Fanduel Review

Since 2009, FanDuel has been providing a platform where sports fans can become more involved in their favorite sports. With FanDuel, you are able to create daily fantasy teams for all of your favorite sports and complete against friends or other players. If your fantasy team performs well enough, you can wish cash or other prizes.

If you're curious to learn more about FanDuel and how it works to help you decide if you want to give it a try, read through our review below. We'll cover all the basics you want to know to help you decide if it is right for you.

Fanduel Review

How FanDuel Works

FanDuel offers lots of different contests and games you can play. To get started, you first need to decide which contest you'd like to participate in. Then, you just need to build your team by selecting some of your favorite players.

How Fanduel Works

Once your team is built and submitted, all your work is done. You'll be able to keep track of how your team is performing in real-time as the day's games are taking places. Once all the games are done for the day, you'll be able to see how your team did overall and whether you won any prizes.



With FanDuel, you'll be able to create a fantasy team and participate in tournaments for all of your favorite sports. FanDuel has partnered with the NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, WNBA, soccer organizations, and gold organizations. You can have fun creating teams with all your favorite players for the sports you're most interested and invested in.

Different Ways to Play

If you're looking for exciting contests and games, FanDuel won't disappoint. You'll be able to choose to participate in exciting tournaments, head-to-head competitions, and 50/50 contests. The also offer special contests where you can try to double the money you've won or win a competition to be advanced into another contest automatically.

 Different Ways to Play

With FanDuel, you can also create a private league comprised of your friends. This is called Friends Mode and will allow you and your friends to compete with one another for a game or a whole season of play. When you use Friends Mode, you'll be able send message to the others on your league and keep each other more engaged in the game or take a moment to brag when your team does well.

If you're new to FanDuel, you can get started in the Beginners Only contests. These contests are exclusively for beginners, so you won't be competing against anyone with more experience than you have.

Responsible Play Features

FanDuel realized that some players have a challenging time playing responsibly and may need assistance to ensure they don't devote too much time or money to the various contests that are available. They have developed a number of responsible play features that are designed to help the users make sure they are being healthy and responsible in the ways they use FanDuel.

Responsible Play Features

One of these features is setting user limits. These are limits you impose on yourself to help you stick to your goals or budgets. You can set limits on the number of deposits you can make into your account, how many contests you can enter, or the maximum amount you want to allow yourself to pay to enter a contest.

If you decide you have been spending too much time or money on FanDuel, you can put yourself in timeout. When you set your timeout, you'll indicate how long you want to stay away from FanDuel for, and FanDuel will hold you to what you indicate. You won't be able to login to your account until the timeout you initiated has ended.

Qualified third parties can also make a request to limit the play of a FanDuel player if they have concerns. If you disagree with the content of the request made, you will be able to challenge it within five days of being notified.

Other Features You'll Love

When you are selecting your opponents for the different contests offered by FanDuel, you can look for the badge they have been awarded to help you decide if you want to enter into a competition with them. FanDuel has created badges to let you know if a particular opponent is 'Experienced' or 'Highly Experienced.' This can help you make sure you're competing with individuals who share a similar level of experience.

Other Features You'll Love

FanDuel has created training camps that are designed to help you build the best roster for your team. You can find a training camp for all of the sports offered by FanDuel. Reading through these guides can help you make sure the team you create is well-balanced and will help you do well in the contests you enter.

You can download the FanDuel app for Apple or Android devices. The app will allow you to create your teams, view your points, and claim any prizes you may have won. With the app, you'll be able to keep tabs on how your team is performing whether you're at home, watching the game at a buddy's house, or attending a live sporting event.

Sports Betting

Sports Betting

If you live in New Jersey, West Virginia, or Pennsylvania, you can also participate in sports betting with FanDuel. At this time, those are the only three states where sports betting with FanDuel is legal. However, even if you don't live in one of those three states, if you travel to them for another purpose, you can participate in sports betting while you're there.


  • They offer many different types of contests and tournaments for you to participate in.
  • The teams you create will only last for one day, so you won't need to worry about injuries taking out any of your players for the whole season.
  • FanDuel has created many safeguards to help you make sure you are engaging in responsible play.


  • You can only participate in sports betting if you live in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, or West Virginia.

Final Verdict

If you're interested in Fantasy Sports, FanDuel is the site for you. With FanDuel, you'll be able to create your ideal team as you compete head-to-head with friends or other users on the site. Get started creating your ideal roster for the next big game day on FanDuel!


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