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I can’t say that I am a computer whiz by any stretch of the imagination. But when I’m editing videos and photos, I need a program that will allow me to get the job done however I want it done.

I shoot videos and photos as a hobby. But I want to make them look as professional as possible so I can show off my portfolio online.

I take pride in my art, so I want something that will make it all stand out. While researching for programs, I came across one that I was truly impressed with.


Cyberlink has programs that you can use to edit videos and photos with ease. Best of all, I can be able to get my projects done without having to rely on any hard to use software that could cost me a small fortune.

Plus, I tried the free versions of various video and photo editing software. But with free versions, your options on what you can do are pretty much limited.

Cyberlink Features

  • Includes software that will allow you to professionally edit your photos and videos so they can stand out with better quality.
  • Always up to date with the latest features and requirements so you can stay a step ahead of the game no matter which computer you are running.
  • Jam-packed with excellent features that will allow you to add or edit any music, colors, or anything else to your photos and videos.
  • Get design packs every month so you can mix it up a bit and take your creativity to an entirely different level.
  • Includes 360 Photo Editing, allowing you to edit your photos and the environment surrounding it so you can make it stick out even more. Your panoramic photos will stand out so much more.

Software That Fits Your Needs

If I need to work on something, I know which software to use. CyberLink comes with PhotoDirector and PowerDirector. If you want them both in one fully loaded package, you can grab the Director Suite.

Since I edit both photos and videos, I managed to get the Director Suite for myself. It’s got both programs along with other software like ColorDirector and AudioDirector.


In other words, I’m getting the best of many worlds. With ColorDirector, I can be able to edit the color settings of my photos.

Plus, I can choose a color that stands out better than what the original picture has. What I mean by this is that if that shade of yellow in the original photo doesn’t stand out, I can be able to give it a photographic upgrade. Plus, it might give me a few more creative ideas in the process.

Not to mention, I get it all at one low monthly price. In fact, I find that a lot better than having to buy software outright and having it cost me an arm and a leg.

Always Updating

One of the things I liked about Cyberlink’s software is it’s consistently updated to make the user experience a lot better. Plus, you’ll be getting updates on different designs and features that will allow your creativity to run wild. If you are looking for a great software that will give you the best features no matter how much they update, this could be something I highly recommend.

Edit Videos in 4k

I am fortunate enough to have a camera that has the ability to produce high-quality 4K videos. When I watch them, I’m in awe.


I’m in awe just editing the videos that I film with a camera that doesn’t have 4K. That’s because Cyberlink’s video editing software allows me to preview and edit these videos in that very same quality. In fact, I was quite shocked when I used one of my digital cameras and shot video with it and the preview video came out perfect.

Easy Audio Editing

One of the things included in the Director Suite is the AudioDirector. I use it for the purpose of adding music tracks and sometimes voiceovers for professional videos.

I can be able to edit the audio with ease. Plus, if I record audio and it gets windy the software itself can actually remove the wind sounds. If that isn’t impressive, I don’t know what is.


I always add some pretty sleek music and audio for my videos and it always stands out in so many ways. Shooting videos is one thing, but the post-production process is what I enjoy the most.

Once I post these videos on YouTube, I can take pride that my best work is out there and people will enjoy it. I can go all day using the AudioDirector software.

360 Photo Editing

If you are taking 360-degree panoramic photos, then you can edit them in their entirety. Like regular photos in PhotoDirector you can actually edit them and play around with the color settings.


I’ve done 360 photos a few times and I’m always amazed with what my camera can do. I can be able to take pictures of my surroundings and really make it look like I’m in my own little “bubble world”.

You’d be surprised how it will all turn out once you are able to do a few edits and set them to your liking. Even one friend of mine said that with this feature, I can make some pretty mind-blowing photos.

Additional Effects and Plug-Ins

If you want to go beyond the features of every program you have made available, you can always get some additional effects and plug-ins. There’s always an effects package for all those special events.

Are you editing photos for those special moments like weddings? There’s a package for that.


Are you taking pictures while traveling? Yep, there’s effects and plug-ins that will be great for your travel photos as well.

You can take full advantage of these so you can be able to speed up your project and be able to get it done with better quality than ever. Plus, the video plug-ins will make your videos stand out more in cinematic quality. It’s never been easy to shoot videos and edit them to look like the next box office hit.


  • Very easy to use once you get the hang of it.
  • Smooth video and photo editing.
  • With Suite Director you get PhotoDirector, VideoDirector, and other programs and features.
  • Allows for ultra-fast post-production.
  • Reasonable monthly price.


  • Learning curve may be a bit steep, considering how many features it has.

Final Verdict

If you are looking for the ultimate software solution for photo and video editing, I would highly recommend CyberLink. If you are just doing photos or videos you can just settle for one of the standalone programs.

If you truly want to do it all, the Suite Director will be the perfect choice for you. What’s really impressive is you get to edit all the videos and photos you want with this program at an affordable price.

After discovering this, I knew getting rid of Photoshop and my video editing software that I have long used was a great idea. You can get plenty of features that you won’t find on any other software.

Plus, I’m able to upload all my work to my social media accounts and my friends and followers always enjoy them. So long as I can put out some great work with my videos and photos, I’ll only trust Cyberlink’s software to handle all of my editing and post-production work.


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