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Sleeping masks have been around for a while, and in the past, they were considered to be a feminine thing, but this is no longer the case. Sleeping masks are designed with men and women in mind, and they have one purpose.

They are meant to help anyone who has issues sleeping. Some can't sleep when its light out. Some have insomnia issues. Regardless of the reason you might have for not sleeping, the right sleep mask can make all of the difference.

In this article, you will find reviews on five of the best sleeping masks on the market, and a comprehensive buyer's guide to help answer any questions that you might have before purchasing your own.

After all, different masks are meant for different people and everyone should make their own final decision based on their personal needs. However, these reviews and guide will help you answer the questions to be able to make an informed purchasing decision.

Top 5: Sleeping Masks Review

Recommendation #1

HOMMINI Sleep Mask


Recommendation #5

ZGGCD 3D Sleep Mask


HOMMINI Sleep Mask

This Sleep Mask product is manufactured by Hommini, and it is constructed out of a gray lightweight material to provide comfort, while sleeping. The thickness of the mask helps to ensure that all light is blocked out while sleeping.

It's helps to increase your melatonin levels, which will assist you in sleeping more soundly and resting better. It is suitable for men, women, and children thanks to the adjustable strap.

HOMMINI Sleep Mask
HOMMINI Sleep Mask

The material is designed to allow your face and eyes covered by the mask to breathe, which results in less sweating and uncomfortable pressure. It has an anti slide that helps to keep the mask pulled to the designed adjustment, without having to worry about it slipping in the night.

On top of that, it comes with is own carry pouch an ear plugs to assist in a restful sleep. It is small and lightweight, and it is easily carried in a purse or over-night carry-on bag. Plus, with the pouch, you won't have to worry about it getting dirty, when not utilizing it.


  • Constructed of soft material.
  • Helps blackout light while sleeping.
  • Allows rapid eye movement while sleeping.
  • Portable and lightweight.


  • Doesn't fit tightly onto the face.
FRESHME Cotton Sleep Mask

This beautiful product is manufactured by FreshMe, and they are all 100% handmade. It uses a soft organic cotton material to avoid any sort of allergic reaction or irritation to the face and eyes while using it. It has a W nose wing design that is meant to easily rest on the bridge of the nose without hindering breathing throughout the night.

FRESHME Cotton Sleep Mask is made to be lightweight, which makes it excellent or anyone that enjoys traveling. It can easily be placed in a purse or carryon bag, without worries about leaving other things behind to make room for it. 

FRESHME Cotton Sleep Mask

To assist with traveling, FreshMe even provides a carry case to ensure that the mask does not get dirty, while it is in a bag or collect dust, while not in use.

It should never be machine washed, and it should only be handwashed with homoeothermic water and mild detergent. After washing it, you can either hang it up to try or lay it flat, and to protect the texture of the mask, it should only be ironed on low temperature.


  • 100% handmade.
  • Doesn’t apply unnecessary pressure around the eyes.
  • Constructed from soft cotton material.
  • Named on several best seller lists.


  • Difficulty keeping it tight.

This JERSEY SLUMBER Sleep Mask is designed to move with you as you sleep, which allows you to sleep in your most natural position, without worrying about it slipping off. It is manufactured by Jersey, and it is made from the highest-quality mulberry silk possible, to always provide a soft contour to your eyes and face.

The design is meant to keep the mask from rubbing into the eyes, which can be uncomfortable and jarring, especially when removing it in the morning. Plus, it is designed to be lightweight and travel friendly. This means that you can easily take it on an airplane ride or with you to work in your purse, without it getting in the way.


It is meant to wrap around the bridge of your nose and fit snuggly under your eyes to help block out any unwanted light, while sleeping, and this helps to allow you to have a longer REM sleep and feel more refreshed when you wake up.

The mulberry silk that is used to make this mask is also hypoallergenic, which helps to reduce any allergic reactions for people that have tender skin. Due to its success, it has even been named on some of the best seller lists for sleep masks, like Health & Household and Eye Masks.


  • Minimizes compressing and rubbing against the eyes.
  • Made with high-quality mulberry silk.
  • Lightweight and travel friendly.
  • Helps improve REM sleep.


  • Uncomfortable location of adjustable strap.
ALASKA BEAR Natural Silk Sleep Mask

This product is manufactured by Alaska Bear, and it is meant to hug against your eyes effectively blocking out any and all light that might disturb your sleep. ALASKA BEAR Natural Silk Sleep Mask is designed with an adjustable strap that can help you adjust how tight you want the mask or how loose you require it to be.

When designing this one, Alaska Bear put a lot of thought into personality, and therefore, they have released this mask for over 13 styles, that will allow you to pick and choose what our make looks like, without putting into question the job that it will perform.

ALASKA BEAR Natural Silk Sleep Mask

Many people have issues with allergies, and this option is made with a latex-free hypoallergenic nylon elastic band that you can easily adjust to fit your head and face size perfectly, while never irritating your skin.

The material that it is made from is a lightweight material, which makes it easy to carry it with you no matter where you go. Other than this, you will never have to worry about your hair getting caught or skin getting scratched by a rough Velcro surface.


  • Adjustable strap to assist with tightness.
  • More than 13 styles.
  • Latex-free hypoallergenic nylon elastic headband.
  • Made of mulberry silk.


  • Some issues with tightness after time.
  • Poor customer service.
ZGGCD 3D Sleep Mask

This product is designed and manufactured with ZGGCD with a deeper 3D eye contour design that is mean to help keep out all light, without putting unnecessary pressure on your eyes. The outer fabric is super smooth and woven to provide a softer touch to your skin.

The inner parts of the ZGGCD 3D Sleep Mask are made with a high-grade memory sponge, that is both lightweight and comfortable during your sleep. ZGGCD realizes that no one’s head is the same size, and so they have added a longer and wider elastic and adjustable headband to secure the mask on your head, without the use of scratch Velcro, that often causes more discomfort than not.

ZGGCD 3D Sleep Mask

They also realize that you might need to use your mask on your travels, and therefore, they have included a small carry pouch to store and keep your mask clean and a pair of noise cancelling ear plugs, that might come in handy, when traveling on an airplane or other forms of public transportation.

To maintain the mask, you need to be aware that this one should only ever be hand washed, and it should never be placed in any sort of drying device. Extreme temperatures can cause the sponge on the inside of the mask to deform, making it uncomfortable to wear.


  • Deep 3D eye contour design.
  • Adjustable headband.
  • Excellent customer service.
  • Lightweight.


  • Low nose bridge.

Top Pick

All in all, everyone has different preferences, and therefore, it can be difficult to recommend a single mask for the entire population that is seeking one. However, after reviewing and researching the five products in this article, we have determined that the overall best sleep mask is the Hommini Sleep Mask.

It adequately shapes most faces snuggly, and it has an adjustable strap that makes it easily maneuvered to conform to personal preference. It is also designed to help release facial pressure that can assist in many things from insomnia to migraine headaches.

HOMMINI Sleep Mask

It is lightweight and portable, which mask it an excellent choice or anyone that enjoys traveling, and it even comes with ear plugs and a carrying case to make resting peacefully complete. Although everyone has their own preferences, you should check out this mask to see if it will meet your needs.

Buying Guide

When looking into purchasing a sleep mask, there are a lot of things that you need to consider. However, most people do not think to ask some of the questions that they should before purchasing one, which results in them purchasing the wrong one and finding themselves dissatisfied with their choice.

In this section, we will discuss some of the different features and options that you should look for and consider when making your final purchase selection. Plus, we will answer a few of the questions and provide a few helpful tips to aid in your search.


One of the most important aspects of a sleep mask is looking at the material that it is made from. Many of them are made from cotton and silk, and depending on your personal situation, any of these materials are acceptable.

However, it isn’t all about the material that is on the outside of the mask. You should also consider the material that the manufacturer uses on the inside. This is what will provide the comfort against your eyes. If you prefer having material tighter against your eyes, then a mask that uses 3D would not be preferable, because it is meant to outline your eyes, giving them room to breathe under the mask.

However, if you do not enjoy things pressed against your eyes, then 3D sponge material might be the perfect selection for you. Make sure that the mask you chose will benefit your situation and that it is not made of any kind of material that might cause irritation to your eyes or skin.


If you plan on purchasing your mask online, it is especially important that you look for a sleep mask that provides a strap that is adjustable. There are many different types of straps that manufacturers use. Stretch elastic and Velcro are two of the most popular choices though.

Either one can be acceptable, but it is important to look at the angle of the strap, especially if it has any kind of clasp that allows it to be adjusted. Velcro straps can also cause some irritation and discomfort, depending on your head placement, which should always be considered.

If you have issues with allergies or sensitive skin, it might be best to search for a mask that provide a hypoallergenic solution to help protect yourself in the long run, especially if you plan on using your sleep mask on a regular basis.

If you have issues with allergies or sensitive skin, it might be best to search for a mask that provide a hypoallergenic solution to help protect yourself in the long run, especially if you plan on using your sleep mask on a regular basis.

Weight, Portability, and Foldability

These three factors are minor conveniences for some people, but for anyone that wishes to carry their mask with them, they can be extremely important. Not to mention, the heavier the mask the more strain will be put on your eyes and head while sleeping, which can cause discomfort.

These three factors are minor conveniences for some people, but for anyone that wishes to carry their mask with them, they can be extremely important. Not to mention, the heavier the mask the more strain will be put on your eyes and head while sleeping, which can cause discomfort.

It is important to know before purchasing a mask if it is capable of being folded, because it might affect the portability, depending on how you plan on traveling.

Accessories and Other Features

A few things that might come with a sleep mask include ear plugs and case to put the mask in, while traveling. These two accessories are not necessary for an excellent mask, but they are convenient, especially the case. Accessories should be weighed and considered in your final purchase, but all in all, it is important to go with the better overall mask, rather than the extra accessories.

Cleaning Instructions

Finally, it is important to understand what cleaning the mask you choose takes. Most sleep masks are not able to be machine washed, and each one has specific instructions on the best practices for keeping them clean.

Depending on the materials used to make the mask, some can withstand heat. Some are able to be wringed out, when dried, and some are not. Make sure you understand how the mask you are considering is cleaned so that you are not disappointed when you receive it and cannot throw it in your washing machine and dryer.


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