Best Christian Dating Sites

Are you struggling to find other Christians to date? Are you ready to give online dating a try? If dating someone who shares your faith is important to you, a Christian dating site can help connect you with other Christians.

There are so many dating sites to choose from, that it can be a daunting decision to pick one to try. To help make your decision easier, we have reviewed five of the top Christian dating sites in the article below.

Top 5: Christian Dating Sites Review

Recommendation #1

eHarmony Christian


Recommendation #2

EliteSingles Christian


Recommendation #3

Christian Mingle


Recommendation #4

Match Christian


Recommendation #5



eHarmony Christian

If you are looking for a lasting relationship with another Christian, eHarmony Christian is a really great option to consider. eHarmony uses a power matching criterion to only send you matches that are a good fit for you.

When you register with eHarmony, you'll take their comprehensive Relationship Questionnaire. Here, you'll provide them information about who you are and what you are looking for in a relationship. They gather information on 29 different compatibility components to help ensure the matches you receive are true matches.

As you are completing the registration process, you'll be able to indicate if you only want to be sent matches that share your Christian faith, so be sure to select this option if you do.

eHarmony Christian

eHarmony's process is different than what is used by some other sites. With many other sites, you can look around through other member's profiles and send them messages. This can also lead to you receiving messages from people you have no interest in.

With eHarmony, you'll receive a list of potential matches, and you'll only be able to communicate with these matches. This system can help keep your information more secure and help ensure compatibility with the people you message.

When you're ready to give eHarmony Christian a try, visit their website and sign up. After completing your Relationship Questionnaire and setting up your profile, you'll be able to start viewing compatible matches and getting conversations started.


  • The Relationship Questionnaire gathers information on 29 different aspects of compatibility to help match you with the right person.
  • They have a mobile app which will let you communicate from wherever you are.
  • You will receive a list of matches who have a lot in common with you.


  • You cannot search through profiles of individuals that are not sent to you by eHarmony's matching system.
EliteSingles Christian

With EliteSingles Christian, you'll be able to find someone who shares your values and faith. It can often be challenging to find suitable Christian matches on your own, but EliteSingles can help you accomplish this goal.

When you decide to sign up with EliteSingles, you'll need to complete their detailed personality questionnaire. This questionnaire is very detailed for a reason – it is designed to identify common traits, values, and goals between you and other members on the site to determine if you'll be compatible with one another.

EliteSingles Christian

EliteSingles will use the information from your questionnaire to send you between three and seven matches each day. You'll also be able to look through their member database to try to identify other individuals that you may be interested in chatting with.

Once you're ready to give EliteSingles Christian a try, visit their website to sign up. You'll then be able to create a profile where you can include pictures and information about who you are and what you are looking for in a match. Then, you'll complete their in-depth personality questionnaire.

For those who are always busy or on the go, EliteSingles offers a dating app. The app will allow you to view your matches, strike up conversations, or browse through profiles from wherever you are.


  • The personality questionnaire is designed to help EliteSingles gather enough information about you in order to identify compatible matches.
  • They have an easy-to-use dating app that you can download onto your phone.
  • Each day, you'll receive a list of three to seven potential matches. You can send a message to anyone you are interested in learning more about.


  • If you want to be able to communicate with other individuals, you will need to pay for a premium membership.
Christian Mingle

If you're looking for a long-term relationship where God comes first, consider Christian Mingle. Christian Mingle is a well-known Christian dating site that has been around for a while, so there are numerous members in your area.

When you create your profile for Christian Mingle, you'll be able to share key facts about yourself to get potential matches interested in finding out more about you. This also means that you'll be able to learn a lot about the other members on Christian Mingle just by looking at their profiles.

When you set up your profile, you can upload up to six different pictures of yourself. Be sure to choose ones that showcase who you are, what your interests are, and how God is important in your life.

Christian Mingle

Most of the members on Christian Mingle are looking for a long-term relationship or marriage. They want to find someone with whom they can raise a family centered around God.

Each day, you'll receive a list of suggested matches. The matches you receive will be sent to you because of matching information based on the preferences you selected when you created your profile.

You can also search through the site to find other people that you may be interested in meeting. You can use various filters to sort the matches based on factors such as age or ethnicity. Christian Mingle also offers a chatroom where members can connect with other users.

To ensure that you're only viewing legitimate profiles, Christian Mingle verifies each profile. They offer an app that will allow you to connect with your matches on the go.


  • Since this is a well-known site for Christian dating, you'll find that there are a lot of Christian singles in your area.
  • Most people on Christian Mingle are looking for serious, long-term relationships.
  • You will receive a list of matches each day based on the preferences you indicated when you created your profile.


  • There are not as many features on this site as some other sites offer.
Match Christian

Match is another great dating site to consider using. Match has been around for more than 20 years and has helped many people find love. If you are only interested in dating other Christians, you'll be able to indicate that when you set up your profile.

When you set up your profile, you'll also have the opportunity to add photos of yourself and write to let anyone who visits yourself know who you are, what is important to you, and what you are looking for in a match. Use this opportunity to write enough and choose photographs that will let your readers feel like they are starting to get to know you before a conversation is even started.

Match Christian

When you communicate with an individual over Match, you won't need to worry about your personal information being share before you are ready. Match uses an anonymous network for communications that occur within the site. This means, that no one will be able to view your full name, address, phone number, or any other personally identifying information.

With Match, you'll be able to browse through the list of available singles in your area. You'll be able to sort and filter the list based on various criteria, which can help you find exactly who you are looking for. Additionally, Match will send you a list of potential matches each day based on the criteria you entered when you set up your account.


  • Communication through the site occurs through a secure network.
  • You can message people you find by browsing or from the list of suggested matches you receive.
  • You can add up to 26 photos on your profile to let people learn more about who you are.


  • You may find that there are some inactive accounts.

You'll be able to find plenty of other available Christians on Zoosk. Zoosk uses their intelligent Behavioral Matchmaking technology to help you find your perfect match. Their matchmaking technology is always getting better as it continues to learn from the more than 35 million members who use Zoosk.

In order for their Behavioral Matchmaking technology to be most effective, you will want to go into detail about the type of match you are looking for when you sign up with the site. This will help ensure that you get sent lists of matches that will be compatible with you.


Zoosk offers Zoosk Coins, which are something you can purchase. You can use these coins in various ways on the site. One way to use them is to boost your profile, which would mean more people would see your page and may become interested in sending you a message.

Zoosk also has two features called Carousel and SmartPick. The Carousel feature will connect you and another person if you both indicate that you are interested in one another. SmartPick is designed to learn more about what you are looking for in potential matches to tailor the list of suggestions that are sent to you.

While you will need to pay for a membership for Zoosk, they do offer a free trial. You won't be able to communicate with anyone when you are using the free trial, but you will be able to view their profiles. This can help you get a sense for who is on Zoosk in your area, and how many other Christians there are.


  • They offer a free trial so you can see how the site works and view matches in your area.
  • The Carousel can help you connect with other people who are interested in you.
  • You can purchase Zoosk coins to help boost your profile.


  • You cannot search for matches using a keyword.

Buying Guide

A Christian dating site can help you find the person you were meant to be with. These sites can help you find other Christians in your area that you may never have met without using the site. There are many different Christian dating sites, so you'll want to take some time to think about what you want from the site you ultimately sign up with.

First, be sure to pay attention to the matching criteria that is used by each dating site. Do they gather enough information about your personality and faith to help them send you people that you will truly be compatible with?

You will also want to consider the different ways you'll be able to find matches. Do you want to be able to browse through the profiles of other users? Or would you prefer to trust the matching criteria developed by the dating site and only communicate with the matches that are sent to you each day?

Next, you should consider how easy it is to set up your profile and what you'll be able to include in it. You want to make sure that you include enough information to allow your potential matches to start to learn about you, your personality, and the types of things you enjoy.

Finally, consider if there is a mobile app available. A mobile app can make online dating so much easier, since you'll be able to view your matches and communicate from anywhere.

Top Pick

Out of the five options we reviewed, eHarmony Christian is our top pick for Christian Dating sites. There is a lot to love about this dating site.

They have developed a comprehensive Relationship Questionnaire that is designed to help match you with others that you are truly compatible with. As you are completing the questionnaire, you will be providing them information on 29 different components of compatibility. eHarmony will then use this information to ensure that the matches you receive will be a good fit for you.

eHarmony Christian

Once you receive a list of matches, you'll be able to strike up a conversation with them. eHarmony even offers a list of pre-selected questions that are designed to help you get a conversation going and learn more about one-another. Of course, you are also able to ask your own questions if there is something else you'd like to know about the person you are chatting with.

To help ensure compatibility and keep their member's information secure, eHarmony does not allow members to look through profiles of other members that were not sent to them. This can help limit the number of messages you receive from people who will not be a good match, or those sending spam.

We think you'll love eHarmony Christian and will be able to find love with another person who shares your Christian fate. Don't waste any more time waiting for that right person to just appear in your life, sign up with eHarmony Christian today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are There Dating Sites That Are Just for Christians?

There are some dating sites that are designed to help Christians find other Christians. You can also choose to sign up with one of the other types of sites too, as these sites will allow you to indicate that you are only interested in dating individuals who are also Christians.

Is It Safe to Date Someone You Meet Online?

As with most other things in life, you will want to use your common sense and take precautions if you are meeting someone in person that you met online. Always schedule your first meeting in a public place where you won't be alone. Never agree to meet anyone at their home or a secluded area for your first date. You should also never share any of your personal information, such as your full name or address, until you have met the person and gotten to know them.

What Should I Include When I Set up My Online Dating Profile?

You will want to devote some time to setting up your online dating profile. After all, first impressions are very important. Carefully select a few photos that show who you are and what your interests are. When writing about yourself, be sure to let your personality show. Write enough about yourself to give people who view your profile the chance to identify some ways that you may be a good match for them. Ask a friend or family member to edit your profile since good spelling and grammar can contribute to making a good first impression.


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