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Everyone needs sleep. Or we should say everyone needs enough sleep to function at their optimum levels. But most people are sleep deprived, and everything is suffering as a result.

In the US, 40 percent of Americans don’t sleep as much as they should. And the American Psychology Association, says that sleeping 60 to 90 minutes more every night can be beneficial to your health and emotional state. Plus, where you sleep affect your sleep quality and duration.

Hence your need for a smart mattress.

In 2017, the smart mattress market was worth $92 million, and with an annual growth rate of 8.51 percent, it’s expected to hit $135 million in 2022. One of the features of these beds is to track how much sleep you get at night; a vital metric to track given the role quality sleep plays in our lives.

Wearable fitness trackers don’t stand a chance against smart beds. The beds provide a richer experience and in-depth insight into your sleep and sleeping habits. Among other metrics, these smart beds monitor heart and breathing rates, and the body temperature too.

Here are five of the best smart mattresses in the market right now:

Best 5: Smart Mattresses Review

Recommendation #2

ReST Bed


Recommendation #4

Sleep Number p5


Recommendation #5

Sleep Number c2


Eight Sleep Mars+

The Pod Pro is one of the four smart mattresses options in the Eight Sleep Collection. They tend to come with removable polyester-made covers with built-in trackers used to connect the foam to the wireless smart app.

What Makes the Eight Sleep Pod Pro Stand Out?

The Pod Pro has automated cooling and heating from 55 degrees to 110 degrees! What is even cooler is that you can set different temperatures on each side, because we know that no one can agree on the same temperature!

Other features include,

  • Sleep Tracking: It tracks almost every factor of your sleep, including REM and deep sleep.
  • HRV Monitoring: this gives some in depth health reports.
  • Gentle Rise Technology: This helps create a "natural" wake up exprience!
Eight Sleep Mars+

What Needs Improvement in the Pod Pro?

It’s not entirely comfortable for heavyweight individuals who tend to sleep on their backs or stomachs.


  • It’s great for regulating the temperature of the sleeper.
  • The sleep tracking technology makes it easy for users to monitor how long and well they sleep.
  • It provides a medium firm feel.
  • It’s great for couples.


  • Higher priced.
ReST Bed

This bed responds to all your body’s needs while you sleep. ReST is equipped with special cooling and pressure devices that can be adjusted to fit your every need.

Just like the Eight Sleep mattress, the ReST bed can be connected to phones and other smart home products to access sleep data.

ReST Bed

What Makes the ReST Bed Stand Out?

The ReST bed is currently considered to have the most advanced features for sleepers as it offers three different firmness customizations; Manual, Automatic, and Position Detection. The Automatic mode adjusts the mattresses firmness according to the preference of the user. The position detection adjusts the firmness to match changes in the sleeper’s position.

Other features,

  • The mattress cover is made from 100 percent Lycra spandex.
  • Over 2000 built-in sensors to monitor pressure sensitive areas of the sleeper’s body.
  • Tracks sleep patterns and activities.
  • It provides the user with access to sleep data..
ReST Bed

What Needs Improvement in the ReST Bed

The airbed isn’t entirely comfortable for people weighing more than 230lbs who tend to sleep on their sides and stomachs.


  • The mattress offers adjustable firmness.
  • Remote adjustments can be made with the ReST app on any tablet or smart device.


  • With prices ranging from $2,799 to $5,598, the ReST bed is considered quite expensive.
  • It doesn’t include free shipping when ordered directly from the company.
Eight Sleep Jupiter+

The Eight Sleep Jupiter+ is a memory foam bed that’s designed to accommodate petite to average sized people. Just like the other mattresses in the series, the Jupiter+ comes with a sleep tracking cover. It offers a medium firm feel.

What Makes the Eight Sleep Jupiter+ Stand Out?

It has four layers of foam; the 4” support layer, 2” transitional poly foam, 2” memory foam, and the 2” responsive synthetic latex foam. While the Eight Sleep isn’t latex foam, it has a layer that assumes its properties.

Eight Sleep Jupiter+

What Needs Improvement in the Eight Sleep Jupiter+

The mattress isn’t entirely supportive of heavyweight individuals.


  • It’s quite durable.
  • It conforms to the body while sleeping and relieves pressure points.
  • It’s excellent at isolating motion.
  • Supports sleep-tracking technology.


  • Jupiter+ isn’t entirely comfortable for overweight individuals.
  • The sleep tracker has minimal warranty coverage.
  • There are limited firmness range and selection of mattress sizes.
Sleep Number p5

The p5 is part of the Performance series in the Sleep Number collection. They’re one of the first brands of smart mattresses and airbeds. The p5 features comfort layers above the airbed system.

What Makes the Sleep Number p5 Stand Out?

The p5’s custom firmness helps relieve pressure and body pains in its users as it changes to suit the unique needs of the sleeper.

Sleep Number p5

Other features include,

  • Customized comfort for both partners.
  • Temperature regulation.
  • Motion isolation.

What Needs Improvement in the Sleep Number p5

The durability of the p5 needs to be improved seeing as it tends to wear out faster than other airbed models.


  • Supports sleep tracking.
  • Can customize firmness level.
  • It’s great for people suffering from back pains.
  • Supports every sleep position.
  • Available throughout the U.S at thousands of locations.


  • They’re usually prone to customization malfunctions.
  • The airbeds in the performance series tend to wear out fast.
  • It doesn’t have excellent edge support.
Sleep Number c2

The c2 is one of the Classic series in the Sleep Number collection. The c2 is 8 inches thick and a two polyfoam comfort layer. The Classic sleep number beds are one of the lowest profile and least expensive smart bed models.

What Makes the Sleep Number c2 Stand Out?

The sleep number c2 is compatible with SleepIQ tracking technology. It also has automatic firmness adjustment and dual firmness. The dual firmness option makes the bed suitable for couples with different firmness preferences.

Sleep Number c2

Other features include,

  • It can absorb and minimize motion transfer.
  • Customizable air chambers that make the bed plusher or firm depending on the body composition of the user.

What Needs Improvement in the Sleep Number c2

The durability of the c2 needs to be improved seeing as it tends to wear out faster than other airbed models. The edge support also needs improvement as the mattress often suffers from sinking.


  • It’s excellent for any sleep position and weight group.
  • It supports sleep tracking.
  • Produces less odor than other mattress types.


  • They’re usually prone to customization malfunctions.
  • The classic series tends to wear out faster than other models.
  • It’s temperature neutral.
  • No comfort layer.

The 7 Ultimate Functions of a Smart Bed

Sleep Tracking

Monitors when you fall asleep, wake up, duration of sleep, and positions among other things.

Automatic Mattress Firmness Adjustment

This feature allows users to control the firmness of the bed by decreasing or increasing the amount of air in each chamber.

Climate Control (Heating and Cooling)

Smart beds automatically adjust their temperatures to suit the needs of the sleeper.

Smart Fabric Technology

Monitors and adjusts temperature and pressure.

Adjustable Bed Bases

Various kinds of sleepers benefit significantly from these kinds of smart beds including heavy snorers, individuals with sleep apnea, and poor circulation.

Anti-snoring Features

Smart beds adjust sleeper’s bodies to stop snoring.

Internet Of Things (IoT) and Smart Home Connectivity

Thanks to Amazon Echo’s Alexa, smart mattresses can be controlled through voice commands.

best smart mattress

The Eight Sleep Pod Pro's unique sleep-tracking technology and durability set it apart from the other smart mattresses.

Smart Mattress Features and What They Do for You

Mattress Material

Most smart mattresses tend to use memory foam or hybrid spring/foam. The memory foam is made from viscoelastic materials. And the hybrid combines innerspring and foam.

The core of the hybrid is made of pocketed innerspring while the top layer uses memory foam. Hybrid foams offer a considerable amount of bounce and can accommodate most weight classes.


Smart mattresses come in mostly king and queen-sized beds to accommodate users perfectly.

Motorized Base

They allow users to position themselves in the most comfortable position possible. They’re great for relaxation and rejuvenation.


The smart apps control the various features of the smart mattresses; from monitoring sleep to temperature regulation.


They warm up the person when the temperature drops while sleeping.


This feature helps in cooling the individual when the temperature increases during sleep.

Smart Home Partners

The smart beds are capable of communicating with other smart devices in the house. Devices like Alexa, Siri, IFTTT, Google Home, etc., makes it possible to issue spoken commands.

Sleep Tracking

They help users monitor how long and well they sleep.

Heart Rate

The sensors in the bed monitor heart rates while sleeping.

Breathing Rate

They monitor breathing rate and note if there’s any irregularity.

Does It Track Zones/Sides

They monitor and control the separate sides/zones of the mattress for each bed partner.


The smart beds can be controlled from any connected smart device anywhere in the house.


Not all smart mattresses support massage features.

USB chargers

Not all models or types support USB chargers.

Automatic Under-Bed Nightlight

Some smart mattresses have automatic under-bed light features.

Final Verdict

While all the smart mattresses listed here have their various appeals, the Eight Sleep Jupiter+ stands out from the rest (try a sleep mask with it!). It has sleep tracking and heat control features and works quite well with Alexa and other smart home partners. It’s also easy to use.


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