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As my friends can attest, I’m one of the biggest Angry Birds Champions fans. The game is so addictive that it's one my phone, on my laptop and on my work computer. But since my skills have improved from playing all day, I was looking to get into a competition.

I tried to play against a few of my friends but they weren’t as interested as me. Since I wanted to place a prize for every victory in a tournament against my friends and they were against it, I needed a place to play.


I went online and found WorldWinner website. It only includes skill-based games and as a result, it is legal both in the US and Canada. Since I wanted prizes, the fact they’ve already paid over 1 million in prizes made be open an account.

Wordlwinner Features

  • Includes classic skill-based games such as Angry Birds and Luxor.
  • Users play against other players from around the world.
  • Games begin after a deposit.
  • The games are based on a tournament system.

Facing Players of Similar Skill Level

One of the biggest reasons which motivated me to open an account on the website was playing against other players. I didn’t want to be stuck in an endless loop playing against AI-optimized computers.


Every player has to pay a small fee to enter a game’s tournament on the website. It then means that the player who’s actually the best is going to win.

A system has been put in place here which I find interesting. The website pairs users of similar skill levels in these tournaments. As a result, your chances of winning are higher.

However, it doesn’t mean you’re going to win every time. From just a few players to tens of opponents, they’re plenty of them to outrun. I only win on occasion in tournaments where there are more than 3 players. Up to 5 players can enter a tournament.

Angry Birds Champions

One of my favorite all-time games is Angry Birds Champions. On occasion, I also play other games such as Luxor or Tetris. But I like to constantly play with the jumping birds to improve my skill every day.

Since there are a few different levels, you don’t get bored easily. Since other players join the tournament, you’re always looking for new ways to improve. There are 2 ways to play the game either on a desktop computer or on your smartphone.


Best of 3 is one of my favorite approaches to the game. Users are required to play the same level 3 times. The total score you get for these 3 levels is then compared to the total score of your opponents. The player with the highest score wins the tournament.

It is a type of game that allows me to make up for mistakes. One thing I can say is that the first try is never something to judge your performance by. In 3 tries, every player makes mistakes at some point.

Progression Mode has a different approach. Here, you play 3 different Angry Birds Champions games. Every level’s score is totaled and compared. Players with the highest score win the game. I find this tournament mode is made for those with advanced skills. You don’t have time to get used to one level and you really need to know your game.

From my experience, most players join Angry Birds Champions on the platform. The fun game has popularity across the country. I’m unsure about the number of tournaments the game has but it seems every player is progressing fast as I see some of them as my skills improve in upper-tier tournaments.



One of the biggest classics is Tetris. This fun game can be played anywhere. Since fine controls are not as important as with Angry Birds, I like to play this game on my way to work.

The main idea is the same as with the previous game. The player with the highest score wins the game. But you will need to have more strategic abilities here. You need to be able to see one or 2 moves in advance.

Wheel of Fortune

For me, Wheel of Fortune remains a game associated with TV shows from 2 decades ago. However, I still play this fun game on the website from time to time.

I find it similar to scrabble and the better you are with words, the more chances of winning you have. However, even when paired with players of my skill level, I rarely win.


This has led me to believe that I’m not as good at this game as with Angry Birds. As a result, I only place small amounts of money on this game.

Scrabble Cubes

Scrabble has been a great classic for years. In its Cubes version, you have to deal with real cubes to find words and phrases. From my experience, this is the game that takes the most time, together with Solitaire.

I find myself thinking and searching for words minutes at a time when playing it. This is not the case with Angry Birds where I simply play along as soon as the game starts.

Withdrawing Money

Your winnings can be dealt with in 2 ways. You can turn your winnings into credits and play more. But you can also withdraw your money after you win.


It normally takes up to 7 days to see the money in your bank account. This doesn’t include weekends when the banks might not process the transfer.

I withdraw money every month as I only play small amounts. Most of my winnings go back into the tournaments. But I’ve read in the community section of the website that many join to earn. Some players manage to earn proper money, but the competition at that level is very high as well.


  • Includes classic games.
  • Supports browser-based and app-based play.
  • Users play against real-world opponents.


  • It takes more than a week to make a withdrawal.

Final Verdict

The website offers the opportunity to play against other players for real money. I find its concept interesting. Even if there are similar websites out there, it has one of the games I’m most interested in.

To enter a competition, you need to pay a $5, $10, or $20 deposit. Payments are accepted with VISA and MasterCard. You can also send and receive money with your PayPal account.

It may be difficult to win big amounts or to lose big amounts on a single game. Most tournaments only offer winnings of a few dollars. But I think it’s a fair system which keeps me away from an Angry Birds addiction.

If you want to test the website yourself, you can create an account and start playing. When I signed up, there was a free credit offer for new customers. I used this free credit to get started in my first tournament.

You also need to know you can’t withdraw any money offered as a bonus for new customers. You can only play with it, which I think it’s fair. You have your time to win the money back if you lose it within the first 3-4 tournaments you participate in.


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