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Choosing the best supplements for your nutrition can be a risky call. That’s why it is important to find a reliable source with a long tradition of success. I chose Botanic Choice for my entire family because they have a 110 years long tradition of manufacturing herbal remedies and supplements, and they cover a variety of issues that might occur in your life.

Botanic Choice products have lists of ingredients used for preparation, so if you have any doubts about consuming them, you can always consult your doctor. Botanic Choice sells vitamins, nutritional supplements, beauty products, liquid extracts, and homeopathic remedies.

Botanic Choice

I trust Botanic Choice because they have a long tradition of preparing supplements and natural remedies, but they are also on top of the task with following up with the latest nutritional and scientific advancements in the field.

Botanic Choice Features

  • Wide assortment of products for different purposes.
  • Several different brands.
  • Detailed descriptions and explanation for every product.
  • Affordable product prices.
  • Vegan-friendly products.
  • Web discounts.
  • Friend referral discounts.
  • Cheap shipping for regular orders.
  • Free shipping for orders bigger than 50 items.
  • Exclusive offers for members.
  • Possibility to make online orders from a print catalog.
  • Website search by keywords.
  • User-friendly website.
  • Easy access to customer service.
  • Blog with useful advice.

Botanic Choice Products

Botanic Choice Brands

Botanic Choice Brands
  • Botanic Choice

  • Botanic Spa

  • NOW Foods

This brand produces supplements for a large variety of issues - from muscular, bone and joint strength, to mental stamina enhancers. There also some products which should be beneficial for your heart, lungs, and circulation as well as those that improve the work of your thyroid gland.

Botanic Choice Brands
  • Indigo Wild

  • Quest Nutrition

  • Amazing Oil

This brand mostly produces essential oils, scented candles, rooms, linens and shower refreshers, as well as liquid soaps and body and lips lotions. All products are made for hedonistic use, they are cheap and safe to use without professional supervision.

Botanic Choice For

Botanic Choice
  • Vision

  • Vitamins

  • Liquid Extracts

Botanic Choice offers more than 30 types of products for vision improvement. If you have vision issues or spend your days in vision harming environments like an office with a computer screen, consider using some of these products. For keeping your retina safe, your vision clear and your eyes protected, Botanic Choice offers FloraGLO lutein capsules and Opti Gold supplements.

Botanic Choice
  • Sexual Health

  • Women’s Health

  • Men’s Health

This category of products contains various capsules and liquid extracts, which improve men’s and women’s sexual interests and capacities.

Botanic Choice
  • Circulation

  • Beauty Care

  • Thyroid Support

If you decide to use this type of product, consider consulting your doctor first. Botanic Choice sells capsules like Circuplus 1500 for those with cold hands and feet or Resveratrol Plus for cardiovascular support.

Botanic Choice
  • Digestion

  • Cholesterol Health

  • Bladder Health

For improving your intestinal health try using Acidophilus Plus and Colon Clear formula which helps your stomach maintain its flora.

Botanic Choice
  • Anti-Aging

  • Weight-Loss

  • Homeopathy

These mostly come in the form of capsules like Dheabsorb, Fast-Acting Joint Comfort and other youth-preserving formulas.

Botanic Choice
  • Hearth Health

  • Essential Oils

The supplements like Circu Plus 1500 or Blood PRessure Complex help you prevent circulation issues and remove dark eye circles.

Botanic Choice Specials

Deals and Promotions

Botanic Choice offers various ways to save money while shopping for their products. There is a clearance category on their webpage where you can shop only for items that are on sale. You can also earn a discount by recommending a friend or joining a game of chance. Though shippings are not expensive, if you order more than 50 items, shipping is free. You can also sign up by creating a profile on their website to receive exclusive offers.

Botanic Choice

Pricing and Payment

Prices at Botanic Choice are more than reasonable. Some products cost even less than $10, and those pricier than $50 can rarely be found. Payment can be done only by regular credit cards.

Customer Service

If having doubts or questions you can contact them during regular working hours on the number 1-877-909-3734. You can send an email through a website form or send regular mail to this address: Indiana Botanic Gardens, Inc, 3401 West 37th Avenue, Hobart IN 46342-1751.

Botanic Choice Promo Codes

We will keep this area updated with the latest and best Botanic Choice discounts & coupons...

Pros and Cons


  • A large variety of products mostly herbs-based.
  • Health improving and non-harmful supplements, mostly.
  • Affordable prices.
  • Possibility to order from a hard-copy catalog by using a printed code.


  • Some products consumption needs professional supervision.
  • Product descriptions are not easy to understand.

Final Verdict

My family and I use Botanic Choice products for several years now and we are satisfied customers. As we are regular shoppers with a membership, we often receive discounts and special deals that help us save money but still invest in good health. Their long tradition of health supplements production and a team consisting of true professionals makes me feel safe when shopping for my family.


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