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I am always on guard when it comes to my computer. Especially when there are plenty of bad actors out there hacking into computers, leaving viruses, spyware, and stealing vital information. It’s daunting that hackers may find a way to stay ahead of the curve. But I want to be ready so my computer is protected when I’m using it. I also have a family computer that my kids use to play games. They’re only on the Internet when I allow it. However, ending up in the wrong place (even unintentionally) might cause all kinds of trouble.

I wanted to find a good program where I want my computers both at home and at work to be protected from the inside and out. I looked high and low for good software that is not only great for eliminating viruses and other threats but will work around the clock to prevent any hacking activity from happening. I was disappointed when I would come across program after program.

Heimdal Security

Sure it can do this and that, but I worry that they won’t have their bases covered. Plus, some of them are quite pricey. What’s even more disappointing that it didn’t seem to be doing enough. That’s when I found Thor from Heimdal Security. You pay one price and you get the best protection possible for your home and office. Needless to say, it was one of the best decisions I’ve made at this point in my life.

Heimdal Security Features

  • Protects your home and office computers from viruses, spyware, ransomware, and hackers trying to pry your operating system for any vital information you may have.
  • Real-time cloud scanning throughout your entire computer so any infected files or threats are stopped dead in their tracks before they even affect you.
  • Stops ransomware attacks so you can keep your files intact and not have to pay a single dime to any hacker or scammer.
  • Closes all kinds of security loopholes that can be found in computer apps.
  • Blocks malicious websites that are riddled with the bad guys intended to harm your computer.

Thor Foresight Home

If there is one thing I want my anti-virus program to do, it’s stopping viruses dead in their tracks before they infect a single file. That’s what you’ll get and more with Thor Foresight. When I decided to try it out, I went with Thor Foresight to see how much I could get out of it. Believe it or not, it goes above and beyond. I could say that this might go above and beyond what my old anti-virus could do.

Heimdal Security

Not only does it tackle all the bad guys that could infect any ordinary computer that is not protected, but it also gives me automatic updates. It also stays on top of the latest phishing attacks, ransomware, traffic filtering and more. But I felt like I needed more protection than that. That’s when I decided to beef things up a bit and get the Thor Vigilance Package.

Thor Home Vigilance Package

I think this is a good addition to the Foresight package. What this does is cover the bases that Foresight does not. This includes cloud-based scanning so that every single file on your computer is clean and safe from any infections. To know that it can stop an infection before it happens is why I’m still impressed with them (and still a customer after quite some time). This allows me to set up a firewall to deter any further hacking activity. Plus, it also does a good job picking up more viruses that might just fall through the cracks if you were to rely on any other program.

Heimdal Security

Plus, it does a great job protecting my computer from those sneaky backdoor attacks. How could I ever live without this program? Or better yet, how could I ever keep this program a secret to anyone? I remember running into a friend of mine who was dropping off his computer for upgrades. I mentioned to him that he should give it another upgrade and get Thor. A new hard drive, graphics card and the whole nine yards? Yeah, you definitely want to get that protected.

Thor Premium

Eventually, I decided to go with the Premium package for my home computer. I did a trial run on my computers at work and I was seriously impressed with the unprecedented amount of protection I was getting. Let’s just say that it does more of a combination of what Foresight and Vigilance can do and more.

Heimdal Security

If you want a computer that has fortified security like Fort Knox, you best believe that this is the program to go with. I get real-time scanning and I get notified instantly about a threat so it’s eliminated at the snap of a finger. I’d like to see a hacker try and get through my computer now. Knowing that I’m fully protected, they won’t get anywhere.

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  • Plenty of protection for your home and office computers.
  • The interface is easy to use and navigate.
  • Gives you the best protection possible compared to any other software on the market.
  • Does not slow down your computer at all.
  • Reasonably priced for annual subscribers.


  • Sometimes, you may need to manually scan your hard drive at times since it might do it automatically.

Final Verdict

If you are looking for superior protection, Thor by Heimdal Security is the only choice I recommend. You can talk about Norton, McAfee, and AVG until you are blue in the face. But they don’t do enough. Thor goes above and beyond to ensure that none of your files or the computer itself will deal with any kind of infections or the like. Keep your computer protected from end to end and get Thor now.


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