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Online safety has been discussed many times. My friends usually don’t take it too seriously until something happens that shakes their beliefs everything is safe on the internet by default. I was especially interested in telling them about the issues they expose themselves when connecting to public WiFi.

As my friends, I always used to connect to any WiFi without thinking twice. I even shopped online while connected to unsafe networks. Luckily, I didn’t face any issues. However, I know people who lost sensitive data when navigating unsafe networks and webpages.

Bullguard Internet Security

A simple antivirus may have limited benefits in all cases. Even with an antivirus, total protection might not be guaranteed. This is why I like Bullguard. It goes a bit further and it offers VPN protection by anonymity alongside antivirus protection. It’s the type of pack that keeps me reassure of my online privacy.

Bullguard Features

  • Sells antivirus software.
  • The company offers a pack for internet security.
  • A VPN subscription service is offered for online anonymity.
  • Mobile security plans.
  • Identity protection plans.
  • All software comes with automatic updates.
  • Parental control features.
  • Home network scanner tool under Premium protection.
  • The company holds multiple online security awards.
  • 24/7 online customer support.


If you’re looking for online safety, an antivirus is where you can start. The company’s antivirus holds multiple awards. It’s going through constant updates to offer protection against the latest threats. This software is the starting point for online security. If you suffer from a virus attack or if you want to protect your computer or smartphone, this is where you start.

Bullguard Internet Security

The antivirus can be installed on Windows and macOS computers. It also runs on smartphones. Here are a few features it comes with. In terms of prevention, the antivirus scans for antiphishing, anti-malware, and anti-ransomware.

Bullguard Internet Security

A behavioral scanner learns your usual navigation habits and knows when something is not right. A vulnerability scanner function shows you which threat is imminent. For example, you may be navigating a website known for high-security risks.

Internet security

The Internet Security package takes the antivirus further and offers complete online protection. It already includes all the features of the antivirus. However, it comes with interesting extra for those who’re online frequently.

Bullguard Internet Security

A firewall option secures your navigation. It has different degrees of security and it can block out most if not all online threats which come through a web browser. Parental control is also offered here. Parents know kids don’t have the maturity to stay away from potentially harmful websites. This feature can block off certain websites completely.

Bullguard Internet Security

Cloud backup is also offered by this plan. It backs up the most important information on your computer. In case anything goes wrong, you still have your data. Free automatic updates apply to this software as well.

Premium Protection

The premium protection plan is the most comprehensive. It offers everything the company makes and it is the type of solution which covers all possible vulnerabilities. In addition to what the other 2 plans offer, it also comes with a home network scanner.

Bullguard Internet Security

This scanner has the role of protecting your network from various threats. Apart from direct attacks on your PC or smartphone, you may also encounter home network attacks. For example, the function doesn’t allow others to connect to your home network and steal potentially-risky information.

VPN Security

VPNs connect you to the internet through the company’s servers. This method creates an extra link between you as a user and the content you interact with online. All security risks are normally prevented with a VPN since they are transferred to the company’s servers.

Bullguard Internet Security

This function also hides your IP. Websites and trackers don’t know your identification number and they have limited potential harm they can do. The company’s VPN plan is among the most affordable and the most intuitive.

What I like about it is that it offers server suggestions based on your location. I don’t need to experience slow internet speed just because I’m using their service. This is also particularly helpful with public networks such as those in malls or hotels. You never know the network you're connecting to.

Bullguard Internet Security

There are various plans you can choose from strictly for VPN protection. The 1-year plan is the shortest. However, I chose the 3-year plan for a very low monthly fee. I already installed it as an app on my smartphone and I can keep my protection even if I upgrade my smartphone.

The company also prides itself on not tracking user data on its servers through a VPN. This has been a known issue with several alternative VPN service providers.


I hope you never need customer support with your antivirus. It would be a sign something bad just happened. However, as a reassurance, you have 24/7 access to a customer service team. You can chat with a security specialist online or simply send out an e-mail if the matter is not urgent.

Bullguard Internet Security

Support is available in English, German, and French. In case you see any suspicious activity your antivirus is not detecting, I’d highly recommend reporting it to a member of the customer support team.

Free Trials

Apart from the VPN pack, you can test out all software for free. This is what I did as I wasn’t sure my computer is going to be as fast with an antivirus. You can have a 30-day trial to test out the software yourself. In this time, you’ll get real protection and you’ll see how updates work or how the antivirus reacts to possible threats yourself.

Bullguard Internet Security

Free Trail | 30 Days

Bullguard Internet Security

Free Trail | 30 Days

Bullguard Internet Security

Free Trail | 15 Days

Bullguard Internet Security

Install Free

If you want to try out the antivirus on your smartphone, you’ll need to install Mobile Security. The app already includes many useful features. For example, it allows parental control setup on kids’ smartphones. But it also comes with useful backup plans which keeps your documents and photos safe.


Pricing plans are offered based on features. At $29.99, you get full antivirus protection for 1 year. At $59.99, you get the Internet Security software plan for 1 year. At $89.99, you access the Premium Protection plan with its long list of features.

Bullguard Internet Security

VPN services are among the cheapest on the market. If you choose 1-year VPN protection, you’ll pay $6.12 per month. However, I chose the 3-year plan where I paid $3.12 per month.

Bullguard Internet Security Promo Codes

We will keep this area updated with the latest and best Bullguard Internet Security coupons & discounts.


  • Offers complete online protection.
  • All updates are made automatically.
  • VPN services are among the most affordable.


  • The basic antivirus software doesn’t come with the firewall function.

Final Verdict

If you’re unsure about the right plan for you, the free trial software is the best option. You can test them all out on your own. But for the average user, the Internet Security plan is among the most balanced options. You can test it out for 30 days free of charge when you install it from the official website.

Regardless of your antivirus pack, you should also check out the company’s VPN service. While not subject to their free trial policy, it may help you when you’re connecting to many public networks. If you’re traveling a lot, it may save you from many online dangers that come specifically through unsecured public networks.


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