies that I didn’t have yet.


So I settled on a new blender. It was perfect for making all of those smoothies. Of course, I needed extra supplies like plastic bottles for ketchup, mustards, and all kinds of sauces. And let’s not forget the containers that I need to store all the other refrigerated food.

This is also the place where I can get stainless steel appliances like a shaker, pots, pans, and cooking utensils. Name the kitchen tool that they have and I can guarantee you that LollicupStore has exactly that.

Kitchen Supplies

I have to say that safety is important in the kitchen. Especially when you are handling foods. My kitchen staff are required to wear gloves when they dealing with raw foods. That way, they don’t have to spread any germs in order to make my customers sick.


Plus, I make sure they practice basic hygiene skills like washing their hands. Wearing gloves is only half of the battle when I want to keep my kitchen staff and my customers safe. On LollicupStore, you can get a supply of gloves, masks, and cleaning supplies so you can keep your kitchen clean and free of any health hazards.

If you are a restaurant owner, you know that health and safety is important. If you are looking for a place where you can get all of your protective gear in one place, I highly suggest that you check out LollicupStore.

Especially when you want to get supplies at a reasonable price without having your bottom line get eaten away. I know some restaurant owners who get pretty antsy when it comes to certain things because they want to “save money”. If only they knew about this store.


  • A wide variety of foods, beverages, supplies, etc. at reasonable prices.
  • Will call locations available in select cities.
  • Special deals and clearance items available.
  • Perfect for small diners, restaurants, and cafes.
  • Has environmentally friendly items available like takeout containers, cups, straws, etc.


  • None.

Final Verdict

If you are a restaurant owner, I highly suggest that you check out LollicupStore for all of your food and kitchen supply needs. I would be lost without them had it not been for my friend pointing them out to me. Plus, I would be paying a lot more for supplies and all the other essentials.

While I will be getting a bulk of my food from my local distributors, there are some things that they won’t procure. It’s always good to have someone like LolliCupStore on speed dial just in case I need anything for my restaurant. I don’t have to wait a long time for it either.


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