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Finding the best online dating site can have a major impact on your chances of meeting the right person so that you can have a functional relationship that offers compatibility and affection.

These online dating sites are usually always formatted in a similar way. This means that the process of signing up and meeting people is usually simple and convenient.

The big problem with these standardized dating sites is that a lot of times they either don't work or aren't filtering through the right types of people for your profile. These sites are designed to group people based on their age, location, and lifestyles.

A lot of times they simply don't have the right effect when attempting to pair two individuals together. Another major problem is that users typically don't respond to messages in most situations. This means that only a few pairs of people will ever be interested in going out and meeting each other for an actual date, which is the entire purpose of the dating site in the first place.

Each of these five dating sites offers a unique perspective into the world of online dating. The formats are slightly adjusted to try and provide a better user experience so that there is a higher chance for users to stay engaged with their potential matches.

Hopefully by the end of the review section, you will have a greater understanding of the overall online dating process, as well as which particular online dating site you would be willing to sign up for and utilize.

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eHarmony is one of the highest rated and most popular online dating sites that is known to the public. A simple registration process makes this site a convenient dating platform for singles that are looking for a reputable experience through a sufficient user interface.

Perhaps the most interesting statistic about eHarmony is that supposedly a new relationship starts every 14 minutes. This statistic is proudly mentioned on the home page of the platform.

eHarmony has listed four easy steps for users to follow in order to optimize the chances of meeting a person that is compatible for a relationship with you. The first step is to answer some basic questions in order to eliminate people who do not have similar interest. This step is following by a second tier of compatibility questions to further narrow down the search.

When users finally get through all of the questions, they will then have the option to browse through countless user profiles with similar interests and beliefs. Users can then select a plan and potentially start communicating with a user of their choice.


  • Get A Free Start!
  • Great For All Ages.
  • Simple Registration Process.
  • Reputable Dating Platform.


  • Lots of Questions.
Elite Singles

The Elite Singles online dating platform is designed for highly educated users that are looking to engage in a growing community with over 300,000 new members per month. This means that their is a constant supply of new profiles that may match your criteria when looking for a partner.

A short and sweet registration process will begin your journey onto the Elite Singles dating platform. This dating site follows the traditional process of narrowing down profiles to find only the ones that specifically match your criteria. This traditional process has a high success rate when compared to alternate dating platforms.


  • 300,000 New Users per Month.
  • Safe and Secure Dating Platform.
  • Highly Educated Users Only.


  • Platform Fees.

OurTime is a solid online dating platform for older individuals that are seeking love at the age of 50 or higher. The platform is focused on providing elderly people with a template to browse through other profiles to find the right connection.

Users are encouraged to download the free mobile app in order to begin customizing their profile and to also begin browsing other potential profiles that they are interested in. There are mobile apps for the Google Play Store and Apple Store.


  • Mobile App (Free to Download).
  • Popular User Reputation.
  • Easy and Convenient to Use.


  • Age 50 or Higher Only.
Adult Friend Finder

Adult Friend Finder is designed to bring individuals together for quick and instant hook ups. There is a simple sign up process that only takes a few minutes to complete so that you can begin browsing the platform.

This dating platform has received positive user reviews for its overall effectiveness.


  • Fast Registration Process.
  • Positive User Reviews.
  • Easy to Navigate through Profiles.


  • Adults Only.

There is a bunch of information that is compiled into a user profile on the dating platform. Some of this information includes gender, location, age, lifestyle interests, and background. This list of specifications works through an algorithm in order to pair individuals together so that a conversation can potentially start and evolve into something more.

The biggest thing that this particular platform focuses on is providing users with a functional baseline template to get started in an online relationship. There are few other digital platforms that are capable of providing that to their users.


  • High Quality Dating Platform.
  • Positive User Reviews.
  • Simple and Convenient to Use.


  • Platform Subscription Fees.
  • Overall Effectiveness.
  • Users Might Not Respond to Messages.

best online dating site

It is important to only join a platform that you are comfortable with, because much of your personal information will be uploaded for other users to browse through. Reputable dating platforms like ​​eHarmony​ might be the best bet for someone who is trying online dating for the very first time.


Final Verdict

Each of the dating platforms above has positive and negative aspects, but their end goal is the same. All of them intend to provide single users with an opportunity to meet other individuals that have similar interests so that their compatibility can result in a functional dating relationship.

official top 5 review's online dating tips

In the past, people would have to meet in person or at least call each other before scheduling a date. However, with the progression of technology, and especially smart phones, people can now engage in online dating. This way, they can meet people online, see what they think about them and then have their official date in person.

By using online dating, you can get to know people before you meet them, increasing the odds of having an enjoyable date with those you meet. However, some people struggle with online dating since you need to get people to swipe right on your profile. If you need help with succeeding in online dating, then check out these tips for when you sign up with an online dating site above!

1. Be Honest

First and foremost, you need to show the best sides of you, but remain honest as you do so. Many people try and lie about themselves or deceive others through their profiles, which could negatively impact your online dating experience. Remember that online dating goes past looks, so you need to reach out to people that you will get along with.

For example, if you lie about your height or post old pictures of yourself, then people won't appreciate it when they meet you. If you set an expectation that you don't meet, then people will view you as a dishonest person and lose interest in you. Due to this, you should remain honest in your profile and use accurate pictures.

However, honesty doesn't mean that you should share everything about yourself to others. There's no need to talk about the bad parts of your personality, as this will make you look like a negative person, which may turn some people away. Instead, share honest and good attributes that you have with others to draw them in.

2. Post Interesting Pictures

You can use your pictures as the perfect opportunity to show yourself off to people. Most online dating apps allow you to post multiple pictures of yourself, but the first picture will allow you to make an initial impression on people. Because of this, you should choose a picture that makes you look good.

After that, use your pictures to show your personality to others. For example, if you're a goofy person that loves to joke around and have fun, post some pictures of those funny moments. If you like to go hiking or play sports, then take a picture of you outside or with your equipment.

Also, make sure that your pictures make it clear who you are. For example, if you post pictures of you with others, then make sure that the first picture is just you. This way, people won't be confused with who you are, allowing you to properly show yourself to potential matches.

3. Create a Unique Bio

As you create your bio for your profile, you need to put forth the effort to make it stand out from others. If your bio looks like everyone else's, then people will more likely swipe left or scroll past it. Instead, you should use pictures, words and information that stand out and draw attention.

For example, you could include a joke in your bio so that people can see your sense of humor. Most people like a person who can make them laugh and smile, so do your best to show that fun side of you through your bio. Also, you can use small phrases and information to make you stand out, such as sharing a talent or mentioning your major.

If you want to be unique in your bio, then you should spend some time looking at what other people post. This way, you can get an idea of the type of unique ideas you could incorporate into your own bio. This will also show you what to avoid in your bio if you notice too many people mentioning the same phrase or sentence.

4. Show Your Confidence

As you create your bio and add pictures to it, you have the perfect opportunity to show your confidence to people. Many people like others that have confidence and who seem like they know who they are, so you should reflect this in your bio. Doing so will encourage more people to message you or swipe right on you.

Many people get turned off by those that don't show some form of confidence in themselves, so make sure that you avoid talking yourself down in your bio. You may think that it seems funny when you do so, but it could cause others to view you in a negative light. Because of this, you should share positive attributes in your bio.

Remember that confidence isn't the same thing as prideful. Don't go over the top or make it seem like you think you're better than everyone. Instead, show that you feel comfortable with yourself and that you know who you are. This way, you can draw in more people as they notice your confidence as a person.

5. More Matches Mean More Chances

With online dating, you can either use a website and message people or you can use an app to match with others. As you go through the process, you should message and swipe right on more people than you normally would. This way, you can get more matches overall and increase your odds of finding people to go on dates with.

Due to this, you should message everyone that you think you would be compatible with to try and increase your odds of finding someone. This includes looking past your own physical looks in comparison to others. For example, if you think someone is "out of your league", then you should message them anyway because it doesn't hurt to try.

If you find someone that you think you would get along with, and you find the person attractive, then you should message that person. After all, you can't potentially go on a date with that person unless you try and reach out. As you reach out to people that interest you, you can increase the odds of finding someone to date.

6. Keep Yourself Open Minded

You should do your best to open your mind to potential matches and people to reach out to. You may have certain standards in real life when it comes to looks, but you should try and open yourself up to more options when online. This way, you can meet more people and allow yourself the chance to go on dates with them.

This doesn't mean that you should try and match with every person that you come across online. Remember that you need to get along with the person and find him or her attractive if you want the relationship to work out. However, you should say yes to more people than you normally would so that you can increase your odds of succeeding.

Online dating comes down widening your reach as much as possible to gain more matches and people to message. If you reach out to more people, then you have higher odds of going on dates with others. Due to this, you need to open your mind and allow yourself to date others that you normally wouldn't to help you succeed.

7. Original or Fun Messages

Depending on your situation, you may find yourself initiating contact with people that you find online or match with. However, you should note that others will send messages to these people, so you should strive to make yourself appear different from them. This way, you can draw their attention and increase your odds of succeeding.

Think of creative ways that you can message people, such as starting with a game or showing your ability to make up stories. This way, the person has a reason to respond to your messages, increasing the odds of you going on a date with them. After all, people don't want to date boring individuals, so make yourself stand out.

For example, if you message someone attractive, avoid complimenting that person based on his or her appearance. These people most likely get messages about their eyes or their face, so don't fall into that crowd. Give yourself the chance to show your personality and make yourself appear different from others, allowing you to draw attention to yourself.

8. Find the Sweet Spot with Messaging

When you message people online, you need to do your best to find the right balance. This means that you should avoid messaging people too quickly, but you should also avoid messaging too late. If you do either of those, it can leave a bad impression on the person that you message.

If you message people too quickly, then you come across as needy and desperate when it comes to dating. Due to this, you always want to avoid messaging within seconds of receiving a response from someone. On top of this, if you wait hours to respond, then people will think that you aren't interested or are ignoring them, causing them to move on.

When it comes to finding the sweet spot, you should gauge it based on how often the other person responds. For example, if your match responds within a few minutes, then you should respond within a similar time period. This will allow you to find the sweet spot for each person so that you can reply at a reasonable rate.

9. Discuss Common Ground

After you manage to start a conversation with someone, make sure that you try and establish common ground between you both. As you message people, look at their bios to find something that you have in common. You can then bring this up in a message to try and start a conversation between you two.

If you don't have anything to initially message, then you can try and ask questions to find something that you both have in common. Make sure to ask about common things that people do, such as hobbies, watching movies or even listening to music. This way, you can try and find something that you both like so that you can establish a connection.

You need to find common ground when you talk with people online. People don't want to go on dates with others that they don't have anything in common with since it will become boring extremely quickly. With this in mind, you should ask questions and find something that you both like.

10. Build Relationships

As you message people and find similarities between each other, you can begin to forge a relationship. This means that you can move past being strangers and work towards getting into a position where you feel comfortable going on a date. This way, it won't feel as awkward when you finally ask them to meet you in real life.

Think of it this way: if you just immediately ask a person online for a date, then it becomes really easy for them to say no. In their minds, you're just a random stranger online and they have no reason to agree to a date. Because of this, you need to show people who you are before you ask them to commit to a date.

Keep in mind that you shouldn't spend too much time building relationships through messages. If you become too focused on it, then people may lose interest in you, so make sure that you begin to form a relationship and then ask them on a date. This way, you can increase the odds of them saying yes.

11. Don't Fear Rejection

Remember that online dating makes it much easier to reject people since you don't need to do it to their faces. Because of this, you should expect rejection as you ask people to go on dates with you. With this in mind, you need to work past that fear of rejection and continue to use online dating despite that.

If you're worried about people rejecting you online, then you won't want to message them and ask them on dates. This will cause you to have less chances to succeed with online dating, so you need to move past that mindset. Instead, if you want to have a chance with someone, you should at least try to reach out to them.

If you don't message people, then you will never have a chance with them since you need to ask first. With this in mind, you might as well try and ask them on dates. After all, the worst a person can do is say no, which will not hurt you in the long run. Just keep on trying and do your best to work past your fear of rejection.

12. Strive to Meet People

While online dating sites and apps exist to help you find people like you, you should strive to meet people through it. Remember that you won't be compatible with everyone, but it doesn't hurt to form relationships with people that you meet online. For example, if you go on a date with someone and it doesn't work out, then you could still be friends.

As you continue to meet people and remain in contact, you could form a good relationship with them that you will appreciate for the rest of your life. However, don't continue being friends with people hoping that they will date you again. This way, you don't hold onto this small hope and cause yourself more pain.

By using online dating sites to meet people, you can help yourself to succeed. You can seek out romantic relationships with people while building up friendships with others. On top of this, you never know if those you form friendships with may know someone that will want to date you. Just continue to use online dating as a way to meet more people.


If you want to effectively use online dating sites, then you need to try hard so that you can stand out from others and put yourself out there. Understand that not everyone will accept your advances or want to date you, but that's alright. Online dating exists as a way for you to meet people and find someone that you feel compatible with.

Make sure to review these tips and apply them to your dating profile to help you reach out to others, increasing your odds of finding matches. As you do so, you can present yourself to others in an honest way that shows the best side of you. Make sure to continue applying these tips to help you have a successful time with your online dating.

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