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I have recently purchased a new computer for my home. I love it. It’s fast, handles all of my activities, and it’s perfect for my home office. I already have another computer at home, but my kids are on it for surfing the web and playing games. Regardless of how I use either computer, I’m always at risk of getting it exposed to so many viruses, spyware, and other threats. What I did after setting up my computer was find the right kind of anti-virus software to ensure that it was protected at all times.


That’s when I came across Defencebyte. This is a program that I knew I could trust. Not only was it able to keep my computer protected from any viruses, but it also protects me from spyware, malware, and other bad guys that might harm my computer. So now I can work and surf the web safely on my new office computer while my kids can safely play games anytime they want.

Defencebyte Features

  • Anti-ransomware software to help keep your files well protected and out of the digital hands of hackers who want you to pay them before releasing your files.
  • Computer optimizer to help boost the speed and overall performance of your computer so you get a fast computer consistently.
  • All Data Privacy Shield to protect even the most sensitive data from hackers and phishing attacks. Shop online with confidence and security knowing that you and your identity will be protected.


I had heard so much about ransomware. And let me tell you, it is the last thing I ever want to deal with on my computer. Imagine a hacker gaining access to your computer only to hold your files hostage in exchange for money (hence the name, ransomware).


Let’s just say that you’d be crazy to say no to getting protection for this kind of stuff. Not only does my computer contain work files, but also family photos as well. I am not going to make the risk of losing them all on account of ransomware.

Even if your computer has ransomware already intact on the computer, you can get rid of it quickly and get your files back. This program will scan for ransomware automatically and will pick up on it at a snap of the finger. With one click of the button, you can stop the ransomware from infecting your computer. I am the gatekeeper of my computer. I decide what is allowed and what is not.

Computer Optimizer

The one thing that I hate more than anything is a slow running computer. And that’s exactly why I got the computer optimizer. One of the major problems with a slow PC is due to the useless files that I no longer need anymore. Even if I were to uninstall something, I notice that there are hidden files associated with the program that are still on there.


And that takes up a bit of my hard drive space (and not to mention it slows down the computer itself). Plus, I don’t want to spend all day doing a disk cleanup and defrag. That method might work, but it will take a ridiculous long time for it to finish.

So that’s out of the question. This software does a good job of detecting useless files, invalid paths and programs, empty registry keys, and so much more. One scan and it gets rid of all of that dead weight that is designed to slow my computer down. This program is the key to getting rid of that digital ball and chain.

Privacy Shield

A lot of people I know are shopping online these days. As do I, but I am also a bit concerned about whether or not my private data is being protected. I’m not just talking about my name, address, phone number and what have you. I’m talking about sensitive information like my credit card account.


On top of that, I also want to get the best protection possible so my data doesn’t get compromised. With the Privacy Shield, not only does it protect my data but it also can erase my browser history, chat records, and also anything related so my privacy is protected at all times. Plus, I’m also getting the feeling that even some of my Internet data may also play a role in slowing down my computer as well.

The good news is that it can scan all of this stuff automatically (of course, this is a good thing knowing I tend to be forgetful). I can be able to surf the web with the peace of mind in knowing that my data won’t be sitting there out in the open. This software is the ultimate in privacy. If you want to keep your web browsing well-protected, this is the program to use.


  • Automatic updates are on time and don’t take a ridiculously long time.
  • Easy to navigate interface.
  • Speeds up your PC and your browsers with ease.
  • Compatible with Windows computers.


  • Not compatible with Apple computers.

Final Verdict

I can say with certainty that Defencebyte is hands down one of the best anti-virus and PC protection software on the planet. It’s something that I would highly recommend to anyone who wants the ultimate in computer protection. Why should your PC suffer from viruses, spyware, malware, and even ransomware? Defencebyte will stop it all in its tracks before they even infect it.


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