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Have you been looking for a great way to bring your family together and share some wholesome, down-to-earth good times? Maybe you've been wanting to tear your kids' face away from their computer, iPhone or video game screen every once in a while?

In the modern digital world, where access to on-demand television, movies, media personalities, and video games, it can be a little hard to find engaging ways to spend quality, personal time with your friends and loved ones.

However, there are plenty of magnificent options available that help families just like your own spend that much-needed quality time with one another.

Classic arcade-style games like air hockey, skee ball and ping pong are just some examples of simple, yet highly-entertaining activities that you and your family can enjoy right in the comfort of your own home. Today, we'll be covering one of these type of games, and reviewing the Top 5 Best Shuffleboard Tables.

Top 5: Shuffleboard Tables Review

MD Sports 8' Poly-Coated Surface Home Gameroom Shuffleboard Table with Pucks

MD Sports adds yet another addition to its long list of in-home gaming tables with the 8', Poly-Coated Surface Home Game-room Shuffleboard Table. This table is designed with one purpose: bringing you and your family the most thrilling, fun-filled shuffleboard experience possible!

This table has very modest dimensions, being only 8 ft. long, 2.5 ft. tall, and 2 ft. wide. It will easily fit into any room in the house, and leaves you plenty of room to play and move around.

MD Sports 8' Poly-Coated Surface Home Gameroom Shuffleboard Table with Pucks

All playing accessories are included, and a highlight of this table comes from it's specifically-designed playing surface. Made with 15 mm MDF plywood, the gaming surface is poly-coated to ensure fast-paced, back-and-forth action that will keep you on your toes!

In addition to the top-notch playing surface, the playing board is housed by a finely-crafted black cabinet, set on three fortified, adjustable legs. You won't have to be concerned about a rocky, shaky table-board with this shufflecoard table.

The pucks and game accessories are all included, and professional assembly is available upon request. If you find any defect with the table, MD Sports provides a 90-day, Manufacturer's Warranty with this premium gaming table.


  • All Accessories Included.
  • Space-saving dimensions.
  • Designed for fast-paced action that is exciting.
  • Attractive Design.
  • 90-Day Manufacturer's Warranty.
  • Can be assembled by professionals if customer desires.


  • Poly-coating potential chemical hazard.
Playcraft Woodbridge 9' Espresso Shuffleboard Table

Playcraft presents their Woodbridge Shuffleboard Table for the enjoyment of your family and loved ones. They have four sizes, ranging from 9 to 16 ft. However, we are going to cover the 9 ft. table, as it is the most practical for home settings.

This table set on solid plywood structure with two sets of reinforced pedestal legs. Each set of legs comes with metal levers and a sliding-door cabinet. Walls and gutters are stylishly carpeted, giving this table an elegant, sophisticated appeal.

Playcraft Woodbridge 9' Espresso Shuffleboard Table

The playboard is a single, 1.73"-thick, hardwood butcher-block that is coated with several layers of polyurethane. This coating gives a smooth, sleek finish that allows for fast, action-packed play for all your loved ones to enjoy.

In addition to the structural features, Playcraft includes 8 playing pucks that are a little over 2 inches each. Accompanying them are speed bead wax, and an instruction manual that teaches you how to play.

This well-designed table comes with an impressive 1-year warranty, and if you choose to add a little extra flair to your gaming experience, there are optional accessories such as hardwood bowling pins with special Deluxe Pin Setter.


  • Thick playfield.
  • Sophisticated visual features.
  • Ploy-coated for non-stop, on-your-feet action.
  • Optional Accessories.
  • 8 large playing pucks.
  • 1-Year Warranty.
  • Professional assembly upon request.
  • Nice, space-friendly fit into any basement or rec room.


  • Very heavy.
  • Possible chemical hazard with polyurethane finish.
Barrington 9 ft. Allendale Collection Shuffleboard Table

Barrington is well-known for providing premium-level design and quality when it comes to classic, in-home arcade games. As such, The Urban Collection, 9 ft. Shuffleboard Table delivers a one-of-a-kind gaming experience that you and your family will love.

Barrington's cabinet design lies up to the high standards that have become synonymous with Barrington games. The furniture-style wood not only creates a sturdy, durable base for housing the playfield, but gives it an aesthetic that fits nicely into any home.

The playboard itself is UV coated, providing a scratch-resistant and smooth finish that allows you and your family rev up the action any time you want. 

Barrington 9 ft. Allendale Collection Shuffleboard Table
Barrington 9 ft. Allendale Collection Shuffleboard Table

In addition, the faux concrete legs and adjustable mainframe bracket ensures a level playing experience.

All necessary playing pieces are included, which features:

  • Two score-keeping abacuses.
  • 8 pucks.
  • Shuffleboard powder.

This Barrington gaming table is also backed by Barrington's 90-day manufacturer's warranty.


  • Furniture-style design to fit nicely into your home environment.
  • UV-coated finish for smooth play and scratch resistance.
  • Adjustable bracket to keep playfield level.
  • All playing accessories included.
  • 90-Day Warranty.
  • Good size fit for home environment.
  • Comes with professional assembly upon request.


  • Heavy.
Fairview Game Rooms 12' Shuffleboard Table, in Chestnut Finish

Fairview Game Rooms presents a classic, 12 ft. Shuffleboard Table that provides style as well as high-quality, fast-paced fun that your family is sure to love. This table comes with the option chestnut or mahogany wood color.

The table cabinet is clad with maple veneer. multicore construction with a polyurethane finish for a smooth look that also ensures that your table is resilient and long-lasting. The playfield is also finished with a special polymer to give is a shiny look and to give your family a high-paced playing experience!

Fairview Game Rooms 12' Shuffleboard Table, in Chestnut Finish

The table sits atop three sets of sturdy legs with special features that add to your family's gaming fun. In addition to the metal stabilizers that keep the playing board level, the legs include adjustable levels to maintain level play. One leg contains a special storage cabinet where you can house your pucks and playing accessories.

Included with the 8 pucks, Fairview includes wax for your convenience. One of the great perks of buying a Fairview shuffleboard table is their free shipping, which they provide for both the table and any extra accessories you desire.


  • Free Shipping.
  • Multicore Construction that creates a fortified, durable table.
  • Polymer coating to ensure long-lasting lifespan and stylish look.
  • Adjustable features to ensure level play.
  • Extra Wax.
  • Option for professional assembly upon customer request.


  • Very limited return policy.
  • May be too big.
Hathaway Ricochet Shuffleboard Table, Cherry Finish, 7-Feet

Hathaway brings you yet another classic rendition of an arcade original with the Ricochet Shuffleboard Table. At a compact 7 ft., this table can fit comfortably in any public are of your home!

Though small, this gaming table is tough, durable, and built to last! The cabinet is designed with engineered wood and finished with a cherry, PVC laminate. The 1.5", maple playing board is coated in a polymer that provides a shiny look, scratch resistance, and a high-paced playing experience that your family is sure to love.

Hathaway Ricochet Shuffleboard Table, Cherry Finish, 7-Feet

Hathaway includes a few, distinct features that add a little something extra for you and your loved ones' enjoyment. Cup holders nicely and safely house your favorite drinks while you take care of business on the shuffleboard table.

Hathaway's unique rebound play-style allows you to take a new spin on shuffleboard that is still true to the classic gaming experience. All accessories are included with this board, including 8 playing pucks, shuffleboard powder and a wooden brush. If your table arrives with a defect or missing parts, you are covered by hathaway's 180-day manufacturer's warranty.


  • Compact design that saves a ton of space.
  • Rebound game style that gives the full shuffleboard experience on a table that's half the normal size.
  • Engineered wood and laminate for long life.
  • Built-in cupholders.
  • Fast-paced gaming experience.
  • Professional assembly available.
  • 180-Day Manufacturer's Warranty.


  • The rebound-style play is not traditional.

Buying Guide

Shuffleboard tables are an essential when it comes to classic table games. However, it is wise to consider some of the variables that go in to acquiring, assembling and using a shuffleboard table.

Consideration 1: Size

To start, shuffleboard tables are rather large and heavy pieces of merchandise. One of the reasons these tables were chosen is due to their size; many of them were under 10 ft. At this size, most tables can fit into a home setting without taking up massive space.

However, with larger tables, the space they take up becomes quite a bit more substantial. Moreover, their shipping and product weight increases. A prime example is the Fairview table, which is 12 ft. long. At this size, it is over 400 lbs in shipping weight, which is significantly heavier than the other 4 tables.

Considering the above, when choosing a table, you want to consider how much space you have for one. If you have only a little amount of space, the Hathaway table could be a very exciting option. But if you have a large, dedicated rec room, then a larger table might be for you.

Consideration 2: Assembly

As with other in-home table games, shuffleboard tables require assembly. While it is possible to assemble these tables yourself, professional assembly can be a much more convenient option if you so desire.

These tables are made with very sturdy and heavy-duty materials, presenting a number of obstacles for the average person if they try to assemble it themselves. With professional assembly, you won't have to worry about messing up this part of the process. However, this professional assembly is not free, and often exceeds $200 for the service.

Consideration 3: "Potential" Chemical Warning

As you read, these tables are often coated with polymers that increase aesthetic appeal and provide protection from elemental wear-and-tear. These polymers are potentially hazardous in certain situations, but they present very little risk as they are used for these shuffleboards.

Consideration 4: Accessories and Gaming Options

Shuffleboard tables are often used for shuffleboard bowling as well. These kits don't come standard with these tables, but can be acquired separately wherever you find shuffleboard accessories.

Many individuals like to set up shuffleboards outside. The tables listed here have polymer coatings that can help withstand the rigors of outside elements. However, in most cases, individuals should keep their tables indoors. Outdoor shuffleboard is a real game, but is played on a court rather than a table.

Also, as you see with a table like Hathaway's, shuffleboard can be stylized to play in a different way. In order to make up for its compact size, The Ricochet uses a rebound style that allows to make up for it. It's still shuffleboard, just a different take on it that utilizes creativity and ingenuity.

Final Verdict

These top 5 tables are all well-crafted and well-designed, each holding a high standard of quality in their shuffleboard construction. The choice will come down to what you want. If you want a large table and have the extra money to spare, a table like the Barrington 12 ft. table.

However, if you want to save space and enjoy a new take on the classic shuffleboard experience, then Hathaway's Ricochet is just what you want. If you want to save on space, but still get the classic experience, then consider the Fairview, MD Sports, and Playcraft tables.

Either way, any of these tables is sure to provide wholesome, quality fun that you and your family can enjoy anytime you want!


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