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Have you ever experienced the terror of having your banking information or social security number compromised? Even the thought is enough to make many Americans break out in a cold sweat. But tens of thousands of documents and bits of personal data are stolen every day, and most of it happens through cyber crime.

Over the past two or so decades, the way we communicate and network has rapidly evolved. People are more connected than ever - but that means more security vulnerabilities than ever. If you run a website, you need good security services to protect both you and the people using the site.

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Comodo Hackerproof


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Sitelock is a company that specializes in creating website security solutions for small and medium sized businesses. These help to protect your website data and the data of your customers if they shop through your site. You can get a free cybersecurity assessment through the company's website.

The company's cybersecurity solutions come with many different products and plans tailored to fit different needs. For example, a blogger will have different web protection needs than an e-commerce site that handles sensitive financial information.


You can find solutions specifically tailored for the following situations: 

  • Blogs and personal websites.
  • Business websites.
  • E-commerce websites.
  • Web developers.
  • Hosting providers.
  • WordPress websites.
  • Agencies.
  • Telco and MSP.

The website scanning tool provides daily website monitoring and gives you alerts if there's suspicious or malicious activity. Malware removal allows for automatic detection and removing of malware. There's a firewall that offers protection while cutting your load time, and a vulnerability patching tool works with your CMS interface.

Pricing is offered on a monthly or annual basis. If you pay yearly, you'll get two months free per year.

SecureAlert is for informational sites without security issues while SecureStarter is for those with issues. SecureSpeed increases loading speed. For other types of businesses, there are custom solutions to help protect information and patch issues based on your needs.


  • Flexible plans and pricing options are available on a monthly and annual payment basis.
  • All plans come with important anti-malware technology and website security, regardless of the type or size of the website.
  • Certain technology can be used to improve your website loading times by up to 50 percent, ideal for people who use their sites for form submissions and gathering information.


  • E-commerce websites need to reach out for custom solutions and pricing, since there aren't any suites or plans already tailored to their needs.

Sucuri is a company that offers cloud-based solutions for a variety of different websites. People who manage multiple websites can purchase security packages that cover all of them. If your existing website has been hacked or has a security issue, the company offers solutions to deal with that. They also offer security against future attacks.

The company has a variety of free resources available. You can find tutorials and guides through the website that teach you about basic methods for securing and cleaning a website. It's also possible to sign up for a mailing list and receive educational emails about website security topics.


There are four available tiers of plan:

  • Basic
  • Professional
  • Business
  • Custom

Custom solutions can secure and protect a customized number of websites for a customized price. All of the other plans cover one website for a fixed cost.

Every plan includes:

  • Website monitoring.
  • Ongoing protection.
  • Performance improvement.
  • Hacker removal and incident response.
  • Traffic load balancing.

With the Professional and Business plans, you also add SSL support for a higher level of security.

The biggest difference between the Professional and Business plans is that the Business plans all come with faster overall response time and more frequent scans. This makes it ideal for websites with higher traffic. For other professionals, the Professional plan is more affordable while retaining the same security measures.


  • Multiple different plans are available at affordable prices, with all of them having the basic security features you need.
  • All plans have the basic monitoring, protection, and performance improvement you want in a website security service.
  • There are tools available to help if your website has been hacked or has a current security vulnerability that you're aware of.


  • Only the higher plan tiers come with full SSL support, which is vital for website security.

Malcare is unique because the security services are a WordPress website plugin. That makes them extremely easy to install and use. In fact, once you purchase the solution, you can start using it immediately rather than needing to wait several hours or days. There's also a website scanning tool available through the company's homepage.


Setting up and using the tool only takes about sixty seconds. Since the company uses its own servers to perform scanning activities, the plugin doesn't cause your website to slow or use up your hosting data. The malware tool can help to remove hacker files and patch security vulnerabilities, although serious hacking may need more complex solutions.

The plugin has a smart firewall that gives you protection from bots and hackers. It updates frequently with new information about ongoing threats. Rather than removing entire website files and important data, the malware removal tool cuts out the infected portion while preserving the integrity of the website itself.


  • The plugin can be installed and ready to use within sixty seconds, rather than you needing to wait for several hours or days.
  • The security features include malware removal that helps to patch existing basic security issues.
  • The plugin's scanning tools run on the company's servers rather than yours, so there's no interference with your website traffic.


  • The security solutions are a plugin for WordPress sites, so they won't work for those who don't use WordPress as their web platform.
Comodo Hackerproof

This company offers website security solutions that use Comodo technology. You can get a free trial that lasts for a full ninety days. The services are optimized to improve a website's conversion rate and increase your traffic and sales, so it's best for those who use their websites for marketing campaigns.

The biggest selling feature of the solution is the trustmark. When you use the solution, a Hackerproof trustmark will be displayed on your website. This is like a home security sticker in the window of a brick-and-mortar store. It lets people know that the website is secure and that their information is protected.

Comodo Hackerproof

Every day, the tool will scan your website for any potential threats or infected files. The trustmark informs website visitors of when the website was last scanned, which can help to increase consumer confidence in the website's security.

Also part of the system is the SiteInspector tool. This is a tool that offers "next dimension scanning," which means that you can analyze your security from the point of view of a visitor.


  • The company's trustmark lets visitors know that your website is protected and helps to increase consumer confidence when using your website.
  • You get access to daily vulnerability scans that let you know if there's any malware or potential hacker issues.
  • The SiteInspector tool analyzes the website security to let you know what the site looks like from the point of view of visitors.


  • The active security scanning features are somewhat limited, so you might not see as much improvement in your website performance as with other options.

Acunetix is a basic security scanner that helps to protect website applications from hackers and other vulnerabilities. More than four thousand companies use the tool for their web apps. Specific solutions are available for the following industries:

  • Government sectors.
  • Telecommuting and IT.
  • Financial services.
  • Healthcare.
  • Educational institutions.

The tool serves a number of purposes, with the most basic ones being:

  • Preventing potential attacks by increasing web app security.
  • Managing your network and online security.
  • Automating your website scanning processes.
  • Integrating with your web app platform and coding.
  • Detecting issues with any of your programming and coding.

If the tool does find any security issues in your app, it can help to solve them and prevent hackers from breaching the network. The program is outfitted with many advanced features that make it ideal for app developers who have a strong background in programming and working with app design interfaces.

Another thing that makes this ideal for developers is that the tool will give you detailed technical reports. These let you know exactly where and why certain vulnerabilities happened, which can help you to address the web app's structure and prevent future potential breaches.

You can configure the workflows in nearly infinite ways. The tool will let you know about any issues that crop up, particularly ones that weren't fixed by an automatic application of security measures. If you have many developers working on the same app, you can customize who receives what alerts in infinite manners.


  • There are automatic scans that will detect and patch vulnerabilities in the structure and coding of your web app.
  • You get detailed reports about each scan and its findings, which is ideal for app developers who need to know how to avoid security issues in the future.
  • Apps with large teams of developers can use the tool in a customized way that sends different team members different alerts depending on the setup of your workflows.


  • The tool is specifically made for web applications rather than basic websites, so it won't work for people who just want basic website security services.

Top Pick

Website security is a big deal, especially if you're a small business owner. The protection of your own data and your consumer data is top priority. If there's a security breach, it could compromise customer information and lead to a loss of trust in your brand. 

Sitelock's security services are hard to beat. They have affordable pricing structures and flexible plans that can cover any kind of website.


In addition, the security features they offer help to improve site performance and protect data at all ends of website access. For complex security needs, though, you will need to get a custom plan and pricing quote.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Secure a Website?

Even before you invest in a website security service, there are a few steps you can take to make sure that your website avoids certain security vulnerabilities.

One is to keep the site up-to-date with the latest programming and platform standards. Another is to keep website users from uploading their own files, which might contain malware that could corrupt the site. Every secure website should have an SSL certificate, and it's very helpful to use HTTPS encryption for an extra layer of security.

What Does It Mean If a Website Isn't Secure?

Websites that aren't secure do not have a secure connection when you browse them. This typically happens because they don't have an SSL certificate, or because they aren't using HTTPS encryption.

Many browsers will give you a security warning if you try to use this type of website. The site may have malware that can infect your computer and steal your information. In addition, third party hackers may be able to see information that you send through the website, including credit card and financial information.


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