Interracial Dating Website Reviews

Do you feel like your luck has run out for meeting the 'right' person on your own? Are you considering giving online dating a try? If you are looking for dating sites that are good for interracial individuals, read through our reviews below.

We reviewed five of the top dating sites for interracial individuals. After you read through our reviews, you should be able to decide which site will be the best fit for you.

Top 5: Interracial Dating Website Reviews

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Elite Singles


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Christian Mingle



eHarmony is a great dating site for all individuals to consider. When you sign up with eHarmony, you'll be able to enter information about yourself, as well as what you are looking for in a match. Here is where you'll be able specify that you are interracial and indicate whether you care if you get matched with anyone, or only want to be sent other interracial individuals.

eHarmony also allows to you to specify other characteristics that you'd like to see in your match, such as their age, gender, religion, or location. When you register with eharmony, you'll also complete their Relationship Questionnaire that is designed to analyze 29 different aspects of compatibility. The answers you provide, along with the information you entered about what you're looking for in a match, are used by eHarmony to send you a list of compatible matches every day.


Once you receive your list of matches, you can decide if you are interested in any of them and would like to get to know them better. If so, you can send them a message to start up a conversation. Because eHarmony has so much confident in their Compatibility Matching System, you are only allowed to communicate with your matches, not any other members on the site.

eHarmony also has a mobile app that offers you all of the features you'll find on their main website. So, you'll be able to easily respond to a conversation or view your daily matches.


  • You can specify information about what you are looking for in a match.
  • The Relationship Questionnaire examines 29 different components of compatibility to help match you with other users.
  • You can use their mobile app to keep up with your connections when you are on the go.


  • You can only communicate with your matches; you cannot view profiles of other members on the site.

As one of the first online dating sites, has definitely built a reputation for itself. With Match, you'll find it easy to sign up and get started right away. One of the first thing's you'll do is to take the personality test and indicate what you're looking for in a potential match.

You'll also get to set up your profile. When you set up your profile include information about what makes you special and what you're hoping to find in a relationship. Match also allows you to upload up to 26 photos of yourself.


Every day, you'll receive a list of potential matches based on the personality test you took and the preferences you stated. You can send messages to any of your matches that you are interested in.

Match also allows you to browse through other available members in your area and send them messages. They offer many different ways to filter the results to help you find who you are looking for. Some of the options include filtering by age, profession, religion, or location.

When you message other people on Match, you'll be doing so over their anonymous email network. No one will be able to view any of your personal information unless you decide to share it with them.


  • Match has a mobile app that allows you to access all of the features found on their main site.
  • You'll be able to sort and filter the available profiles in your area in many different ways.
  • They have been in business since 1995 and have helped create multiple marriages and relationships.


  • There is a free membership, but you cannot send or receive any messages without signing up for a paid subscription.
Elite Singles

Elite Singles, as the name suggests, prides themselves on the accomplished backgrounds of their members. 85% of the users on this site have completed higher levels of education. Elite Singles also verifies each account for authenticity, so you're less likely to run into fake accounts.

Elite Singles uses an intelligent matching algorithm to send you highly compatible matches each day. As you use the site more, it learns from your actions, likes, and dislikes to further refine the matches that are sent to you.

Elite Singles

Every day, you'll receive between three and seven potential matches. In addition to these matches, you can also browse through the "Have you Met?" section to discover other singles in your area that share some commonalities with you.

Elite Singles offers many sub dating groups based on different interests, religions, ethnicities, and more. This will allow you join a specific group if you are only interested in dating certain types of people.


  • All of the profiles on the site are verified to ensure they are legitimate.
  • Most members on this site are looking for long-term relationships.
  • 85% of the users are on the site are highly educated.


  • Taking Elite Singles' personality test can be pretty time-consuming.

Zoosk is another dating site that we think you'll enjoy. With Zoosk, you'll find many different ways to connect and communicate with the other members on the site.

Zoosk has developed a Behavioral Matching Technology that will learn about you and what you like as you use the site more. The information learned through this is used to send you more refined matches that you are more likely to be highly compatible with. When you sign up with Zoosk, you will also be able to enter other preferences for what you are looking for in a match, such as age, religion, ethnicity, or location, when you join.


Zoosk has a feature that is called Carousel. If you use the carousel, you will view profiles for other users in your area and indicate which ones are of potential interest to you. If you express an interest in someone, and they have also expressed an interest in you, you will show up as a connection and can start sending messages back and forth.

With Zoosk, you can also pay a little extra to boost your profile and get more people to view it. To do this, you can purchase Zoosk coins. Zoosk also has a dating app that will allow you to view profiles and send messages when you are on the go.


  • You can boost your profile using Zoosk Coins.
  • The Behavioral Matching Technology learns from your actions to send you stronger matches.
  • They offer a free trial.


  • You will need to make sure to cancel your subscription once you are finished using the site to avoid your membership being renewed automatically.
Christian Mingle

If you are a Christian and would like to date others who share your faith, give Christian Mingle a try. You'll find that most of the other users on this site are interested in starting a long-term relationship centered around God. If dating someone that shares your same denomination is important to you, you can also choose from 23 denominations options that will be used when sending you matches.

Each day, Christian Mingle will send you a list of matches based on the personality test you completed and the information you entered when you signed up. They will also allow you to search through the profiles of the other members on the site. You can send messages to anyone who intrigues you to learn more about them.

Christian Mingle

In addition to sending messages, you'll also be able to connect with other users in one of the chatrooms. You may be more comfortable starting a conversation in a chatroom and continuing it in a private message if you're interested in a person.

Christian Mingle offers a dating app as well that will allow you to browse profiles and send messages from the convenience of your phone.


  • You can sort and filter the search results to find the right person for you.
  • They offer a chatroom where you can connect with other members.
  • If you want, you can specify a specific denomination.


  • Some members have shared that there are more and more fake profiles popping up on this site lately.

Buying Guide

There are many different online dating sites for you to consider if you're looking for interracial dating. You'll have the chance to connect with other singles in your area that you almost certainly won't meet without signing up. Before you decide which site you'd like to try out, take a few minutes to compare your options and think about what you'd like to get out of the site you join.

One thing you should consider is how many available singles are in your area. Some dating sites that aren't as well known may not have as many other members, especially if you are in a more rural area.

Another thing you should consider is what you'll need to do to set up your profile and get started on the site. Will you take a detailed personality test that will help ensure that the matches you are sent will actually be a good match for you?

You may also want to consider if you'll want to be able to browse through other profiles on the site, or rely solely on the matches that are sent to you. Some dating sites will allow you to communicate with anyone on the site, while others will limit you to just the matches you receive.

A few other factors you may want to consider before you make your decision include the different methods of communication that are available, whether there is a mobile app, and if there are any free features you can try out before paying for a subscription.

Top Pick

Out of the five dating sites we reviewed, our top pick for interracial dating is eHarmony.

eHarmony has been around for many years, so you're sure to find lots of available singles in your area. They have developed a Compatibility Matching System which uses your answers to questions about 29 different aspects of compatibility to suggest matches for you. You'll also be able to enter other details about the people you hope to be matched with when you sign up.


With eHarmony, you can send messages and communicate with your daily matches. You may also receive messages from other people who were sent you as one of their daily matches.

It is easy to sign up with eHarmony, and you'll be able to include a lot about yourself when you write your profile. If you are interested in dating other interracial individuals, you can also include that when you set up your profile.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Online Dating Dangerous?

Hardly anything we do is risk-free, and online dating is no exception. However, if you take a few precautions and use some common sense you should be just fine. First, you should never share any of your personal information over a message with anyone you meet online.

If you've been chatting with someone and have decided that you want to meet them, be sure to schedule your first date in a public place where there will be lots of other individuals around. It is also important to always trust your gut when you are talking with people online or meeting people for the first time. If something doesn't feel right, play it safe and cut it off!

How Can I Do Better with Online Dating?

If you've been trying online dating without much success, try one of these suggestions:

  • Revamp your profile: Take sometime to improve your profile. Rewrite your bio, and be sure to include enough information about yourself for someone to feel like they are starting to get to know you. You should also make sure that you have selected a variety of pictures that show you likes, dislikes, and personality.
  • Initiated more conversations: Don't just sit around waiting on others to message you; take the first step and send some messages yourself. You never know who will reply. Be sure to pick something from the person's profile that interested you, and ask a question that will encourage them to reply.
  • Try a different dating site: Just because you aren't having any luck with one dating site, doesn't mean all dating sites will yield the same results. If you've been on your current site for a while with no luck, it may be time to sign up with a different site.

How Long Does It Take to Meet Someone Online?

This will really vary for different people. Some people connect with the 'right' person right away, while others may wait months or longer to find someone they want to start a serious relationship with. Try not to compare your results to anyone else's; online dating isn't a competition. If you haven't found that special someone yet, keep looking!

Final Verdict

We think you'll be glad you gave eHarmony a try. They offer a free trial (without messaging capabilities), so sign up today!


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