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Type 1 and type 2 diabetes is a disease that effect millions of people all over the world. Blood glucose meters are an necessary tool for these people to use to keep their diabetes under control.

There are many meters available on the market, but it is important to understand your glucose meter before purchasing it. Some are harder to understand than others, and some also provide other stats that can be monitored at the same time. You want to make sure your monitor provides metrics that can be easy to read.

Therefore, it is important to make sure to research blood glucose meters prior to purchasing one so that your meter works for you (and not the other way around). For instance, other than checking the glucose levels, some meters are able to check oxygen levels and additional health stats.

Best 5: Blood Glucose Meters Review

KETO-MOJO Bluetooth Blood Ketone and Glucose Testing Kit -10 Ketone & 10 Glucose Test Strips, 10 Lancets, 1 Meter, 1 Lancing Device, Monitor Your Ketogenic Diet

The KETO-MOJO Blood Ketone and Glucose Testing Kit comes with everything needed to keep track of your ketone and glucose levels. It has an easy to read screen that allows you to record your levels regularly, and the device itself can store up to 1,000 tests, which makes it easy to go back and record individual tests at later dates.

This meter has a convenient carrying case and due to the size of the meter it is easy to travel with. The ketone readings are in mmol/L, and the glucose readings are in mg/dL. On top of ketone and glucose readings, this meter also measures your hemoglobin and hematocrit levels.

Unlike many other meters, the Keto-Mojo meter allows you to adjust the date and time on the meter. This way, you can always record your tests with an accurate time and date, even if you are traveling through different time zones.


  • Reads both ketone and glucose.
  • Stores up to 1,000 tests.
  • Travel size.


  • Difficult to read ketones properly.
O'WELL Contour NEXT EZ Blood Glucose Monitoring Kit | Starter Kit + 100 Refills | Contour EZ Meter, 100 Test Strips, 100 O'WELL Lancets, Lancing Device, CONTROL SOLUTION, Log Book, Manual & Carry Case

The O’WELL Contour NEXT EX Blood Glucose Meter comes with everything needed to start testing upon delivery. In the starter kit, you will receive a carrying case, log book, lancing device, lancets, 100 test strips, and a manual. This meter also comes with an extended warranty of 18 months, which means if anything goes wrong with your kit within that time frame, you can return it and have a new one sent to you.

Unlike other glucose meters, this meter only requires a tiny blood sample to get highly accurate results, and everything about this meter is easy to use. The O’Well painless design lancets and lancing device that comes with this meter will allow you to get the right sample of blood every time, and it does this with lighter pricks to the skin which causes less pain than meters with a larger lancet.

O'WELL Contour NEXT EZ Blood Glucose Monitoring Kit | Starter Kit + 100 Refills | Contour EZ Meter, 100 Test Strips, 100 O'WELL Lancets, Lancing Device, CONTROL SOLUTION, Log Book, Manual & Carry Case
O'WELL Contour NEXT EZ Blood Glucose Monitoring Kit | Starter Kit + 100 Refills | Contour EZ Meter, 100 Test Strips, 100 O'WELL Lancets, Lancing Device, CONTROL SOLUTION, Log Book, Manual & Carry Case

The provided log book is an excellent way to keep up with your testing results, and the meter has all the relevant information on one accessible screen. You will see the accurate glucose level in the center of the screen and at the top of the screen you can record the date and time of the test to make sure that your log book is current for your doctor and your personal records.


  • Excellent customer service response.
  • Provides accurate readings.
  • Easy to use.


  • Testing strips more difficult to handle.
Contour NEXT EZ Diabetes Testing Kit | Contour NEXT EZ Blood Glucose Meter, 100 Contour NEXT Blood Glucose Test Strips, 100 Lancets, Lancing Device, Control Solution, Log Book, User Manuals and Pouch

The Contour NEXT Diabetes Testing Kit comes with everything to allow you to immediately start taking accurate tests of your glucose levels. The most important aspect of this kit is the Contour NEXT meter.

It provides accurate levels, and it provides everything you need on the main screen to be able to log your testing results in your log book. This meter comes with its own log book and manual, which makes understanding your results and recording them a breeze, no matter where you are.

This kit also comes with 100 Contour NEXT test strips, 100 active forward lancets, a microlet lancing device, and a Contour NEXT control solution. This meter not only provides accurate results, but each test takes less than five seconds to provide results. Plus, it requires a smaller blood sample than most other meters to work effectively. With this monitor, you will always draw enough blood for an accurate test.

Another feature of this meter is that it not only saves individual testing results, but it can also provide glucose averages for different time frames. This will help you with keeping a close eye on your A1C1, the levels that determine the status of your diabetes.


  • Easy to use.
  • Provides fast and accurate results.
  • Comes with everything for test.


  • Difficult customer service response.
On Call Express Diabetes Testing Kit- Blood Glucose Meter, 10 Blood Test Strips, 1 Lancing Device, 30g Lancets, Control Solution, Carrying Case, Log Book

The On Call Express Diabetes Testing Kit is ready to go upon arrival. But note that this kit only comes with 10 testing strips and a handful of lancets. Therefore, it is important to go ahead and order extra strips and lancets when purchasing this product. The customer support behind this product is amazing, and On Call even provides a five-year warranty with this meter to ensure that you are well-taken care of now and in the future.

This meter has gone through rigorous testing, and it has been clinically proven for accuracy. Plus, it has been FDA certified as a high-quality glucose meter. After applying your blood sample, the meter will deliver your results in four seconds, and it only requires 0.4 microliters of blood to get an accurate reading.

Unlike other meters, this meter allows for alternate site testing. Therefore, it is not necessary to always prick your fingertip to get accurate results. You can also get samples from your forearm and palm and receive accurate results.

With the On Call express meter, you do not have to worry about forgetting to turn off your meter, because it has an automatic shut-off function. It will stay on for two minutes without any action, or it will turn off five seconds after you remove the strip from the meter. This ensures that the battery life of your meter is preserved to its maximum potential.


  • Has automatic shutoff function to preserve battery.
  • Provides fast test results.
  • Stores more than just test results.


  • Doesn’t come with enough testing materials.
True Metrix Blood Glucose Test Strips Box of 100 count with Meter

The True Metrix Blood Glucose Meter comes with a box of True Metrix testing strips so you can use this meter upon its delivery. The best lancets to use with this meter are TRUEplus sterile lancets, because they will draw the right amount of blood for every sample to make sure you get the most accurate readings possible with this meter.

The Metrix meter has a lot of excellent features, and the large screen makes the results of your tests easier to read. Plus, it provides a lot of other information like analysis of environmental factors to physiological factors. It can automatically correct hematocrit/temperature as well.

True Metrix Blood Glucose Test Strips Box of 100 count with Meter
True Metrix Blood Glucose Test Strips Box of 100 count with Meter


  • Analyzes physiological factors.
  • East to use.
  • Provides accurate glucose levels.


  • Requires a larger blood sample.

blood glucose meter Buying Guide

Some insurance companies have selective meters that they will allow you to purchase through them. If you are planning on purchasing the meter through your insurance, make sure that the meters are compatible with your insurance company.

The best thing to do is do your research and pick a handful of meters that you like. Then, contact your insurance company and see if they will cover that meter. You could also contact your insurance company first and get a list of meters that they cover.

The next aspect you should look for when purchasing a new meter is the usability of the meter. There are some meters that provide a lot more information than just your glucose levels, and these are sometimes harder to read and understand. However, if you need other types of testing, its best to get a meter that can give you all the information you need from a single test.

best blood glucose meter

Overall, these are the best five glucose meters and kits available, on the market. They provide accurate readings and can assist in keeping glucose levels under control. Out of the five reviewed, the On Call Express Diabetes Testing Kit has the most to offer.

It doesn't come with as many testing materials as some of the other kits, but it provides the most accurate results. Plus, it has all of the features needed to make sure that you blood sugar levels are where they need to be in order to manage your diabetes efficiently.

On Call Express Diabetes Testing Kit- Blood Glucose Meter, 10 Blood Test Strips, 1 Lancing Device, 30g Lancets, Control Solution, Carrying Case, Log Book

You can easily get around the lack of materials provided with this product by simply ordering testing strips and lancets separately - you can easily put them in the same order as your meter.

Commonly Asked Questions

What Can Affect Glucose Readings?

It is important to know the proper technique for using your meter. If you do not, you will waste materials and get inconclusive results. What's worse is that your results might be off. You should always make sure to wash your hands prior to taking a test, but if you have any sort of lotion, drink, or food on your skin, it could also impact the results of your test.

Finally, meter manufacturers often change the types of strips that they use for their meters. It is important to keep up with your meter to make sure you are using the optimum test strips. Otherwise, your readings could be off, even with your meter working properly.

Final Verdict

It's important to realize that not all meters will provide you with everything that you need. It is recommended to conduct research on many meters before making your final selection. Read through reviews and product information from different meters.

This will help to answer a lot of questions that you might have. It will also increase the chance of getting the most accurate and effective meter.


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