The Best Piano Bench Pads and Cushions

If you’ve ever sat at the piano to practice or play for a long period of time, you know that the hard surface can be uncomfortable. A piano bench pad or cushion solves that problem.

These soft, supportive pieces lay over the top of your bench, creating a more comfortable surface. This reduces the pressure on your body as you sit down to play, so you can get through a marathon session without feeling stiff or sore afterward.

The right pad or cushion for you depends on a few factors. First, of course, is personal preference. If you have a delicate system, you might need extra softness and thickness; if you don’t like extremely soft surfaces, a thinner pad might be enough.

Your height can also come into play — if you’re short, a pad that’s too thick might raise you high enough that it’s tough to reach the piano pedals. For a larger player, on the other hand, an extra-cushioned pad can provide more leg room.

With so many different styles and designs available, choosing the right piano bench cushion can be a daunting prospect. We’ve gone through the best products on the market and chosen our top five.

Each of these cushions and pads will keep you comfortable and offer the support you need during your practices and performances.

Top 5: Piano Bench Pads and Cushions Review

Red Piano Bench Cushion Pad 14" X 30" Suede Fabric

Crafted from thick polyurethane foam, this Red Piano Bench Pad adds a thin layer of softness to your seat. The design is low-profile, so it won’t disturb your playing form. On the top surface of the cushion, tufted detailing adds an extra level of stability and comfort. Measuring 14 inches by 30 inches, the pad fits most standard piano benches.

Our favorite part of this piano bench cushion? The brilliant red color. It contrasts beautifully with both black and white pianos, and adds a warm vibe to wood-tone instruments.

The cushion is upholstered with suede, which looks luxurious enough for performance venues but not so upscale that it’s out of place in your home practice studio.

The bottom of this cushion is outfitted with three straps. They wrap around the bottom of your bench, keeping the pad in place while you play. You can fasten the straps by tying the ends together; this allows you to create the perfect fit over benches of all thicknesses.


  • Tufting for comfort.
  • Foam pad adds softness.
  • Bright red color adds personality to your studio.


  • Ties may come loose if not knotted tightly.
RSH Décor Premium 1 1/2" Thick Foam Cushion for Piano Bench with Straps - 30" X 14" - Made from Sunbrella Adaptation Linen

Add a bit of extra softness to your piano bench with this RSH Decor Premium Cushion. It’s filled with a 1.5-inch layer of foam, so it adds a welcome cushioning to the hardest benches. This pad comes in a standard 14 inch x 30 inch size, but the manufacturer can also ship custom sizes if you have an unusual piano bench.

Do you teach piano lessons to little ones, or do your children have access to your piano? If so, this cushion can be a great choice. It’s upholstered with indoor/outdoor spun poly fabric that’s designed to resist water, so it can stand up to spills and accidents. It’s also treated to prevent stains, so you can keep your practice area looking neat and clean.

On the outside of this cushion, a patterned beige fabric brings a bit of life to your piano bench. Use it to refresh an old or worn bench, or to add a pop of texture to your practice room. The neutral color pairs beautifully with a wide range of decor styles. On the bottom, two straps with hook-and-loop fasteners secure the cushion to your bench or bench lid.


  • Thick, soft foam pad.
  • Secure hook-and-loop strap fasteners.
  • Unique pattern.


  • Light color may show dirt easily.
Pillow Perfect Monti Bench Cushion, Taupe

This Pillow Perfect Monti Bench Cushion is the epitome of simplicity. It’s made with a clean, rectangular foam cushion, and features no detailing. The result is a contemporary, minimalist result that enhances your piano area without overpowering it.

This cushion is upholstered in durable polyester fabric that’s designed for both indoor and outdoor use. It’s specifically made to resist fading in the sunlight, so you can use it near a large window without worrying about color loss.

The fabric is made for easy care — just spot clean or hand wash any dirty spots, and leave it to air dry. This effortless cleaning option allows you to keep the cushion looking crisp and new for years. This, combined with the cushion’s high-quality stitching, helps create a long lifetime.

Inside the cushion, a luxurious polyester fiber filling creates a layer of softness across your piano bench. Measuring 45 inches long by 18 inches wide, this model offers full coverage for larger benches. Fasten it to the bench with the built-in ties for quick installation.


  • Durable stitching for longevity.
  • Easy-care fabric.
  • Simple design for versatility.


  • Light color shows stains easily.
Piano Bench Pad, 14 Inch X 30 Inch, Black

When it comes to comfort, it’s hard to beat this Piano Bench Pad by Bench Pads Ltd. It’s crafted from 1-inch polyurethane foam that adds just the right amount of softness to your bench. The exterior of the cushion is upholstered with thick, luxurious velour fabric that feels soft and gentle.

Handmade in the United States, this cushion is built for quality and durability. The pad is tufted, which prevents the fabric from slipping around the interior foam cushion. As a result, you can sit and move with ease as you play. The rolled edges provide extra stability. Since both sides of the pad feature tufting, you can flip it over for even wear and a longer lifetime.

The biggest advantage of this model is the versatile ordering options. You can choose the 14 inch x 29.5 inch size to fit standard benches; it also comes in a variety of other sizes, which is handy if you have a non-standard design.

Plus, you can choose from a range of colors, so it’s easy to find an option that matches or enhances your decor. If you’re looking for a low-key cushion that blends in with your piano, we recommend the simple black color variant.


  • Soft velour upholstery.
  • Button tufting for stability.
  • Reversible design.


  • Padding may feel too thin for larger players.
Piano Bench Pad by Jansen, 14 inch X 30 inch, Beige

If you’re looking to add a touch of luxury to your piano studio or your performance space, this Jansen Piano Bench can help. It’s upholstered in velour fabric, which has a soft shine and texture that instantly upgrades your bench. Plus, it feels great, and slips easily against the fabric of formal dresses or tuxedos without catching — ideal when you’re playing the piano in concert.

This Jansen pad comes in a range of rich, elegant colors, so it’s easy to choose a shade that complements both your piano and your space. The black version creates a classic look, while the burgundy adds a sophisticated pop of color. If you have a wood-tone piano, the beige and gold options are a great fit.

Inside this bench cushion, you’ll find a 1-inch polyurethane foam pad. The foam is just thick enough to soften your bench, but not so thick that it disrupts your form as you play. The upholstery is carefully stitched on and finished with a rolled edge for a professional look.

Each cushion is handmade in the USA to ensure quality. Three convenient ties allow you to attach the pad securely; the tie positions make it easy to reverse the cushion to create a more consistent wear pattern.


  • Luxurious velour upholstery.
  • Multiple color options.
  • User-friendly ties.


  • Some users report color bleeding on their piano benches.

Top Pick

Each of these piano bench pads adds a bit of extra softness to a hard wooden bench. While they’re all well-made and comfortable, our top pick is the Pillow Perfect Monti Cushion; it’s durable, elegant, and versatile enough to use in a wide variety of performance and practice spaces. Check out the Monti cushion today to upgrade your piano.

Pillow Perfect Monti Bench Cushion, Taupe

piano bench pad & cushion Buying Guide

Buying a pad or cushion for your piano bench can seem like a simple proposition — that is, until you realize how many options you have to choose from. As you look into different products, take these factors into consideration.


The thickness of your piano bench pad can have a surprising effect on your ability to play. Thicker pads lift you higher from the bench, putting your feet farther from the pedals. If you’re taller, or if you have long legs, this extra height might be a great thing. If you’re shorter, however, it might prevent you from using the pedals effectively. Before you choose a pad, stack some folded towels on your piano bench and sit on them to find the most comfortable height.


When it comes to softness, it’s all about personal preference. For some piano players, a super-soft piano bench pad feels comfortable and luxurious. For others, the extra loft makes them feel off balance when they play. A firm pad provides more stability, but less comfort; a soft pad offers cushioning.


Some piano bench pads come with fasteners that attach it to the bench or the lid; others simply rest on top of the bench. The one you choose depends on a few things. First is your playing style — if you tend to play aggressively, or if you move your torso as you play, a pad without fasteners might be too loose.

As you move, it can slip, making you feel unstable. In that case, it’s a good idea to opt for a pad or cushion that comes with ties or straps. These pieces keep the pad safely in place, so you can play with confidence.


If you play your piano frequently, the construction of your bench cushion matters. A carefully stitched, well-made cushion is sturdy and durable — which means that it’s less likely to tear when you sit on it every day. Look for cushions that feature neat, straight rows of stitches. If you have small children, you might also look for cushions that feature reinforced edges and ties for extra durability.


The final consideration in buying a piano bench pad or cushion is its design. You can choose from a variety of styles, prints, fabrics, and colors. You might choose one that matches your decor, or pick one that expresses your personality. Don’t forget to consider the color and style of your piano — if yours is an unusual color, it’s a good idea to pick a bench pad that’s complementary.

Final Verdict

A great piano bench pad or cushion can go a long way toward keeping you comfortable as you practice and play your music. By taking the time to choose the best model for your playing style and personal preferences, you can take your practice sessions to the next level.


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