Elegant Themes Divi Builder Review

If you use WordPress to publish your websites and are looking for the best service to help you build your pages, consider giving Divi by Elegant Themes a try. Divi is a WordPress page builder and the most popular WordPress theme out there. Divi can help you create functional and attractive websites that will help you best serve your customers and increase your sales.

To learn more about Divi, read through our review below. We'll share the various features offered by Divi and how it can benefit your business to help you decide if it will be the right fit for your needs. You can also learn more about Divi by reading our review of the Top 5 Sales Funnel Builders.

Elegant Themes Divi Builder Review

Page Builder

There is a reason that Divi is the most popular theme available for WordPress. In fact, there are probably multiple reasons that this is the case. However, one of the key features of Divi that makes it so impressive is the page builder.

Divi's page builder gives you complete control over how your WordPress website will look. From customizing colors to adjusting spacing to adding different effects, there really is nothing you can't do with Divi.

Elegant Themes Divi Builder Review

The page builder utilizes drag and drop tools to make it easy for you to modify the layout and designs of your pages. If you want to add text, the inline text editing feature allows you to click anywhere on the page that you want your text to be displayed.

Divi offers numerous options when it comes to adding text to your pages. You can upload your own fonts or choose from the hundreds of options Divi offers. The editor will also allow you to customize the size of text, height, spacing, and weight of the font; you'll truly be able to achieve any look you want.

Elegant Themes Divi Builder Review

If you want to change the background color, parameters of an image, or add animations, you can choose from the various options offered by Divi. You can also add hover effects and control what will happen when a visitor hovers their mouse over certain areas of your page.

Divi also makes it easy to add and modify shape dividers. These dividers can help you segment a webpage, add style to the page, and more. You'll be able to control the height, styles, and colors of the numerous divider options.

With Divi, you'll also be able to add filters and effects to your pages. You can choose from options controlling brightness, saturation, opacity, contrast, and more. You'll see how much of a difference changing the filter can make on the overall look of a page.

If you want to add some motion on your page by adding a few animations, Divi will let you do that as well. There are some preset animation options to choose from, and you'll also be able to create your own animations. You will be able to control the animation type, direction, and speed.

Website Elements and Full Website Packs

To help you build pages that will meet your specific needs, Divi offers more than 40 website elements for you to choose from. These website elements include blogs, forms, call to actions, testimonials, sliders, and more.

Elegant Themes Divi Builder Review

Divi also offers you over 100 full website packs. These website packs include layouts for multiple pages on a site. Some of the pages may include landing pages, home pages, about pages, blog posts, contact pages, and more. Each week, new layouts get added, so you'll have even more options when you are designing your website.

Responsive Editing

Today, nearly everyone uses a smart phone or a mobile device to do their online shopping or visit websites. It is critical to ensure that the webpages you create are responsive and will be easy to read when viewed on a mobile device. The sites you'll create using Divi will automatically be responsive.

Elegant Themes Divi Builder Review

However, a key feature that sets Divi apart from its competitors is that you'll have the ability to view how your page will look on different devices. Then, you'll be able to make any tweaks or modifications you think are necessary to ensure visitors to your website enjoy a completely positive experience.

Efficient Editing Tools

Elegant Themes has also created tools that will make it easier and more efficient for you to make changes to your site. One of these tools is the multi-select tool.

Elegant Themes Divi Builder Review

If you press Cmd or Ctrl and click on various elements on your page, you'll be able to edit them together. You can move them around together, modify their style, or resize them.

If you've decided it is time for an overhaul of your site and want to make major modifications to the fonts you used or your color schemes, Divi makes this task simple too. You can use the find and replace features to change anything that is one color to a different color, or change all text in one font to another font.

Marketing Tools

In addition to making it easy for you to build attractive pages, Divi also offers a host of marketing tools to help your business grow and prosper. To help you sell the products you offer, you'll be able to integrate Divi with WooCommerce. You'll be able to create the perfect online store and start accepting payment from your customers for the products they purchase.

Elegant Themes Divi Builder Review

Divi also offers email opt-in provider support. If you are using any email marketing tools, Divi can connect with them and help you add leads to your mailing lists.

To help you add more contacts and leads, you will also be able to create contact forms. These forms can be customized to allow you to collect the specific types of information you want to from your customers. This will allow you to create tags and send targeted emails to those on your mailing lists.

Elegant Themes Divi Builder Review

To help you evaluate the effectiveness of different designs, content, or other features on your site, you can conduct split-testing with Divi. Divi allows you to test any aspects of your page that you want.

You'll just need to create two different versions of your page, then half of your visitors will be sent to one version, and the other half will be sent to the other version. After conducting your test, you'll be able to analyze the results and determine which of your design options performed best.


Elegant Themes Divi Builder Review

You'll be able to set permissions to allow other members of your team or your clients the ability to view or use different aspects of the builder. This will allow you to share results with clients or allow them to modify the text on a page without making any changes to the overall layout or design.

Other Key Features You'll Love

There are so many other features to love about Divi that is challenging to fit them all into one review. One feature you will definitely appreciate is that Divi backs up all of your designs, changes, and previous versions. You will be able to recover older versions of a file, easily undo or redo changes that were made, or view your editing history.

Elegant Themes Divi Builder Review

Divi also allows you to save your layouts or different design elements in their library. This way, you'll be able to reuse these designs for other pages you need to make.

Since there are so many setting options to choose from, Divi has made all of their settings searchable. Rather than staring blankly at your screen trying to find what you're looking for, you can search using a keyword. This will save you clicking through all the different tabs and options trying to find what you're looking for.

Elegant Themes Divi Builder Review

Divi also offers different forms of support to make sure you are able to get the most out of their page builder and tools. If you need assistance, you can reach out to someone from the Divi team using a live chat. You can reach them 24/7, so you'll be able to get the answers you need when you need them.

You will also find the Divi Help System beneficial. This tool is designed to help you understand the different features that Divi offers and learn how to get the most out of them. The Help System includes numerous full-length videos that will walk you through how to use all the Divi has to offer.


  • With Divi, you'll be able to customize every aspect of your WordPress pages.
  • Divi's editing tools allow you to edit multiple aspects of your page at the same time.
  • There are more than 100 full website packs that will contain all the pages you'll need to build a website.


  • Since there are so many options to choose from, you'll need to spend a lot of time learning how to use Divi to really get the most out of your subscription.

Final Verdict

Divi has a lot to offer your business. You'll be able to create attractive pages that will help you convert visitors to your website. Plus, Divi makes it easy for you to take advantage of these features without needing to having any background in coding or design.

Anyone can use Divi to create highly effective webpages for their business. Will you be the next one to learn how much of an impact it can have on your business? Visit their website today to give Divi a try!


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