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If you're a business owner, a security breach, cyber-attack, or other malicious online actions could be detrimental to your business. Your business information, the personal data of your customers, or other important files could be compromised. This can lead to unhappy customers, financial burdens, and the possible demise of your company.

SiteLock was developed to help protect small and medium-sized business like yours. They offer a variety of online cybersecurity services that will keep you and your customers protected from the growing number of online threats. Read through our review below to learn more about the services offered by SiteLock and decide if they will be a good fit for your business.



  • The security tools offered will help keep your website protected against cyber threats.
  • One of the tools offered is malware scanning. If malware is detected, it can be automatically removed from your site.
  • They offer PCI compliance options to help ensure you meet requirements and protect your customers' personal information.
  • Using the VPN can will keep your search history away from unwanted eyes and help you stay protected and anonymous.
  • If you provide hosting services, you can partner with SiteLock to offer website security to your clients.
  • You can find solutions for personal websites, blogs, business websites, WordPress, and Joomla! through SiteLock.

Website Protection

SiteLock's web security software is designed to deliver the protection you need for your website. When you use their software, your website will be protected against various cyber threats. They offer a wide array of security tools and features for you to choose from.


One of the tools offered is website scanning. SiteLock's software will scan your website to identify any cyber threats, such as malware. If anything harmful is uncovered during the scan, you will receive an alert, allowing you to act quickly to make sure the malware is removed from your site.

You can also choose to add the malware removal tool to the protections you select. With this feature, your site will automatically be cleaned whenever any malware is detected. This will ensure threats are taken care of right away, keeping you, your website, and your customers secure.

Pci Compliance

Proper storage and protection of your customer's credit card information is not only important, it is required in order to meet PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards). If you conduct online transaction where you process, transmit, or store credit card information from your customers, you are required to be PCI compliant. SiteLock's scan products are designed to help you ensure you meet the requirements for PCI compliance and avoid accruing fines between $5,000 and 100,000 each month.


There are numerous benefits associated with using SiteLock's PCI compliance options. First, they will help you simplify the process that is required to become a PCI compliant merchant. Rather than taking the time to answer all of the 280 questions contained on the PCI compliant questionnaire, you'll only need to answer about 20 percent of the questions.

The software is also designed to help you select the right policy to meet the specific needs of your company. There are guided questions that will ensure you get the protection you need.


SiteLock's PCI compliance packages also include scanning of your site to maintain your compliance and check for any potential vulnerabilities. If anything is uncovered that may be an issue, SiteLock can help you remedy it.

And, or course, you can feel good about what your company is doing to protect the personal information of your customers and prevent them from having their information compromised. Happy customers will be much more likely to return to your company than ones who have their information stolen or compromised on your website.

If you're interested in adding PCI compliance to your SiteLock security package, you'll be able to do so through their website.


If you are looking to improve your online privacy and security, you will want to consider a VPN through SiteLock. A VPN, or virtual private network, is designed to let you browse the internet and visit different websites without the fear of allowing others to access your browsing history. A VPN encrypts your browsing sessions to make sure you remain anonymous and prevent others from tracing your actions.


SiteLock has access to over 1,000 different servers across more than 40 different locations, so you can be confident that you'll be able to connect to a nearby VPN to enjoy fast connections speeds. They do not place any download caps or data restrictions on your actions, unlike other VPN services.

When you use SiteLock's VPN, the IPLock feature will offer additional protection and privacy. This feature assigns a random IP address to you each time you sign on. You will be able to make it look like you are browsing from anywhere in the world.

A VPN is an especially essential tool if you connect to public networks, as your browsing history will still be protected. SiteLock offers three different VPN plans, depending on whether you want to sign up for a monthly subscription, or pay a reduced rate by subscribing for one or two years at a time.

Hosting Security

If you are a hosting provider, you can partner with SiteLock to offer premium security options to your clients. When you choose to partner with SiteLock, you'll be able to help keep your clients' websites up and running, quickly address and repair damages from malware and other malicious attacks, and stop bot traffic from accessing your client's webpages and reducing their bandwidth.


Offering your clients these and other security features will not only help ensure you have satisfied customers, it will allow you to add new revenue to your company. To learn more about partnering with SiteLock, visit their website.

Solutions for Personal Websites and Blogs

If you run a blog or a personal website, making an investment in your site's security is important. There are a variety of security risks that threaten your website and could create a huge hassle for you if not prevented. With SiteLock, you'll be able to keep your site safe, while also boosting the number of visitors who come to your site.


If a search engine uncovers malware on a website, it gets blacklisted, and may even be removed from the search results. This can prevent potential readers from finding and accessing your site. When you use SiteLock, malware will be discovered and removed from your website, ensuring your site gets listed in search engine results.

With SiteLock, you also won't need to worry about your website getting shut down because of malware or other problems. They'll be able to help ensure your site stays clean and healthy, allowing you to continue producing new content and attracting new visitors.

Visitors to your site will also feel more confident and safer when they see the SiteLock Trust Seal displayed on your site. They'll be more likely to keep returning to a website they know is protected.

Some of the products offered by SiteLock to protect your website include scanning, removal of malware, firewalls, and patching of any potential vulnerabilities.

Solutions for Business Websites

If you operate a business website, you'll need different security solutions that what would be needed for a personal website or blog. SiteLock offers these services as well. Their business website services are designed to not only protect you and your website, but also your customers and their personal information.


A few of the benefits associated with using SiteLock's business website solutions include removal of malware, SEO boosts, protection of your customer's financial and personal information, and faster website speeds. You're also likely to notice an increase in your online orders, since customers feel more comfortable completing an online purchase when they see a trust badge, like the SiteLock Trust Seal.

Some of the security solutions included with the business website plans include automatic removal of malware, PCI compliance, vulnerability patching, and firewalls.


  • Keeping your website malware-free will help ensure your site is included in search engine results.
  • You can choose from a variety of services based on the type of website you need to protect and your specific needs.
  • SiteLock offers a VPN which can make you appear to be connected to the internet from anywhere in the world. When you use the VPN, your data will be encrypted, keeping your actions private and protected.


  • Depending on the package you choose, you may have to pay additional fees to address any security problems that are uncovered on your website.

Final Verdict

If you are looking to keep your website and visitors to your site protected, you will want to consider SiteLock. They offer a variety of essential security services designed to combat the cyber security threats facing us today. Visit their website today to learn more about the services they offer and choose the plan that best meets your needs.


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