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If you are looking for marketing services to help you grow your business, you'll love all that GetResponse has to offer. From email marketing, to landing page creation, to autoresponder services, GetResponse can really help your business take off, increase your customers, and of, course, increase your profits.

GetResponse has been providing online marketing services for more than 15 years. They currently have over 350,000 customers spread out over 183 countries. Will you be their next customer? Read our review to find out if GetResponse will be the right fit for your company.

GetResponse Review

Email Marketing

When done correctly, email marketing can be an essential component of your business. It can help you gain new customers, retain customers, and increase your sales. GetResponse's email marketing software can help you accomplish these goals and more.

GetResponse Review

With their software, you'll be able to design attractive emails, newsletters, and blog digests to help you stay connected with your customers. Their software features a drag and drop editor which will make it easy to create professional looking templates. You'll be able to choose from hundreds of different templates and more than 5,000 images from Shutterstock to help you create the perfect look.

To make sure your emails reach your customers, GetResponse works with other companies such as Return Path, SpamHaus, and SpamAssassin. They have a 99% email delivery rate, so if you send it, your customers will receive it.

GetResponse Review

GetResponse will use your customer information to create personalized emails. Customers can be greeted with their name, and the emails can be tailored towards a specific product they have already purchased.

GetResponse will allow you to conduct split testing to compare the effectiveness of different email marketing campaigns. This will help you determine the best way to appeal to your customers.

GetResponse Review

The email marketing software from GetResponse can be integrated with the various apps and services you already use for your business. Some of the different apps and services you can integrate it with include PayPal, WooCommerce, Shopify, Facebook, WordPress, Stripe, and Instagram.

Marketing Automation and Autoresponders

In addition to the email marketing services offered by GetResponse, they can also provide marketing automation and autoresponder services for your business. These automated services can take care of many important aspects of running your business and staying in touch with your customers for you.

GetResponse Review

The automation services will allow your customers to receive emails or promotions automatically after completing a particular task. For example, if they make a purchase from your site, GetResponse can automatically send them a follow-up thank-you email. You can also schedule an email to be sent after a certain amount of time has passed to check on how they are enjoying their purchase.

You can also use the marketing automatic services to send emails if your customers have placed items in their shopping cart, but haven't checked out after a certain amount of time has passed. You can create specific flow charts that will dictate exactly which emails should be sent to your customers based on different actions they complete.

GetResponse Review

With GetResponse, you can assign tags to your customers based on what they purchase or how they respond to links in your newsletters. You can use these tags to send targeted emails that are more likely to be of interest to specific customers.

You can also score your subscribers by assigning points based on different behaviors or purchases made. You can use this information to determine the most valuable customers to your business or to offer reward programs. This information can also be analyzed to help you determine when a once valuable customer seems to be interacting and ordering less, so you can send them more targeted emails to regain their business and loyalty.

With the autoresponder services offered by GetResponse, you'll find it easy to stay in frequent contact with your customers. You can schedule different emails to be sent out at various times. Once you have your schedule created, you'll be able to sit back and let GetResponse take care of the rest.

You'll be able to send out an unlimited number of messages each day, control the time and cycle of the messages, and choose particular days of the week for emails to be sent.

Autofunnels and Landing Pages

When you are looking to increase leads and create new customers, the autofunnel and landing page services offered by GetResponse will be invaluable. With these services, you'll be able to drive more traffic to your website and convert more website visitors into paying customers.

GetResponse Review

GetResponse allows you to purchase advertising on Facebook or Instagram directly from their website. You'll be able to use their templates to create attractive and enticing ads to generate interest in the products or services you offer.

Then, once new contacts click on your ads, they'll be taken to one of your landing pages. The landing pages will be optimized to reach the specific audience you are targeting and will help you add these new visitors to your email list and/or encourage them to place an order.

GetResponse Review

There are three main autofunnels from GetResponse. Each one is designed to help you grow a different aspect of your business.

The sales funnels will help you increase your product sales, the lead funnels will help you add more customers to your email list and client base, and the webinar funnels will encourage customers to sign up for webinars offered by your business.

GetResponse Review

To help you create the right funnels for your business, GetResponse has created more than 30 different scenarios. The scenarios have been professionally designed and include high-quality images. You'll just need to customize information specific to your products and offers, and they'll be ready to use.

GetResponse will help you create custom landing pages to help convert more visitors to your site. All of the landing pages they offer are 100% responsive, so your customers will be able to view them properly whether they are on a mobile device or a desktop computer.

GetResponse Review

You can choose from a variety of templates aimed at different purposes, such as opt-in pages, sales pages, download pages, or promo pages. The templates allow you to choose from more than 5,000 images from Shutterstock to create the perfect look. There is also a built-in image editor that will allow you to modify the images to meet your specific needs.

GetResponse Review

The drag and drop editor will allow you to easily customize the look and layout of your pages. You will be able to move, modify, resize, or crop the different pieces on your page. You can also add the countdown timer to your landing pages to prompt customers to place an order before a special promotion expires.

To compare the effectiveness of two different landing page options, you can conduct split testing. This will allow you to see which of your designs led to more sign-ups or orders. Then, you'll be able to stick with the most effective option going forward.


The webinar services offered by GetResponse aim to help you increase engagement and convert more visitors to your site into paying customers. During the webinars you lead, you'll be able to interact with those taking your courses. You can post polls, share screens, integrate YouTube, or engage in chat conversations.

GetResponse Review

You will also be able to livestream the webinars you are leaving on Facebook or YouTube. This can help you increase the number of people you'll be able to reach.

With GetResponse, you'll be able to record the webinars you lead by simply clicking a button. The professional plan will allow you to record up to six hours. Then, you'll be able to share these recordings as needed with your customers.

Enterprise Solutions

GetResponse Review

If you run a large business, the managed marketing software from GetResponse Enterprise can help produce impressive results for your company. There are many different components you can choose from that are offered by GetResponse Enterprise. Some of these solutions include landing pages, autofunnels, email marketing, marketing automation, and webinars.

When you sign up with GetResponse Enterprise, you'll receive individual support from a member of the GetResponse Team. You'll also receive free onboarding and a dedicated infrastructure.


  • They offer a variety of services that can help your company with all aspects of online marketing.
  • Their services can help both large and small companies increase their customer base and revenue.
  • The templates and pages look professional and attractive.


  • If you want to take advantage of all the automation services, you'll need to sign up for one of the more expensive plans.

Final Verdict

If you are looking to improve your marketing, sign up with GetResponse. The services they provide will help you find new customers, increase your sales, and increase your profits. To read more about GetResponse's autoresponder services, check out our Top 5 Review of the Best Email Marketing Autoresponder Services here.


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