The Top Rated Black People Dating Websites

Are you considering signing up for an online dating site? Do you want to find a site that will help you find another black single person that could be your soulmate? Finding a dating site geared towards black people can be a little challenging.

In the article below, we have reviewed five of the best dating sites for black people. After reading through our reviews, you'll be able to find the perfect site to meet your needs. Then, you can sign up and be well on your way to meeting a new special someone.

Top 5: Black People Dating Sites Review


If you're looking for love, might be just the site for you. Since 1995, has been helping people find love over the internet. Today, this company has grown to service 24 countries and host sites in 15 languages.

When you sign up with, be ready to write about yourself in your profile. You'll want to include information about who you are, what you love, hobbies, quirks, and what you'd like to see in a match. Be sure to upload a good selection of photographs that display who you are and show your personality.


After completing the information about yourself in your profile, you'll also want to include what type of companion you are interested in. Consider factors such as their age, location, or marital status (do you care if they have been married previously).

Once your profile is complete, you can begin searching through the numerous potential matches in your area. You'll be able to send messages to people you would like to communicate with more. You also might receive messages from people who are interested in learning more about you.

The message system used by keeps your personal information private. You'll only be communicating with other users through the website or app. If you decide you'd like to take your conversation offline, then you can choose to send someone your personal phone number or email address.


  • You can send and receive messages easily
  • Up to 26 photographs can be included in your profile
  • Getting started is simple


  • You may discover that there are a fair number of inactive accounts

Recommendation #1

Black People Meet


Recommendation #2



Recommendation #3



Recommendation #4



Recommendation #5

Elite Singles


Black People Meet

Since 2002, BlackPeopleMeet has been helping Black singles to connect in genuine relationships. With BlackPeopleMeet, you'll be able to find like-minded Black singles based on your online dating profile, likes, dislikes, and dating preferences.

BlackPeopleMeet is designed to help you find someone to hang out with; this could mean you're looking for true or more of a causal relationship. Even though the name may sound like the site is only meant for Black singles, people of all races are welcome to sign.

Black People Meet

After signing up, you will create a profile with information about yourself to attract potential matches. You will be able to use up to 1,250 words to describe yourself. Be sure to give enough information to let those who view your profile get a feel for who you are.

You can upload as many as 30 photos to your profile, so viewers of your profile can get to know your personality, charisma, and interests. This site is updated so you can import photos from your connected Facebook, or upload from your computer. 

Once you're signed up for the website, you will be sent 11 match suggestions each day. You can also search through all the profiles for available singles in your area. BlackPeopleMeet also provides users with a chatroom where you can find people who are online to start a conversation with.


  • You can chat with potential matches in the chatroom
  • Each day you'll receive a list of 11 match suggestions delivered to your profile
  • You can add up to 30 photographs to your profile


  • Without a paid subscription, you won't be able to send messages to people you are interested in

Next up there is eHarmony. When you sign up to give eHarmony a try, you'll be encouraged to go into detail about yourself and what you're looking for in a match. This is because the process that eHarmony uses to send you potential matches is based on the information you provide about yourself.

The site will also learn more about your preferences and what you are looking for in a mate as you use the site more and send messages or indicate that you like a particular person on the site.

eHarmony is a paid site. However, you can sign up for a free trial. The free trial will allow you to start getting matches right it is recommended that you at least try a free account.


You have nothing to lose with signing up for one of the mosted trusted dating sites on the internet.

Even though they are not specifically geared towards black people, there are so many users that you are going to be able to find more black people than just about any where else.


  • Highly efficient matching system.
  • Very large amount of members (many black people).
  • One of the best mobile apps in the business.


  • Some people complain the relationship questionnaire takes too long.

If you are over 50 years old and are looking for black singles in your area, consider signing up for OurTime. This site is geared towards older individuals and tailors its services accordingly. OurTime aims to help its members find the relationship they're looking for, whether it is love, a casual romantic relationship, or just friendship.

One of the first things you'll do after signing up is to set up your profile. You'll fill in information about what you're looking for in a relationship as well as your hobbies and other interests. You can also choose a few pictures to showcase you and your personality. This is a great place to meet fellow black singles, no matter what your type is.


After completing your profile, you'll be able to start searching for matches. You can use your own search criteria or look through the suggested matches offered by OurTime.

When you sign up for OurTime, you can download the free app. With the app, you'll be able to view the profiles for our single members in your area. You can also use the app to communicate with other members by sending messages or flirts. The app will make it easy to communicate regardless of your location.


  • OurTime is less expensive than some other dating sites
  • The free app will allow you to view members' profiles and communicate with ease
  • You can look for casual relationship or serious relationships with this site


  • If you are under 50, this is not a good option for you
Elite Singles

EliteSingles works hard to help match you with interesting singles. Their matchmaking algorithm adjust your suggestions based on your activity on the site and your likes and dislikes.

Unlike some other sites that are also geared towards helping you find more casual relationships or friendships, EliteSingles is geared towards those looking for a long-term relationship. The majority of the site's users (90%) are over 30 years old and more than 80% of them have a degree from a university.

Elite Singles

To help you create a positive and compelling profile, EliteSingles has compiled a list of expert tips. You can implement some of these tips to help attract that special person you are searching for.

After you've registered with EliteSingles, you can expect to receive between three and seven match suggestions each day. In addition to use the matches suggested by the website, you'll also be able to search through and view the profiles of other members to find people you would be interested in starting a conversation with.

EliteSingles can help you find the perfect relationship you are looking for. You can use this site to find other singles who share your common values or interests. For example, you can set your preferences to include single parents, gay singles, Christian singles, or black singles.


  • EliteSingles validates each profile, so you can be confident that the person you are chatting with is really who they say they are
  • Over 80% of the members on this site have received a university degree
  • They offer a list of tips to help you create the perfect profile


  • This isn't a good website to use if you are looking for a more casual relationship

Our Thoughts

If you are looking for the best dating sites for black people, hopefully our reviews above have helped you to narrow down your decisions. Before you make your final decision, there are a few things that you will want to think about as you compare the different sites.

First, you should decide if you are looking for a free site or a paid site. Some websites also have some free features and will allow you to browse through the profiles for singles in your area. Weigh the monthly cost against the features offered by the different sites you are considering as well.

Another thing you will definitely want to pay attention to is how many available singles there are in your area. You don't want to pay for a subscription only to find that there are not many others in your area.

Different sites offer different ways for you to find and communicate with other members. Be sure to pick a site that you feel comfortable using and one you'll experience success with.

Finally, be sure to take note of how easy it will be to set up your profile and how many photos you'll be able to upload. Since a strong profile is key for finding a match, you'll want to make sure you put some time and effort into this portion of online dating.

best black dating site

Out of the five dating sites for black people that we reviewed Match is our top pick. We think this is a great site if you are looking for a new relationship.

With Match, you will be able to view profiles for other black singles, in addition to people from other races if for mix-racial couples. When you sign up, you can include a lot of information in your profile, which is a great space for conversation starters. 


When you set up your profile, you also have the option to upload up to 30 photographs. Take advantage of this and choose enough photos to show who you are, what you like to do, and what it might be like to date you.

You can send messages to other users, or communicate through one of the chatrooms on the site. These options will help you find someone that shares similar interests and hopefully give you the chance to meet up in real life.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do dating sites really work? 

Many people have found success using an online dating site. In order to be successful with online dating, you'll want to take time to write a compelling, yet honest, profile. You'll also have to be willing to step out of your box and start conversations with multiple people as you try to find that one right person for you.

Are paid dating sites better than free ones?

Different people have different opinions about this question. Some people prefer free sites, while others think that paid sites are better. It's best to browse around to identify what features you want in a dating site.

Is online dating safe?

If you're careful and take a few precautions, online dating can be very safe. Before you've met someone in person and have developed trust, it is not a good idea to share personal information with them. Always listen to your gut, if something doesn't feel right, don't pursue the relationship. If you decide to meet someone in person, be sure to schedule your first meeting to take place in a public location, such as a park or a restaurant.

Does online dating actually work?

Yes, many people have found success with online dating. Everyone's experiences will be different and your success may depend on different factors.

When you sign up for an online dating site, you are giving yourself the chance to communicate with and meet numerous individuals that you'd likely never cross paths with otherwise. One of these people may turn out to be the 'one' you've been searching for. You can also learn a lot more about yourself and what you want (and don't want) in a relationship through your experiences with online dating.

Are there dating sites for black people?

Yes, there are many dating sites geared specifically towards black people. Many other dating sites may offer specific groups exclusively for black individuals or allow you to filter your results so you are only shown profiles of black men or women.

If you are interested in signing up for a site developed specifically to help black men and women find other black men and women, here are a few you can consider trying"

  • BlackPeopleMeet
  • BlackCupid
  • Soulsingles
  • AfroIntroductions
  • EbonyFlirt
  • Afroromance
  • Blackfriendsdate
  • Matchebony
  • Myblackpartner

Below are some of the other dating sites that may also be a good option to consider. You can set the criteria for your potential matches with these sites and can indicate if you are only interested in dating other black men or women.

  • Match
  • eHarmony
  • OKCupid
  • Elite Singles
  • Zoosk
  • OurTime
  • Plenty of Fish
  • Tinder
  • Bumble

Are there a lot of fake profiles on dating sites?

The specific dating site you choose to use may impact the number of fake profiles you'll come across. Some websites definitely have a higher concentration of fake profiles, which can definitely be very frustrating and discouraging when you're trying to find a real person you actually want to meet and spend time with.

In general, free dating sites are much more likely to have fake profiles than paid sites. This is because fewer people are willing to pay to sign up with a site just to create a fake profile. However, you may still run across a few on paid sites as well.

If you want to decrease your chances of getting scammed by a fake profile, you can look for a dating site that verifies the profiles of each member before they are posted. This can help give you more peace of mind when using the site and should significantly decrease the chances that you'll encounter a fake profile.

Can I find a serious relationship online?

Yes, many people have successfully found serious relationships online. If you are looking for a long-term relationship or trying to find the 'one' that you'd like to marry, keep this in mind when selecting a dating site.

You'll want to look for a dating site where many of the other members are looking for something serious. Try to avoid casual dating sites or hook-up sites, since it will be less likely that you'll find someone else who wants the same things you want.

When writing your profile, you can also indicate that you are looking for a lasting relationship (without being too forward or sounding desperate). This can help people who are only looking for something more casual know that you aren't going to be the right match for them and can prevent you from wasting your time dating someone that isn't looking for a serious relationship.

Of course, if you are not interested in finding a serious relationship and are more interested in testing the waters and finding a few more casual relationships, or hook-ups, you'll also be able to find these online. Different dating sites are often geared towards different preferences, so be sure to choose the right type of site based on the type of relationship you are seeking.

How can I be more successful with online dating?

If you've given online dating a try before, and haven't had the success you're looking for, there are a few things you may want to try.

Revise Your Profile

The first opportunity prospective matches have to learn about you is through your online profile. If your profile is dull or lacking in information, it can lead to people overlooking you and moving on.

One of the most important keys to have success with online dating is having a strong profile. Be sure to include information about yourself and what you hope to find in a match. Share enough details to make readers interested, while also leaving opportunities for them to ask you questions to learn more.

Pictures are another key piece of your profile. Be very selective when choosing pictures. Look for ones that showcase who you are and what you enjoy.

Try to avoid posting pictures with others, especially your exes, where you'd have to cover up part of the photo. This can look very odd and may also turn off potential matches.

Take Responsibility for Your Success

If you've been sitting back waiting for someone to send you a message, it is time to put your success with online dating in your own hands. Instead of waiting around for others to message you, take the first step and try to initiate some conversations on your own. This may mean stepping out of your comfort zone, but it is a big part of what online dating is all about.

When sending messages, don't just send the same generic, canned message to everyone. Take time to read people's profiles and include details that interested you after reading their profile. Make sure you ask a question to encourage the person to send you a reply.

Be Positive

Make sure your profile and the messages you send are upbeat and positive. Negativity can be a big turn off for some people. Portray your positive outlook, and you'll be impressed with the results it may yield.

Take Advantage of All the Features Offered by the Dating Site

If you aren't taking advantage of all of the features offered by the dating site you are using, it may also be time to utilize those features more fully. In addition to viewing profiles and sending messages, some dating sites offer chat rooms or fun games where you can be matched with other individuals. Give these features a try, it won't hurt and may increase the number of people who view your profile, making it more likely that someone will want to get to know more about you.

Try a Different Dating Site

Finally, if you've been on one dating site for a while with no success, it doesn't mean that online dating isn't for you. It may just mean that it is time to give another website a try.

There are tons of dating sites for black people, so do some research and find a different dating site to try. Before making a selection, think about what you are looking to gain from the site and the type of relationship you want. Try to find a site that looks like it will be a good match for you, and give it a try!

Final Verdict

After reading through our reviews, you need to decide which dating site is your favorite. After making your decision, don't hesitate in signing up. A new relationship could be right around the corner!


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