Bed Fans Review

Are you tired of waking up hot in the middle of the night? Have you noticed that you can't get comfortable to fall asleep or fall back to sleep because you are too warm? If you are experiencing any trouble sleeping due to being uncomfortable, then a bed fan sounds like the perfect product for you.

Bed fans are designed to help cool you down while you sleep and can help you get a much more restful and comfortable night's sleep. There are many different options when you are considering purchasing a bed fan. Since everyone's preferences are different, what works for one person might be different than what works for another person.

Below, we have reviewed five top options to keep you cool while you sleep. Some of the options are fans that can clip onto or near your bed, some are tower fans you can use next to your bed, and we also included mattress covers which can be a great alternative to a bed fan. Read through the reviews to help you find the perfect product to solve your problems and cool you down when you sleep.

Top 5: Bed Fans Review

Recommendation #2

Bed Fan Cooling Fan for Under The Sheets, No More Night Sweats


Recommendation #5

Tornado 6 inch Clip Fan - Classic Series - 2-Speed Powerful Clip On Clamp Fan for Sturdy and Adjustable Tilt Whisper Quiet Operation - 60-inches Power Cord Included - ETL Safety Listed


BedJet 3 Climate Comfort for Beds, Cooling Fan + Heating Air (Single Temp. Zone Any Size Bed or Mattress)

The BedJet is the Mercedes of bed fans. It is designed to keep you either warm or cool with its adjustable settings. Using biorhythm temperature technology, the BedJet is able to help you fall asleep quickly, sleep soundly, and feel rested when you wake up in the morning.

You can program the BedJet and set up heating and cooling patterns throughout the night. For example, if you notice that you typically wake up sweating at 3:00 in the morning, you can set the BedJet to make you cooler around this time. With the BedJet settings, you can even eliminate your alarm clock by using the BedJet temperature settings to change when you need to wake up.

BedJet 3 Climate Comfort for Beds, Cooling Fan + Heating Air (Single Temp. Zone Any Size Bed or Mattress)

The BedJet connects to the side of your bed and includes a wireless remote control to adjust the temperature. You can control settings through a downloadable app available for Apple and android devices. With the app, you'll be able to customize temperature and sleep settings, set up auto shut-off options, and set temperature alarms.

When the BedJet is operating, it helps to wick away moisture, keeping you cool and comfortable. If you enjoy aromatherapy, the BedJet V2 model even includes a diffuser.

The BedJet is definitely not the cheapest bed fan you'll be able to find, but it has so many amazing features. With the BedJet, you'll be so cool and comfortable that you'll sleep like a baby.

Get a more in depth review here.


  • You can control the BedJet using an app on your phone.
  • The BedJet is programmable, so you can change the temperature for different times when you know you get too warm.
  • You can use the BedJet's temperature alarm to replace your alarm clock.
  • The BedJet can also be used to warm you up or provide a safer alternative to electric blankets.


  • The BedJet is more expensive than other bed fan options.

Bed Fan Cooling Fan for Under The Sheets, No More Night Sweats

This Bed Fan Cooling Fan is designed to clip on your bed under your sheets. It will provide cool air from the bottom of the bed to help you stay cool and get rest.

If you get too hot in the middle of the night and wake up with night sweats, this one will help keep you cool. Or, if your partner insists on sleeping under a warm blanket and you are too hot to go to sleep, this bed fan can give you the cooling relief you need to achieve a good night's sleep.


  • Clips on the end of your bed to provide a steady stream of cool air.
  • You can turn it on to run all night to keep you cool, or switch it on if you get too warm in the middle of the night.
  • Will blow air directly on you, so your partner can sleep soundly too.


  • There is no remote control to switch it on or off.
  • More expensive than some other cooling options.

Arctic-Pro Digital Screen Oscillating Tower Fan with Remote Control, Dark Gray, 42-Inch

The Arctic-Pro Oscillating Tower Fan is a tall fan you can place by the side of your bed to keep you cool when you sleep. It features three difference speeds, so you can adjust the amount of cool air that it blows out. The Arctic-Pro Fan is very quiet when it operates, so noise from it will not disturb your sleep.

When you are operating this fan, you can choose to have it oscillate. When it is set to oscillate, it rotates 80 degrees in order to provide more cool air to an entire room. The fan also features a remote control, so you can turn it on, off, or adjust the airflow from your bed without needing to get up.

The height of the Arctic-Pro Fan is adjustable, so you can set it to the perfect height for your bed. You can either set it up using the pedestal, which makes it 42 inches tall. Or you can set it up without the pedestal and it will be a few inches shorter.

For optimum sleep, the fan features a night-mode. When you put the fan in night-mode, the lights on the screen turn off to help you sleep more soundly.

The Arctic-Pro Fan has a small footprint and is designed to take up minimal space in your bedroom.


  • Less expensive that fans that clip on to your bed.
  • The fan oscillates 80 degrees, so it can help to cool down an entire room.
  • You can use the included remote to adjust the fan's speed from your bed.


  • If your partner doesn't like it cool to sleep, this may blow too much cool air on them.

Leggett & Platt Sleep Chill + Crystal Gel Mattress Protector with Cooling Fibers and Blue 3-D Fabric, Queen

The Leggett & Platt Sleep Chill is a cooling mattress protector designed to keep you comfortable when you sleep. The mattress protector uses crystal gel fibers to cool a warm body. The crystal gel fibers are designed to absorb heat and pull it away from your body.

This mattress cover uses 3D fabric, which allows for excellent airflow to help you stay cool and comfortable when you sleep. In addition to keeping you cool, the mattress cover is designed to protect you from harmful substances. It resists stains, moisture, dander, and dust mites, to keep you healthy.

The Leggett & Platt Sleep Chill + Crystal Gel Mattress Protector is protected by a 10-year limited warranty. It is machine washable, so you don't have to worry about bringing it to another location to be cleaned. You can purchase the mattress protector for any standard-sized mattress, including toddler beds.


  • The crystal gel fibers in the mattress help absorb extra heal from your body and pulling it away, keeping you cool while you sleep.
  • The mattress cover includes a 10-year warranty.


  • Some users of the mattress cover have noted that the bed sheets often slip off the mattress cover.
  • The mattress cover doesn't keep the bed cool enough throughout the night for some people.

Tornado 6 inch Clip Fan - Classic Series - 2-Speed Powerful Clip On Clamp Fan for Sturdy and Adjustable Tilt Whisper Quiet Operation - 60-inches Power Cord Included - ETL Safety Listed

The Tornado Fan is a small fan that you can clip near your bed to keep you cool. It is a six-inch white fan that features a strong clamp. The clamp can be used to connect the fan to your bed frame, nightstand, or another item close to your bed.

You can tilt the fan to adjust the direction to air blows. Additionally, the fan has two speeds to allow you to control how much air is blowing out of it.

The Tornado Clip Fan features a 60-inch power cord to allow you flexibility with where you use it in relation to the outlet location in your bedroom. The fan also comes with a 12-month warranty in case you have any issues with it.

With the tornado clip fan, you can choose which direction you want the air to blow. You might choose to have it blow on your face, or towards the lower half of your body, depending on where you are typically the warmest. However, the fan does not oscillate, so you will have to choose one direction for it to point.


  • You can clip the fan right next to you in bed.
  • The fan's clamp is sturdy, allowing it to be clamped to a variety of locations.
  • You can adjust the direction the air blows by tilting the fan.
  • The fan is much more reasonably priced than fans that clip onto a bed.


  • The fan does not oscillate, which means the air will only blow in one direction.
  • There are only two speeds for the fan, which doesn't allow you as much control as some other products do.

Buying Guide

When you are looking for a solution to keep you cool at night, there are many factors to consider. Depending on your preference, you might be more interested in a fan that clips to your bed, or you might prefer a more traditional oscillating fan.

Also to help you be as comfortable as possible, it's important for you to have the right mattress and pillows which can make all of the difference in the world.

Our pillow recommendations include king size, full body, toddler, memory foam, pregnancy, and more.

Some of our mattress recommendations include Mattress Firm, Layla, Puffy & many more as well.

Sleep is one of the most important things for our bodies, so it's important to be as comfortable as possible!

Best bed fan:

We think the BedJet V2 Fan is the best option if you want to experience a truly comfortable and cooling night's sleep. While the BedJet is more expensive than the other options, it will keep you cool and comfortable without some of the added hassles of the other options.

With the included smartphone apps, controlling the BedJet fan is a breeze! You can easily adjust the temperature if you get too hot or cold. Plus, you can program the BedJet to cool you down if you wake up too hot at a specific time and it can even replace your morning alarm.

BedJet 3 Climate Comfort for Beds, Cooling Fan + Heating Air (Single Temp. Zone Any Size Bed or Mattress)

If you're looking for a bed fan with all the bells and whistles, then the BedJet is definitely for you. However, the other options we reviewed above are all great options to consider, especially if you're looking for something that doesn't cost as much or is a different style of fan.

Commonly Asked Questions

What is a bed fan?

A bed fan is used to help keep your bed cool while you are asleep. That way, you are not getting through the night feeling like you are sweating to death or feeling hot. This is the kind of fan that will typically sit at the foot of your bed and will be able to blow a cool breeze without having to use a lot of power.

Most of these bed fans will use a low amount of wattage. Therefore, you won’t have to worry about having to jack up your electric bill because of running your appliances constantly. By now, you might have figured out that it is one of the best possible ways to save energy while keeping cool.

What is the best fan for sleeping?

There are plenty of fans that come in different brands, shapes, and sizes. As for the brands that are most trusted by consumers, they include but are not limited to Honeywell, Dyson, BedJet, PureFlow, and others. However, you shouldn’t stop there with brand names. The best fan for sleeping should be enough to give you a cool breeze. On top of that, you want a fan that won’t suck up enough power.

When considering your options, it’s important to find a fan that will give you enough of a good breeze while you are sleeping. Also, power usage is important. The more energy-efficient your fan is, the better the chance you’ll save yourself some money every month when paying on the electric bill.

How can I keep my bed cool?

If you are looking to keep your bed cool, you may need to do the following: First, it’s important to keep the room temperature to around 67 degrees. That is the average room temperature. Also, be sure to maintain a relative humidity ranging from anywhere between 30 to 50 percent.

Also, it would be a good idea to run a fan. Low speed will be sufficient enough to keep the room cool on a long-term basis. If you run it on high all day long, you may risk sucking up a bit more energy than usual. If you are looking to save energy, then you might want to keep the fan running low if you intend to run it all day long.

It’s also a great idea to use sheets that are lightweight and breathable. Also, a cooling mattress pad and a cooling pillow are two of the best things that you should consider investing in. There are no better ways to go about keeping your bed cool than finding the right pillows and bed sheets. Also, your room will also play a role in making sure that your bed maintains a cool temperature at all times.

Also, this is one of the best ways to sleep in a room without having to rely on an air conditioner. An AC will more than likely jack up your energy bill even if it’s running on a regular basis.

Does putting a bucket of ice in front of a fan work?

Believe it or not, it’s a trick that actually does work. What you need to do is place a large bucket of ice in front of the fan. The fan will blow the ice over and thus make it a lot cooler than normal. This is perfect on days when the heat can be very sweltering. Of course, if the room temperature is well above 75 degrees you can put this to good use at any point of the day.

Alternatively, you can use a wet washcloth. Just soak the cloth, wring it out thoroughly, and place it in front of the fan. While it won’t be as cool as ice buckets, they are actually marginally better than just regular fans. Keep this in mind if you are considering the idea of making your room cooler than normal.

Is it unhealthy to sleep with a fan blowing towards you?

One of the major concerns regarding your health and using a fan is allergies. A fan can be able to kick up enough dust and other allergens to a point where it could trigger allergies. Also, you’ll want to keep the fan a good distance away from your bed. A good 6 to 8 feet will be sufficient enough. The fan will still be able to blow a good enough breeze to where you can feel it.

Some say that cool, concentrated air can cause some issues that you can feel when you wake up in the morning. You may also experience some muscle soreness in the process. If you are experiencing this on a regular basis, it may be a good idea to adjust the placement of the fan. If this continues, you may want to consider talking to your doctor about any kind of health condition that you may have that is associated with muscle tightness or soreness (especially conditions related to the environment).

Can a fan spread germs?

Believe it or not, a fan can maintain a good amount of air moisture to where the spread of germs is minimal to non-existent. However, it’s always a good idea to clean the fan blades regularly. Like anything else, a fan can collect dust. If that does is blown all over the place, it can cause you to sneeze and sniffle. Of course, it can also trigger allergies as well. Believe it or not, there are plenty of germs that will get trapped within dust. So while fans can spread germs, the only time it can be done is if it blows all kinds of dust due to a lack of cleaning.

What is the temperature of a cooling fan?

Typically, a fan will keep a room remotely cool. If the room temperature is around 67 degrees, a fan may knock it down to around 60 degrees or thereabouts. However, the faster the fan will run the cooler the air. The air temperature should be cool enough to where it is comfortable. You don’t want it to be too cold to where you might risk potential health issues such as muscle tightness, soreness, or even headaches.

Is it cheaper to run a fan or an air conditioner?

A fan will be considerably cheaper to run compared to an air conditioner. While you can’t adjust the thermostat on a fan, you can do so with an air conditioner. Even with these slight adjustments, you will find yourself using up a bit more energy compared to those who run fans. On top of that, air conditioners will have a larger coverage area. The coverage area of a ceiling fan will be slightly smaller.

Predictably, a fan will use less energy but will give you a consistently cool temperature. There’s no need for adjusting it a few degrees unless you absolutely have to speed the fan up a bit.

Do window fans really work?

Window fans may come in handy if you want to keep your room cool especially at night. Most of the window fans will include two fans that will run at the same time. So you can get twice the cool off as opposed to a single fan. If two fans are not enough, you can get away with running another window fan. While most fans run on less energy, it’s always a good idea to shut one of them off in order to save power. For example, if you are running two window fans at the same time, shut one of them off during the day. You’ll still be able to keep the room cool, but you can use up far less energy than you have to.

How many watts does a fan use?

Depending on the speed, fans will typically run anywhere between 15 to 95 watts of power. A central air conditioner that weighs nearly 2.5 tons will use nearly 3,500 watts. A window air conditioner will use anywhere between 500 to 1,500 watts depending on the size of the unit. Where there is more wattage, there is a good chance that your energy bill may take a hit if anything is running all day long. However, central and window air conditioners have the ability to shut off automatically after it runs for a lengthy period of time. The purpose of this is to ensure that it won’t use up a lot of energy.

If you plan on installing an air conditioner in your home instead of a fan, please consider energy efficiency as one of your make or break options. However, if you are just looking to keep a room cool, then a fan will definitely be much more useful.

Can a window fan get wet?

There are plenty of window fans that are resistant to rain. Pay attention to this when shopping for one. Some of them won’t be weather-proof and the inner workings of the fan may get damage if it is exposed to enough water due to precipitation.

Final Verdict

Before you purchase a bed fan, be sure to find one that will meet your needs. You want to find one that sounds like it is going to keep you cool enough to be able to get a restful night's sleep. If you have a partner who shares the bed with you, you will also want to consider the temperature they like it to be when the sleep and make sure that the product you choose isn't going to make them too cold.

Now that you've read reviews for some amazing bed fans, it is time to make your selection and place an order. Once you have your new bed fan set up, you'll sleep so much more comfortably. You'll wonder how you ever slept before.


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