Dr Fone Review – Does It Recover Lost Phone Data?

A few months back, I was struggling to understand how to recover my data form a phone I spilled tea on. My iPhone seemed dead. But the idea of losing personal photos, favorite websites, e-mail, and other contacts made me panic.

I tried looking for repair shops but my small town had none. I was required to travel to the nearest city to find such a shop. In the meantime, a friend suggested Dr Fone. The software specializes in recovering lost data from iPhones.

Dr. Fone

I wasn’t sure how to use it and if it would work at all. But I installed in on my Windows PC and I was able to recover most data. If you’re wondering how the software looks, you need to know it’s not complicated at all. It comes with a simple design that allows users to make simple searchers on the phone and recover certain data such as photos.

Dr Fone Features

  • Recovers lost iPhone data.
  • The software recovers accidental deletion data.
  • Automatic data recovery for damaged devices.
  • Phone switch.
  • iPhone data backup.
  • Restore social app.
  • iOs Repair.
  • iTunes repair.
  • iPhone data eraser.

Recovering Lost Data

The data I lost was the type of information you have on your phone as well. This includes messages, notes and even call logs. It took me a while to comprehend that this software recovers your call logs. This proved particularly useful as I’ve made a call to a courier and I haven’t saved the number for future reference.

Dr. Fone

Now, my phone wasn’t going to boot up. The water damage seemed permanent. But the software also recovers important data from other types of damages. For example, you may drop your iPhone down the stairs. The screen might be cracked but it will still have its memory in which you can access the software.

In other cases, you can recover data from a stolen iPhone. This is made by recovering iCloud and iTunes information tied to your account. But most importantly, you can recover important information in case of accidental deletion.

Let’s say you have an important photo that you delete by mistake. Chances are you can still recover it as no data is lost forever easily. In this case, you will use the software with a varying degree of success. But as with computer memory, I’m sure you can recover important data simply by using this tool even if you don’t believe to be possible.

Whatsapp Data Transfer

Another interesting feature of the software comes with the WhatsApp data transfer function. In theory, you can transfer all of your chats to an Android smartphone with it.

I proceeded to test it out myself as I was doubtful. At the moment, I can say it works 100%. The way the software works is by creating a backup of your iPhone WhatsApp conversations and call logs. This backup is then uploaded to your new Android phone.

Dr. Fone

With such practicality, the software enables proper communication even when users change their smartphones and operating systems. The same applies to data uploaded to iPhones.

You still need to create a backup which you then upload to your iPhone. I find it particularly interesting how this type of backup is not offered by any of the mobile operating systems. It should be a default option as users should not rely on third-party apps to upgrade their smartphones.

Screen Unlock

There are a few situations where you might need your screen unlocked. You might forget your password or you might be trying to access the phone of a deceased relative. Just the other week I was reading how a son was trying to unlock the screen of his deceased father to access personal photos and save them as memories.

Dr. Fone

Now, I’m not going to argue about the ethics of what this man did. However, it is often a personal decision. I’m glad to see there already is a software which can deal with such special requests.

The program also bypasses fingerprint scanner and face ID security locks. Your phone might be easier to unlock with the software which doesn’t require specialized knowledge. You simply follow a few steps and routines to have your smartphone unlocked as instructed on the screen.

Iphone Eraser

Not all data needs to be saved. For example, if you’re selling your iPhone you need to ensure it's clear of personal information. As a result, you might want to pay attention to whatever is going on with your data and personal accounts on the phone before handing it over.

Dr. Fone

I still remember a friend being scared about not uninstalling Facebook before handing his smartphone to a buyer. He was left at the mercy of a buyer. Luckily, nothing bad happened with his account. But I know I wouldn’t trust anyone with my data.

Data erasers clear iOS SMS, contacts, call history, photos and all other types of data. If you decide to do this manually, there are high chances you’re going to overlook the certain type of data or certain apps.

100% wipe on third-party apps is supported by this feature. It removes all WhatsApp data, conversations and stored backup. But it also clears large files. If you have video recordings, the personal data might put you at risk and it needs to be cleared as well.

Iphone and Android Backups

If you want to keep your entire personal information safe, the best method is to simply create a backup. This then allows you to have all of your data in a single backup which is managed by the professional software.

Dr. Fone

Instead of relying on all types of cloud system backups, you can simply create a single file you save on your computer.


If you want to sign up for the software, you’re going to pay at least $70 per month for all of its functions. But this might not be a large sum if you’re dealing with important information. At the same time, it may also be a small fee if you’re running a phone repair shop.

Dr. Fone


  • Recovers most type of iPhone data.
  • Creates iPhone and Android backups.
  • Transfers WhatsApp conversations from iPhone to Android.


  • Limited Android functionality.

Final Verdict

The software is one of the most capable in its class. It has plenty of other features such as the phone manager and the system repair. It restores your phone to its previous state in case an update went wrong.

I find it interesting how this type of tool is needed to save users from a bad update. If you look online for such issues where an update messed up how a phone works, you’ll find plenty of horror stories. It hasn’t happened to me yet, but I’m sure it could happen at any moment.

If you’re new to phone recovery, you need to know there are no particular training lessons you need to worry about. You can find all the data you need in the resources category on the website. It’s here that you’ll be able to learn all the basic tools and how to keep your iPhone safe. Some of the lessons here are also addressed to Android users so you’ll get a better insight into both operating systems.


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