The Best Biometric Fingerprint Door Lock Reviews

Biometric security is everywhere these days. These systems use your unique biological markers as a security measure. For example, you can use your fingerprint to unlock your smartphone or open your computer. Some airports even verify your identity with a retina scan. Now, this advanced technology is coming to door locks.

Fingerprint door locks work just like the biometric sensors on your phone. First, everyone in your house scans in their fingerprints; that way the lock can identify each person. Then, when you shut the door on your house, the lock engages. To unlock it, you can simply place your finger on the pad. The lock reads it, matches it to the prints on file, and unlocks the door.

If you forget your keys frequently, or if you have small children, a fingerprint lock can save a great deal of hassle. Concerned that the system might malfunction and lock you out? Not to worry — most models also come with keypads, so you can also enter using a special code.

Let us help you find the best biometric fingerprint door lock options...

Top 5: Biometric Fingerprint Door Locks Review

Samsung SHS-P718-LMK Push Pull Biometric Touchscreen Digital Door Lock, Code Fingerprint and RFID Entry, Small Mortise (AML-220)

This Samsung SHS-P718-LMK touchscreen door lock opens with three different non-key methods: fingerprints, RFID tags, and codes. This flexibility makes it easy to get in the door while also providing a backup method of entry for security. With its sleek, futuristic design, this model looks equally beautiful in your house or business.

With its intuitive design, the Samsung lock is easy to operate, even for little ones. A digital touchscreen keypad shows the numbers clearly in any lighting condition. The fingerprint reader and RFID reader scan quickly and unlock your door in seconds — no need to wait around while you’re carrying kids or groceries.

If you have a big family, or if you want to use a fingerprint lock for a small business, this model is a great choice. It accepts up to 31 different user codes and RFID tags, as well as up to 100 fingerprints. That means that you can assign everyone a unique code for easy access.

Do you ever forget to lock the door when you leave? This has you covered; it locks automatically, so you don’t have to wonder if your home is safe. It is battery operated, but there’s an emergency power option in case the batteries die.

When it comes to security, this model is top of the line. It is designed to prevent lock-picking, and it’s PSB fire-tested for security. If an intruder tries to hack your code, the anti-tampering lock-out feature prevents them from succeeding. Plus, the built-in intrusion alarm and fire sensor help keep you and your home safe.


  • Sleek, contemporary design.
  • Three entry options.
  • Easy operation.


  • Can be difficult to install.

Lockly Bluetooth Keyless Entry Smart Door Lock (PGD 728F) Patented Keypad/Alarm System | Advanced 3D Fingerprint Reader | iOS and Android Compatible (VenetianBronze)

This Lockly Smart Lock comes with a variety of entry options. You can use the onboard fingerprint sensor, or you can connect your phone via Bluetooth and unlock with your device’s sensor. Alternatively, simply enter a code on the lock’s keypad.

Do you live or work in an area with high foot traffic? This product makes it difficult for passersby to guess your entry code. The keypad has four buttons, each with three numbers. When you push a number, the remaining numbers shuffle between the keys. That makes it nearly impossible for someone to copy your entry code by watching your button-pushing pattern.

Worried that someone might try to get in? It disables the keypad after three incorrect attempts. After its disabled, you can get it back up and running by entering your correct code twice. If something happens to your building or the lock, you also get two physical keys as a backup.

It also connects to an online access system. If you have guests coming over, or if you need to let visitors in to see a rental property, you can send them a digital key to get in. You can always log in to cancel the digital keys or see a record of who accessed your property and when. This extra control gives you peace of mind and makes it easy to spot problems.

This lock is battery operated, so there’s no need to connect it to your home’s power supply. If the batteries die before you can replace them, simply use the instant terminal to access the batteries.


  • Automatic lock-out prevents break-ins.
  • Secure fingerprint scanner.
  • Optional phone-based access.


  • Touchscreen may be delicate.

Complete Biometric Kits Fingerprint RFID Access Control System 600Lbs Magnetic Lock TCP/IP Time Attandance

This Complete Biometrics Lock accepts fingerprints, identification cards, key fobs, or passwords to open. For extra security, you can require a combination of any of these methods.

If you run a business, this lock can help you track employee hours using the included management software. The software connects to the lock, reads the log of people who enters and exits, and calculates the hours each person works. You can also use the information to generate reports about building access and employee productivity. Worried about risk management? The software helps you see who accesses different areas of the work space.

One of the biggest benefits of this lock is its advanced control options. As the administrator, you can decide which users can access specific parts of the building; you can even set specific access time. This helps you increase security and protect confidentiality — you might restrict access to client files after business hours, for example, or prevent entry into the storeroom unless a manager is present.

Programming this lock takes a bit of time, especially in the beginning, but it’s relatively easy to grasp. Plus, it comes with a detailed manual and a video demo to help you through the learning curve. We don’t recommend it for home use, but its features can give your business a big security boost.


  • Included management software allows employee tracking.
  • Accepts custom entry combinations.
  • Opens with codes, fingerprint, or card/keyfob.


  • Can be complicated to set up.

Ultraloq UL3 Fingerprint and Touchscreen Keyless Smart Lever Door Lock (Satin Nickel) | 3-in-1 Keyless Entry | Secure Finger ID | Anti-peep Code | Premium Construction Material | Match Home Aesthetics

This Ultraloq Lock offers five different options for entry. You can use a fingerprint, type in a code, connect with your smartphone, use the mechanical key, or use the knock/shake method to open the door. The lock also comes with a recording system, so you can manage authorized users and check the entry log.

When it comes to speed, this Ultraloq model is hard to top. It read your fingerprint in less than half a second, so you can get in the door quickly. The durable pad is dustproof and waterproof for extra longevity. Prefer a code? Simply enter your preset 4-8 digit key. The keypad is designed to prevent other people from seeing, so you don’t need to worry about code security.

The Ultraloq lock is engineered to maximize battery life. The screen goes to sleep between uses and wakes up immediately when you touch it. As a result, you can access it up to 8,000 times before you need to change the batteries. You can also set the door to “free passage” mode, so friends and family can come and go easily during parties or gatherings without killing the battery.

Managing a rental property or an office? This lock accepts up to 95 codes and 95 fingerprints, so it can accommodate a crowd. The sleek body is tough and stylish, so it looks right at home on your front door or the entry to your office.


  • Flexible entry options.
  • Easy user management.
  • Stylish and durable.


  • Smartphone app can be faulty and ineffective.

Fingerprint Door Lock, ARDWOLF A10 Smart Biometric Keyless Entry Front Door Locks with Deadbolt Keypad Visual Menu Display Touchscreen for Home Office

The Ardwolf A10 Lock is designed for high-volume use. It supports 256 fingerprints, along with 300 different entry codes. You also get two mechanical keys to use as a backup, so you can always access your building.

If you’re worried about security, the A10’s double verification mode can give you extra peace of mind. When you turn on this mode, you can require users to enter both their fingerprint and a code, or two different fingerprints. This system makes it more difficult to hack the lock, so your space stays safe.

Need to keep track of the people who enter your building? Simply check out the Audit Trail. This record tracks every person who enters, so you always know who’s in your space. If you’re running an apartment building or showing a rental property, this feature helps you manage risk.

With its streamlined metal design, this lock is well-suited to a contemporary building. The OLED screen is easy to see, and adds a futuristic touch to your home or office.


  • Available double-verification mode for extra security.
  • Supports a high number of codes and fingerprints.
  • Sleek, attractive design.


  • Rain and moisture can damage fingerprint scanner.

How to Choose a Biometric Fingerprint Lock

With so many available biometric fingerprint locks, it can be tough to know where to start. Some of the factors you should consider in your research include:

Number of Supported Users

Most fingerprint locks are designed to support a limited number of fingerprints or user codes. This is partially for practical storage limitations; it’s also designed to increase security in your building.

As you’re picking a lock, look for a model that accommodates the number of people that need to enter your space. If you’re putting a lock on your home, this probably won’t be an issue; for businesses or commercial spaces, however, you may need a model with a higher number of supported users.

Ease of Use

The goal of a smart lock is to make your life easier. Instead of using keys, you can simply tap your finger. That’s why ease of use is an important consideration. Does the lock open quickly? How reliable is the fingerprint system? Is it easy to make new codes for your guests? An intuitive, user-friendly system helps you get the most of a biometric lock.

Door Compatibility

Most biometric locks are designed to fit doors of a specific thickness. Before you choose a model, make sure you measure your door. It’s also a good idea to note whether it opens on the left or the right; you may need to order an orientation-specific model. This small step ensures a fast, seamless installation and a secure fit.

Durability and Weather-Resistance

A biometric lock uses sophisticated systems to let users into your building. Before you buy, make sure you're choosing a model that's right for your environment. Can the lock stand up to water, wind, snow, and cold? Is it for indoor use only?

best biometric fingerprint door lock

Whether you’re locking a home or a commercial property, a biometric fingerprint lock makes it easier to come and go. For general usage, we recommend the Samsung Push-pull Model for its secure system and streamlined design.

Samsung SHS-P718-LMK Push Pull Biometric Touchscreen Digital Door Lock, Code Fingerprint and RFID Entry, Small Mortise (AML-220)

If you’re running a business, we like the Complete Biometric model for its employee hour tracking and access control.

When you’re ready to upgrade your home or office security, check out the Samsung or Complete Biometric locks.

Commonly Asked Questions

How does a fingerprint door lock work?

Biometric fingerprint locks have a scanner to scan a fingerprint and allow access to a home. Unlike traditional door locks, they do not need a key, since your fingerprint is the 'key' to open up the door. Some biometric door locks also require you to input a personal key along with your fingerprint as an added confirmation of your identity.

What are the benefits of a biometric door lock?

Biometric door locks are much more convenient than a traditional lock. You don't need to worry about remembering to take out your keys or juggle multiple bags of groceries when you get up to your door. To open the lock, you'll just need to quickly scan your finger and enter your pin.

Also, if you've ever accidentally locked yourself out of your house or lost your keys, you know how much of a hassle that can be. If you have a biometric lock, you'll easily be able to let yourself in whenever you need.

Some biometric locks come with other features designed to make them even more convenient and desirable. These include automatically locking the door as you leave your home, ability to be paired with a smartphone or smart home assistant, and letting creating profiles for different individuals you want to be able to access your home.

What are the types of smart locks?

If you're looking to ditch the key and purchase a smart lock, there are a few different lock types for you to consider. They are:

  • Keypad locks: Rather than using a key, you'll enter a special code with a keypad lock to gain entry to a door.
  • Biometric locks: Instead of needing a key, a biometric lock will scan your fingerprint. If it matches one of the stored fingerprints, it will unlock the door.
  • Wi-Fi/Bluetooth locks: You can use an app to open the lock with these options. The app will wireless connect with your door, allowing you to press a button to lock or unlock it.
  • Proximity locks: These locks are paired with a special key fob. When the key fob is close enough to the lock, it will unlock the door.

Are biometric door locks secure?

Biometric door locks are not necessarily more secure than a traditional lock. In order to select the most secure option possible, you'll want to look for a solid lock with quality hardware. If it doesn't have quality hardware, it will be easier for an unwanted person to gain access to your home.

Also, when you're looking for a biometric lock, you'll want to find a product with superb software. This will reduce the chances that someone will be able to hack into the lock and let themselves into your home.

Biometric door locks are often viewed as more secure than some of the other types of smart locks. Whereas some other smart locks can be unlocked using your phone or the key fob, you will need to be present to unlock your door using your fingerprint. This can prevent someone from stealing your phone or purse and being able to gain access to your home.

Since most burglars don't go through one of the doors anyway, adding a smart lock may not do a lot to prevent break-ins. In addition to adding a biometric lock, you'll also want to make sure you lock your windows and take other measures to protect your home, family, and belongings.

Can you create profiles for friends or family members with a biometric door lock?

Yes, most biometric locks will allow you to program the lock to let multiple people into your home. Some products may also offer you the option to limit the times different people are able to access your home. For example, if you have a dog walker come in when you're at work, you can set it so the app will only allow them to enter during the specific time they should be walking your dog.

Do biometric locks come with a backup key?

Yes, you should receive a backup key when you purchase a biometric lock. This will allow you to gain entry to your home in the event the power goes out or the lock malfunctions. You can also give the backup key to someone who will need to access your home in the event of an emergency.

Can digital locks be hacked?

Unfortunately, as with most other digital devices, many hackers have found their way into digital locks. To reduce your chances of someone hacking your lock, you'll want to find a product that encrypts the data for an added level of security.

Can a biometric door lock help me lower my insurance rates?

No, biometric door locks will not help you save money on insurance. Insurance companies don't see them as increasing the level of security to your home, so they won't provide you with discounted rates.

Final Verdict

The right fingerprint lock for you depends on your physical entryway and the number of users you need to support. When you choose the right biometric fingerprint lock for your situation, accessing your building is a breeze.

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