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Are you looking to increase your online revenue? Do you feel like potential customers are slipping through the cracks and there is nothing you can do about it? If so, it sounds like you are in need of an email marketing autoresponder service.

An email marketing autoresponder service will help you communicate with your customers based on their actions, such as purchasing one of your products or looking at different items on your website. To help you find the best email marketing autoresponder service for your needs, we have reviewed five of the top options. Read through our reviews, then you should be able to find the perfect match for you.

Top 5: Email Marketing Autoresponder Services Review

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Autoresponding is one of the many features that will be provided when you sign up with GetResponse. Some of the other solutions they offer include marketing automation, landing pages, and autofunnels.

GetResponse's autoresponder features are designed to help you schedule appropriately-timed and effective customer communications to help move your business forward. With GetResponse, you'll be able to send an unlimited number of messages each day, based on your needs and customer base.

Their system makes it easy for you to create your customized email templates. They offer drag-and-drop options for formatting your messages and personalizing them to match the products or services you offer.


You can use GetResponse to set up automatic email correspondence with your customers based on their actions. For example, if someone makes a purchase on your website, you can set up a follow-up email for a few days later or a second email for a few weeks later asking them to visit your website to review the product they purchased.

GetResponse offers a variety of templates that will match the services or products you offer. Whether you are looking to send offers, promotions, tips, or to encourage orders, you'll be able to do so with GetResponse.

They offer four different plan options. Each plan includes some autoresponse features, as well as features from the other services they provide.

With the Basic plan, you'll be able to send out automatic emails for welcoming new customers, thanking customers for orders, to say happy birthday, and more. As you work your way up to the most Professional plan, you'll add features such as sending emails when a customer leaves items in their cart. You'll also be able to track the effectiveness of your emails towards generating orders and new customers.


  • You can send an unlimited number of emails each day.
  • You can create customized emails to send to customers based on their actions.
  • The drag and drop features will make creating your emails simple.


  • To enjoy all the autoresponse features, you'll need to subscribe to the Professional plan.

AWeber can help you increase your sales and attract new customers. They offer a variety of features that are both easy to use and effective.

With AWeber, you will be able to create email newsletters to send to your customer base. They offer more than 700 email templates, so you'll be sure to find something that matches your content. The drag and drop editor will allow you to create and customize your emails with ease.

All the email templates offered by AWeber have been optimized for viewing on mobile devices. This means you won't need to worry about losing a potential customer due to a non-mobile friendly email.


AWeber also offers email automation sequences. You can set up these sequences to keep your customer base apprised about what is going on in your business and avoid letting your customers forget about you.

You will be able to set up different tags with AWeber too. These tags will automatically cause different emails to be sent out, based on the templates you have developed. For example, emails can automatically be sent out to follow up with your customers after they have placed an order through your website.

AWeber allows you to use split testing. This means that you can experiment with different variables to see what is the most effective and will lead to the best results for your business. For example, you can compare different email subjects, email content, and even the time of day an email is delivered.


AWeber allows you to track how effective the emails you send out are. You will be able to view how many of your emails were opened by your customers and how many led to a new sale.


  • The emails have been optimized for viewing on mobile devices.
  • There are more than 700 email templates to choose from.
  • You can use split testing to test the effectiveness of different variables.


  • If customers unsubscribe from your email list, they will still count towards the total number of emails you are allowed to send.
Market Hero

Market Hero is designed to be able to integrate with many different platforms and apps. This will allow you to reach your customers in different ways than with other apps.

Market Hero is the first autoresponder that is able to work with Facebook Messenger. Since Messenger is a top-rated app, this will give you access to more customers. Additionally, Messenger has been shown to be a very effective way to reach customers; 80% of the links sent through messenger are clicked on.

Market Hero can also be integrated with Shopify. When you use Market Hero with Shopify, you'll be able to keep track of your sales and monitor the number of abandoned carts or the effectiveness of upsells attempts.

Market Hero

When you use Market Hero, you'll be able to set up your automations easily using their stream builder. You'll also be able to view statistics related to the effectiveness of the emails you sent. For example, you'll be able to view how many customers opened your emails, click on links in them, or ultimately made a purchase.

Market Hero offers a lot of other features you'll enjoy using as well. Some of these features include drag and drop automations, an easy to use email builder, and sales metrics.


  • It is the first autoresponder that can be used with Facebook Messenger.
  • Market Hero can also be integrated with Shopify.
  • The stream builder can allow you to set up your automations and use the drag and drop features to build your emails.


  • It is pretty expensive for what is offered.

ConvertKit is designed to help you increase your email list, thus increasing your customer base and the number of orders that are placed each month. ConvertKit allows you to integrate the to the different platforms you use. A few of these include Shopify, WordPress, Leadpages, and WOO Commerce.

ConvertKit will help you target your marketing to match the individual needs and interests of your customers. You can set up different tags based on the purchases made by your customers or their specific interested. Then, emails relating to those topics can be sent to the individuals they apply to.


If you switch to ConvertKit from another autoresponder, they will take care of migrating your customer lists, sequences, and forms for you. They also host different trainings and workshops to keep you up to date and allow you to take advantage of all the features they offer.

Setting up your email marketing templates is easy with ConvertKit. You can create different funnels and choose from various templates to tailor each email to the specific needs of your customers.


  • ConvertKit will migrate your customer list for you when you switch from another provider.
  • It can be integrated with a wide variety of online platforms.
  • You can set up different tags to ensure the right emails are sent to each customer based on their previous purchases and interests.


  • You won't be able to conduct as much split testing to monitor the effectiveness of different email formats or subject lines.
Active Campaign

Active Campaign offers a variety of tools designed to help you increase your sales and move your business to the next level. In addition to email marketing and automation, some of the other tools they offer include CRM (customer relationship management) and on-site messaging.

With Active Campaign, you'll be able to send newsletters to your customers based on their interests. These more personalized emails can lead to more interested in your products and more orders that get placed.

Active Campaign will also allow you to set up different email series to respond to your customers based on their actions. If a customer starts browsing through your website and adds some items in their cart, the system can automatically send them an email reminding them if they haven't placed their order within a given amount of time.

Active Campaign

You will also be able to identify which of your contacts are most engaged in your site and open the most links from the emails you send. This can allow you to pass on their information to your sales team or send more specific emails soliciting orders.

Active Campaign offers a free trial. This will allow you to test out all the features and benefits they offer and see if their service is right for you and your business.


  • You can create different email series to send customized content based on the interests of your customers.
  • You can track which of your contacts are most engaged with the content you send.
  • They offer a free trial.


  • The email editor is not always as easy to use as what other companies offer.

Buying Guide

Signing up for an autoresponder can help you stay connected with your customers and send them personalized emails based on their actions. This can lead to more sales and better customer retention.

Since there are many providers that offer an autoresponder, it is important to do your homework and compare your options before signing up with a company. Take some time to look at the features and options provided by each provider and consider what you are looking for in the service you sign up for before making your decision.

First, look for an option that will make it quick and easy to develop attractive emails to send to your customers. Selecting a provider that allows you to use drag and drop features to easily create your emails will help save you a lot of time. Also, be sure to look for an option that offers a wide variety of template designs that will allow you to customize your emails to be attractive and eye-catching.

You will also want to look for a company that will make it easy for you to customize which emails are sent to your customers and when they are sent. This will allow you to tailor your marketing based on the products your customers purchase and what they express interest in.

It will also be important to make sure that the emails sent from the option you select will be optimized for viewing on both desktops and mobile devices. Many people primarily use their cellphones, and it could be a big put-off to a customer if your email is hard to read on their device.

Finally, consider finding an option that will allow you track the effectiveness of the emails you send. Some companies offer great tracking tools which will allow you to see which emails led to orders and which did not.

Top Pick

Our favorite Autoresponding service is GetResponse. With GetResponse, you'll find that it is easy to manage and create the emails you want to send to your customers. You'll also be able to send an unlimited number of emails each day, so you won't need to worry about reaching a specific limit.

GetResponse has a variety of customized email templates for you to choose from. Creating your emails to send to your customers will also be easy using the drag and drop features they offer.


Since GetResponse has four different plan options, you'll be able to find the plan, and price-point, to meet your specific business needs. If you upgrade to the Professional plan, you'll also be able to track how effective the emails you sent were in creating new customers or generating new orders.

We think you'll find that GetResponse will help move your business to the next level. Sign up for this great service today.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Email Marketing Autoresponders?

An email marketing autoresponder is a program for your business that will automatic send emails to your customers. You can use it to send customized emails based on what your customers do. For example, if someone purchases a product on your website, it could send out a thank-you email with a list of some other products that the customer may want to add to their next order. If someone is browsing through your items and adds some items to their cart but never places the order, the autoresponder could send them an email in a few days to remind them that their cart still has items waiting to be purchased.

What You Should You Write for an Autoresponder Email?

You will want to think about the messages you want to send your customers. Be sure to remain positive and professional in your emails. Thank your customers for their continued support and then gently offer the suggestions related to what you would like them to do (place an order, view your new products online, etc.)

How Many Welcome Emails Should You Send Before Asking Customers for Sales?

It is important to work to establish a connection and relationship with your customers before jumping right in and asking them to make a purchase. This can come off as overly pushy, and it may cause to you lose out on potential customers. Typically, it is recommended that you try to send between four and six welcome emails before you start asking for sales.


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