Over 50 Dating Website Reviews

Have you considered online dating but worry you won't find the right person? Are you looking for someone else who is experienced and mature? Not all dating sites are designed for 20 somethings; there are plenty of options that offer great services for people over 50.

To help you determine which dating site to try out, we have reviewed five of the top options for people over 50. After you read through our reviews, you should be able to determine which site is right for you.

Top 5: Over 50 Dating Website Reviews

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Silver Singles


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Elite Singles


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Silver Singles

As the name suggests, Silver Singles, is a dating site designed exclusively for people who are 50 and older. They have developed a comprehensive personality test that is designed to make sure that you are your matches have a lot in common. The test consists of over 100 questions that will look at different aspects of your personality and preferences.

When you sign up with Silver Singles, you can also identify other characteristics that you want to see in a match. They'll use this information along with the results of your personality test to send you between three and seven matches every day.

Silver Singles

In addition to sending messages to your daily matches, Silver Singles also allows you to view profiles of other members in your area in the "Have you Met?" section. If you discover someone you'd like to know more about in this section of the site, you'll also be able to message them and learn more about who they are.

Silver Singles also offers a dating app that will let you view profiles and send messages from your phone or tablet. This can come in handy when you are out of the house and want to keep a conversation going.


  • This site is only for people who are 50 and older.
  • You can use the "Have you Met?" section to discover other singles in your area.
  • The personality test has 100 questions to learn more about you and send you compatible matches.


  • You may find more available singles on other dating sites, depending on where you live.

Another great option for people over 50 to consider is eHarmony. eHarmony allows you to include information about what you are looking for in a match when you sign up. So, if you are only interested in dating people of a certain age, you can indicate it.

You can also include other characteristics or demographics that you'd like to see if your matches. For example, you can specify particular religions, ethnicities, locations, or genders to help make sure you get matched with the right people.


In addition to taking the preferences you set into account before sending you matches, eHarmony will also use the information from the Relationship Questionnaire you'll take. This questionnaire includes questions that get to the heart of 29 different components of compatibility to ensure that you are truly compatible with the matches you'll be sent.

Every day, you'll receive a list of matches from eHarmony. If you decide you're interested in any of these matches, you'll be able to send them a message. Unlike some other dating sites, you cannot message other users who are not included in your daily list. eHarmony does not allow this, because they want to make sure that you are only communicating with other individuals who you'll be compatible with.

eHarmony has created a user-friendly mobile app that will allow you to communicate with your matches from wherever you are. You'll love the convenience of being able to send and receive messages or view profiles from your cell phone or tablet.


  • They offer a free trial that will let you get a feel for the website and the users in your area.
  • Since you can only communicate with your matches, it is less likely that you'll need to worry about receiving spam messages.
  • Their matching system looks closely at 29 different compatibility components.


  • The free trial will not allow you to send or receive any messages.

You may also want to consider giving Match.com a try if you are over 50. Match will allow you to set your preferences when you sign up, so you can indicate if you only want to be sent matches within a certain age range. When you are looking through other profiles on the site, Match also offers numerous options for sorting and filtering your results, including by age.

When you sign up with Match, you will set up your profile and take their personality test. After you have completed this information, you will start to receive daily match suggestions. If you want to get to know a little more about any of your matches, you can send them a message.


Match also allows you to message other members on the site that aren't included in your daily matches. This is different from some other sites, and can help increase your chances of meeting someone.

Match is also a very well-known dating site, so it is likely you'll find a lot of available singles in your area. They also have a mobile app that will allow you to send or receive messages, view profiles, and access the other features of the site from anywhere.


  • Match uses an anonymous email network to keep your private information secure.
  • Each day you will receive a list of potential matches based on the preferences you set and the information from your personality test.
  • You can filter search results by a variety of factors, including age.


  • The free membership will not allow you to send or receive messages.
Elite Singles

If you are looking to date someone else that is highly educated, Elite Singles may be the right site for you to join. 85% of the members on this site have completed higher levels of education. Elite Singles also offers many sub dating groups, including one designed for people over 50.

Most of the members on Elite Singles are looking for a serious relationship. Elite Singles also verifies the profiles of all of the members on the site to ensure their authenticity.

Elite Singles

When you sign up, you will complete a comprehensive personality test that is designed to ensure you are compatible with the matches you are sent. Elite Singles also uses an intelligent matching algorithm that will learn more about you based on your likes, dislikes, and actions on the site. This information will then be used to send you even more refined matches.

In addition to viewing the profiles and communicating with the matches you are sent, Elite Singles will also allow you to browse through other profiles in the "Have you Met?" section on their site. Here, you'll be able to find other members that shared many commonalities with you based on the personality test you took.


  • They offer a dating app to allow you to access all of the features on the site when you are out.
  • There is a subgroup devoted to senior dating.
  • The intelligent matching algorithm learns from your interactions with site and uses the information to improve the quality of your matches.


  • The personality test will take a while to complete, so be sure to leave yourself plenty of time to give truthful answers.

There are a lot of features you'll like when you sign up to give Zoosk a try. You will take a personality test and enter information about what you're looking for in a match when you join. Zoosk also uses behavioral matching technology which will learn from your actions on the site to help suggest more highly compatible matches for you.

With Zoosk, you can also boost your profile by purchasing Zoosk Coins. When you boost your profile, it will become more visible to other users in your area for a set amount of time. This will increase the chances that someone will see your information and decide to send you a message.


Unlike some other sites, Zoosk allows you to browse through profiles of other members in your area. You can search using different criteria, including a person's age, location, or who is online at the moment.

Zoosk also has a dating app that will let you communicate with others and view profiles of users from wherever you are. This can help you fit online dating in whenever you have a few spare moments.


  • If you purchase Zoosk Coins, you can boost your profile to make it more visible to others.
  • They offer a convenient dating app.
  • You can indicate if you're looking for other members of a particular age, religion, or ethnicity when you sign up.


  • The search options may be easier to use on some other sites.

Buying Guide

All dating sites are definitely not created equal. Some will definitely be a better option to consider if you are over 50. Before making your decision about which site to try, take some time to think about what you want to get out of the site you sign up with.

First, look for features that will make the site easy-to-use. Consider what you'll be able to include when you set up your profile, and how many photos you'll be able to upload.

You may also want to think about how thorough the personality test you'll take is. Will it provide enough information for the site to match you with other individuals who you'll actually be compatible with?

If you want to be able to browse through all the profiles on the site and message anyone you want, you should be sure to find a site that will allow this. Some sites only allow you to message the matches that are sent to you.

Finally, be sure to pick a dating site that has enough available singles in your area. You don't want to choose a site and pay for a subscription only to realize that there are not many other singles in your area.

Top Pick

Out of all five of the dating sites we reviewed, Silver Singles is our top pick for people over 50. As a dating site designed exclusively for people 50 and older, you won't need to worry about the age of the users you'll be matched with.

Silver Singles uses the Five-Factor Model of compatibility to ensure you are sent highly compatible matches. The answers from your 100 question personality test will be compared with those of other members on the site to send you high quality matches every day.

Silver Singles

You can message your daily matches as well as other members you discover in the "Have you Met?" section of the site. This gives you a little more freedom over choosing who you want to communicate with.

The Silver Singles dating app will also allow you to send messages or view profiles when you are out and about. This will help you fit online dating into your already busy schedule and help increase the chances that you'll connect with the right person.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Online Dating Safe?

If you take a few precautions, you should be able to stay safe when trying online dating. First, never agree to meet someone for the first time at their home or any other place where no one else will be around. Always schedule your first few dates at a public place.

You should also never send any financial information or other personal information to someone you meet online. If someone messages you and asks for you to send them money, it is very likely they are a scammer.

How Can I Be More Successful with Online Dating?

If you feel like you're in a bit of a rut with online dating, try some of the tips below:

  • Try initiating more conversations: Find other members on the site who are of interest to you, and send them messages. However, it is important not to just copy and paste the same message for everyone. Pick something that intrigued you from their profile and include it in your message. Also, be sure to ask a question about what you're writing to encourage the person to respond back.
  • Evaluate your profile and photos: If you don't have a strong online dating profile, it could be one of the reasons you aren't being successful. You will want to evaluate your writing and the images you selected to make sure they let visitors to your page learn about you. Include information about some of your favorite hobbies and what you are looking for in a match. Asking a close friend or family member to help you make sure you are highlighting some of your strongest features is also a good idea. Be sure to proofread what you write for spelling and grammar; you want what you post to be error-free.

How Expensive Is Online Dating?

Different dating sites have different monthly costs. There are some options that are free, and others that will cost over $50 a month. Typically, you'll pay more for better known sites that offer more features or users than free sites.

Final Verdict

We think you'll enjoy your experiences with Silver Singles. Why not sign up today to get started?


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