Snoo Smart Sleeper Reviewed

Snoo Smart Sleeper is one of the most advanced bassinets on the market today. It became popular because of the great reviews that parents left on their page. Despite its hefty price tag, many parents are stating that buying this product is totally worth it.

Tech savvy parents who wanted to use technology when it comes to babysitting and nursing their kids will love this product. The machine has a lot of features, and the parents can customize its settings to ensure that their children will feel comfortable when it is time to go to bed.

Snoo Smart Sleeper

Parents who have been using this product are providing testimonies how their life felt better after purchasing the Snoo Smart Sleeper. They can sleep soundly at night knowing that their child is secured from sustaining injuries while the machine rocks them calmly.

A brand new Snoo Smart Sleeper can cost the parents more than $1,000 for brand new units, but for those who are on a budget, they can search for an alternative on different websites like Amazon where promotions are happening on a regular basis.

If you are still unconvinced with the product, continue to read our review and discover why we loved this automated bassinet.

Snoo Smart Sleeper Review

Who Is the Target Market of This Amazing Product?

The Snoo Smart Sleeper is made for parents who wanted to ensure that their babies will sleep comfortably at night. The manufacturers saw that there are lots of parents across the United States who wakes up late at night because their baby woke up and cried. With this automated bassinet, the baby can go back to sleep easily without the need to cry out loud.

Snoo Smart Sleeper

Parents who tried this product were amazed at how the technology can nurse the babies back to sleep, and as a result, it gained a lot of positive reviews. If you are a new parent and you do not want to stress yourself, you can try out this product to help put your kids to sleep.

What Are the Features of the Snoo Smart Sleeper?

  • Safety Strap.
  • Rocker Settings.
  • Application.

Safety Strap

The good thing about the Snoo Smart Sleeper is that the company prioritizes the safety of the baby. Because it is an automated bassinet, the manufacturers added a safety strap as a primary design. This will keep the baby from falling, and it will assure the parents that their child can sleep comfortably without injuring themselves.

Snoo Smart Sleeper

The safety strap can also be used to hold the child still, especially when they feel stressed about being left alone by their parents. The manufacturers of the product made sure that the straps will feel comfortable, and the restraint can be adjusted to help the kids breathe easily without any issues.

Rocker Settings

The product also comes with a variety of settings that can be customized by the parents. They can choose how fast or slow the rocking should be. Putting the machine on the highest setting will lead to a faster rocking action, while putting it on the lowest setting will generate a slower rocking action.

For most parents, the lowest setting is what they select because it slowly cradles the baby to sleep. Setting the machine to its highest setting can also cause security issues – the rocking action can be so strong that it might put the lives of the babies in danger.


Another cool feature that comes with the Snoo Smart Sleeper is their tie-in application. This app works on Android and iOS phones, and parents can choose the settings directly from their devices. When they hear their babies crying, the parents can use their smartphones to cradle them back to sleep.

Snoo Smart Sleeper

The application is helpful especially if the parents and the child sleep on a separate room. When the parents hear their children crying, they can put them back to sleep without leaving the room. The revolutionary technology used by the manufacturers in creating this high-tech bassinet charmed a lot of parents across the country, leading to higher sales.

Trying out the Product – What We Liked Most About the Snoo Smart Sleeper

To determine how good the product really is, we decided to give it a try. One of the biggest issues for parents when it comes to purchasing a bassinet is the safety of their kids. Overall, when we checked the product, we confirmed that the straps will prevent the babies from rolling over or falling from their position.

We also checked the rocking motion, and it looks comfortable for a baby who lies inside the bassinet and being rocked until they fall asleep. Many parents are complaining about not getting enough sleep while taking care of their baby, but with the Snoo Smart Sleeper being sold in the market, they can easily use their smartphones to put their babies back to sleep.

Depending on the setting that you choose – the highest or the lowest setting – the Snoo Smart Sleeper might rock your baby in a slow motion or a fast motion. You can observe how your child reacts when you choose a setting, and if they loved it, use it as your default.

We also checked the application that comes with the product, and it has a lot of amazing features. One of the things that we loved most about the app is how it manages to track the length of a baby’s sleep. When the baby wakes up, the application records it too.

If the parents leave their child at night, the application will automatically record any instances when the baby woke up. It can also record if the product had any difficulties putting the baby back to sleep. Sometimes, babies will wake up in the middle of the night because they are hungry or their diapers need to be changed. During these scenarios, the machine can’t do anything to soothe them.

How the Manufacturers Can Improve Their Product

Snoo Smart Sleeper is not a perfect product – it has its own share of flaws. One of the flaws that we noticed is its application – while it has its fair share of amazing features, the application needs an update because it keeps on crashing.

When we started using the application, it crashes and you had to open it the second time to make it work. There are also times when the application will stop responding to your actions, and it will freeze. You have to force it to close down to restart the system.

Snoo Smart Sleeper

The application that keeps on crashing puts the product in a bad light. The product itself is very useful, but if the manufacturers will not do anything to upgrade their apps, parents might move to a different product that can provide the things that they need.

Another flaw that we noticed is the rocking motion when the product is set to the medium setting (level 2). The product rocks so hard and the baby might find it too difficult to go back to sleep if they are being rocked that way.

When we decided to put it on level 1, we noticed that the rocking motion became gentler, and the calm motion helped put the baby to sleep. Nevertheless, if you are a parent who recently purchased this product, you can customize it to your advantage. Choose the best settings you think your baby will love.


  • The product enables the babies to sleep well at night.
  • It is very high tech and can be controlled with the help of an app.
  • The babies are strapped, preventing them from falling or sustaining any injuries.


  • The application frequently crashes and it needs an update.


The Snoo Smart Sleeper is a great device that parents can use to put their baby to sleep. It has a lot of safety features preventing the baby from being hurt while using the product. If you are a new parent and you are looking for the best automated bassinet, this is the perfect product for you.

Final Verdict

Parents who wanted to give their baby a great sleep should consider buying this product. The majority of parents who have purchased this amazing automated bassinet are sharing their good experiences online through reviews.

We recommend this product because it will change the way how your baby sleep and you can be assured that they will spend the whole evening sleeping comfortably with the help of the machine. Parents who are waking up late at night because of their baby’s loud cry will be a thing of the past, thanks to the Snoo Smart Sleeper.

Overall, we give it a 4.5 out of 5 review – the technology used in making this product work is exceptional, but the manufacturers should look into their app and do something to fix it. They can release an update so parents can enjoy controlling their bassinet even if they are away from their kids.

If you wanted to purchase the Snoo Smart Sleeper, you can check the company’s website and occasionally, they post a promotion which can help you save a lot of money. Alternatively, you can search for the product on Amazon and check if there are available discounts.


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