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Have you ever been frustrated with needing to buy video games online directly from their manufacturers? There's nothing wrong with that purchase method if you know exactly what you want to play. But if you're a fan of browsing the aisles in a brick-and-mortar game store looking for whatever catches your attention, finding video games online can be tough.

Eneba is an online video game store that makes it much easier to browse, find, and purchase games. Like a brick-and-mortar retailer, the store stocks games developed by multiple different companies, manufactured by different systems, and compatible with different gaming devices.


The store's setup makes it easy to browse games by genre, gaming device, popularity, and price. You can also purchase gift cards for multiple different gaming companies.

Eneba Features

  • Games and bundles from multiple different developers are sold for a variety of platforms.
  • DLCs are also available for purchased games.
  • Gift cards and memberships for certain companies can be purchased through Eneba.
  • All products are digitally downloaded, so you get instant access to an activation key that will let you access the purchase.
  • With an account, all your keys can be saved in one area accessible through your social media accounts.
  • Upcoming releases are available to preorder, so you get instant key activation on the release date.
  • Payment can be completed through Paypal, debit, and credit cards.

Gaming Platforms Included At Eneba.com

Eneba stocks thousands of different games from nearly every popular platform on the market. The website allows you to browse games by platform, so if you're specifically looking for Xbox or Steam games, you don't have to waste time trying to figure out what's compatible with your device.


The main platforms you can browse include:

  • Steam
  • Origin
  • Xbox
  • Uplay
  • Epic
  • Battlenet
  • Gog

There's also a category for other games, which is where you'll find things like PC games that don't run through a specific client.

DLCs can be browsed separately from other platforms. DLCs, or downloadable content packages, are extra materials that can supplement an existing game purchase. They may add new levels, characters, game mechanics, or storylines. If you're looking for DLCs for a game you already own, you'll want to browse the DLC section instead of the game platform's section.

Sorting by Genre

Part of what makes Eneba's online store so pleasant to browse is the way it's geared toward discovery. One aspect of brick-and-mortar shopping that you don't often find online is the simple pleasure of finding cool new things available. By grouping different genres and collections together, Eneba lets you discover games that suit your interests.


You can choose from any of these genres:

  • Action games that offer high-intensity gameplay and focus.
  • Adventure games that let you explore different high-stakes endeavors.
  • Fighting games that require a strong understanding of controls.
  • First person shooter games that require high-intensity precision.
  • Indie games from smaller developers.
  • MMO games played by connecting with other people through online servers.
  • Platform games involving jumping and climbing around two-dimensional platform settings.
  • Racing games that put you behind the wheel of a car.
  • Role playing games completely based in storytelling and character choices.
  • Simulation games that let you build in-game structures to mimic real life.
  • Sports games where you control an individual player or team.
  • Strategy games requiring complex thought and brain engagement.

Hype for Upcoming Games

One of the most prominent sections on the Eneba homepage is the upcoming games section. This is a great place to see what's coming soon and get the info on all the hype. Games are available to preorder several days or weeks before their actual release date. You can pay for it now and get the key instantly when the game comes out.


Upcoming games are also often sold at a discount, so if you preorder, you'll get a better price than if you waited until release day. You can also gauge a game's potential popularity based on how fast the preordered copies sell out. If a game is really popular, you'll want to either preorder it or buy it immediately after release to make sure you have access to a copy.

Browsing Collections

Eneba has a number of different collections that you can browse as well. These collections are made up of games across all genres and platforms that have some unifying theme.


Some available collections include:

  • "Hardcore" games.
  • Games with horror elements.
  • Battle royale games.
  • All Fortnite merchandise.
  • Affordable Steam games.
  • Consistently popular games.

If any of these themes interest you, you'll enjoy looking at the different options.

Gift Cards

Gift cards for many different platforms and developers are available through the Eneba website. You'll choose a gift card with a pre-loaded amount and receive a code for the company. When you input that code into the company's website or store, you'll get store credit.


In addition to being an instant means to send your loved ones gifts, the gift cards may benefit international individuals. Eneba allows you to buy gift cards for American stores with international currency. It can sometimes be an easier way to get store credit than trying to do complicated conversions at checkout.

Gift cards are available for the following companies:

  • Blizzard
  • Google Play
  • Game Time
  • Playstation
  • Nintendo Switch
  • Xbox Live
  • Steam
  • Eneba Itself

Platform Memberships

Eneba sells memberships for a few different gaming platforms.

You can purchase Xbox Live Gold memberships through the site in time periods lasting one, three, six, or twelve months.


Playstation memberships can be purchased with a Playstation Plus card lasting either 90 or 365 days.

Nintendo Switch online memberships can be purchased for periods of three or twelve months.

Website Registration

Unlike many online stores, Eneba doesn't require you to register an account to make a purchase. If you only intend to buy one product, you can make the purchase, receive the key, and be finished. However, registering an account makes it easy to log in to the store through social apps and access all your keys at once.


Registration is easy, since all you need to provide is an email and password. You'll be sent a verification email with a link. Clicking the link verifies the account and lets you begin saving your keys. You'll also have the option to opt in to Eneba's newsletter, which offers information regarding current discounts and upcoming sales.

How Purchases Work

The website is navigated similarly to other ecommerce sites. You'll browse games by category or use the search tool if there's something specific that you're looking for. When you find the bundle or singular game that you want, you'll add it to your cart.


You should always double-check the product page prior to purchase to make sure that the game runs on your platform of choice, meets your system requirements, and isn't restricted by your location.

If you're only getting one game, the 'Buy Now' button can take you immediately to the checkout. Discount codes found in the newsletter can be entered at this point. Once you've confirmed the order, you'll enter your payment information. There are several options to pay.

You'll be given immediate access to your game key, which will also be sent in a confirmation email. The store provides guides on activating games for different platforms if you aren't sure how.


  • It functions like a brick-and-mortar games retailer with multi-platform games, gift cards, and memberships from many different developers.
  • The interface is easy to navigate and allows you to browse games by a variety of different criteria.
  • You get instant access to your purchase's activation key, so you don't have to wait days for a hard game copy to arrive in the mail.


  • Popular titles often sell out quickly, and it may take some time for them to be restocked.

Final Verdict

Eneba is a convenient online retailer stocking thousands of different games. Based in Lithuania, the company accepts international currency and helps international consumers access different products. When you're looking for an online shopping experience that's similar to what you get in brick-and-mortar stores, Eneba is the first place to turn.

Since all the games are digitally downloaded, you don't have to wait for a hard copy to arrive in the mail. You're given the activation key immediately after purchase. That instant gratification goes a long way. To find engaging games for the platforms you love, check out the Eneba website and all the different product categories.


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