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Video editing software is extremely important for crafting videos for platforms liek YouTube and Twitch. With more content creators in the industry now than ever before, finding the right video editing software can be extremely important to ensuring that a high level of quality is produced when publishing vlogsgaming videos, or trailers.

There are so many great options that content creator can choose from when selecting . Five of those choices hav

Top 5: Video Editing Program Review

VideoStudio Ultimate 2019 - Video & Movie Editing [PC Disc]

There are so many different programs, but only five of the best will be included on this product review. The first software that we are going to take a look at is the Corel Video Studio Ultimate 2019 - Video Editing Suite for PC. This particular software is equipped with over two thousand premium coloring and editing effects.

Users can select either purchase the disc version of the software, or they can opt to download the entire program digitally through Amazon. Users can take advantage of several state of the art video editing tools so that they can easily crop, adjust, and manipulate their video clips.

There are many reasons to potentially consider this one. It is priced at a reasonable value, although there might be some other choices that provide slightly more features for the price. This is a solid product that will certainly appeal to some content creators.


  • 2000+ Exclusive Coloring Effects.
  • Supports 4K Resolution Videos.
  • User Friendly Design.


  • Average Customer Reviews.
  • High End Price Range.
Cyberlink PowerDirector 17 Ultimate

You might be looking for a modern video editing software that includes all of the bells and whistles that are in high demand within the industry. The Cyberlink Power Director 17 Ultimate Video Editing Software manages to provide many of these popular features within its design. The program is capable of doing all of the things that users might expect.

There are dozens of plugins and editing effects that can spice up your video clips. As an added bonus, users can render their 4K Resolution video clips with ease when importing them into this program.

This is a well rounded software that is ideal for content creators that are looking for a modern video editing program that is capable of getting the job done. It is considered a premium choice within the industry, and it is available in both digital and disc format. The digital download is slightly cheaper than the physical copy.


  • High Quality Plugins.
  • Outstanding Customer Reviews.
  • Tutorials Included.


  • Expensive Price Range.
Movavi Video Editor 14 Personal Edition [Download]

One of the more affordable video editors within the industry is the Movavi Video Editor 14. This program supports over 180 different file formats for importing and rendering. It is also equipped with dozens of useful editing features that can make it significantly easier to piece together a video within the software.

The video editor is only available for purchase in digital format, although it comes at a significantly lower price range than similar products. There are also dozens of templates that can be used to help you craft your video.


  • Several Templates are Included.
  • 180 Video File Formats Supported.
  • Affordable Price Range.


  • Digital Download Only (Amazon).
  • Limited Features
VideoDirector - Edit, Cut and Optimize Videos

This particular software has earned an endorsement from Amazon, which is extremely impressive and has certainly earned this product an opportunity to appear in second place on this review. It allows users to edit their video clip with ease and efficiency.

Users can render clips in up to 4K Resolution and utilize a large dictionary of audio and video effects that come integrated within the software. It is significantly cheaper than similar alternatives, which is potentially the most genuine reason as to why you might want to consider it.


  • Amazon Endorsed this Product.
  • 4K Resolution is Supported.
  • Affordable Price Range.


  • Limited File Types Supported.
VEGAS Movie Studio 15 Suite - Create Stunning Movies

One of the most popular video editing programs in the entire world is the Sony Vegas Movie Studio, which has been around for many years. They have consistently updated and released new versions of their software to create that they have now, which is an outstanding collection of tools that is capable of producing extremely professional videos.

Users can even select to upload their video clips directly to social media platforms like Facebook or YouTube, all with the click of a button. It is features like this that place this software miles above second place within this industry.

If you are looking for a high quality video editing program with some of the most impressive features, you should stop and seriously consider the Sony Vegas Movie Studio before continuing your search.


  • Extremely Positive Customer Reviews.
  • Supports Social Media Platforms.
  • 3 Different Versions Available.


  • Expensive Price Range.

best video editing program

Our top pick among those video editing softwares/programs is: Corel Video Studio Ultimate 2019.

VideoStudio Ultimate 2019 - Video & Movie Editing [PC Disc]

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Is the Best Video Editing Software?

There are so many great choices to choose from in the year. One product that might catch your eye is the Corel Video Studio Ultimate 2019, which has earned a positive reputation from customers for being a convenient and simple software for casual video editors.

What Is the Best Video Editor for Beginners?

The Movavi Video Editor 14 Personal Edition takes serious consideration towards providing templates and tutorials to beginners. It has been included on this list for several reasons, but one of those is definitely the simple learning curve. It is extremely useful for customers that want to jump right on into the software and immediately begin creating high quality content, without having to worry about learning all of the basics.

What Is the Best Video Editor for YouTube?

Just about every version of the Sony Vegas Movie Studio is perfect for YouTube content creators. This software is used by thousands of users that post to that social media platform every single day. It has been rated as one of the best video editing programs in the entire industry. It also supports direct uploads to social media platforms like FacebookTwitch, and YouTube.

How Much Does the Average Video Editing Software Cost?

Premium video editing software with high quality features and plugins can range anywhere from thirty dollars, all the way to several hundreds of dollars. The depth of the software has a lot to do with the price that you can expect to pay.

Some companies actually produce different variations of their software so that users can by the editions that they require for their specific purposes. There are certainly many options to consider, some of which are extremely affordable. If you are struggling with finding the right product choice, this product review might be a great place to start.

Ultimate Guide To Choosing A Video Editing Program

Between the 1980s and the 1990s, the notion of a graphical editing system was a revolutionary castle in Spain for the majority of the people. Buzzes were spinning about robust systems underway, hidden behind the walls of tech innovators.

Technology has now advanced, and recently videographers have a pool of video editing software available for use. With this new dawn, linear editing, cutting film strips, and tape decks are becoming a memoir. Currently, video editing is digitalized and simplified and has become a critical part of video production.

An Overview on Videos

Video content and platforms have transformed the world in almost every aspect. From music to learning, to keeping in touch with family, and more, they have an incredible influence in our lives. Every minute, more and more content is being uploaded. However, what makes a video stand out in platforms such as YouTube, and others is its quality.

When you decide to start creating videos for your favorite platform, it can be overwhelming to research and select the ideal video editing software. The market is full of many choices, and the last thing you want is to spend your hard-earned money on low-quality software.

Video Editing Program or Software

As we have mentioned above, there is plenty of video editing programs, both for beginners and pros in the field. As technology advances, so is the software, and you choose the best depending on your level of skills among other factors.

In our article today, we shall give you an ultimate guide to choosing a video editing program, whether new or an upgrade from your current one. There is fierce competition in the market and plenty of choices, which is a good thing for you as a consumer. But, the challenge comes in trying to get the precise software for you.

Marketing 101

Before I guide you through the process of choosing, I'd like to outline some fundamental marketing facts to equip you so you do not have an emotional choice and instead have the right one. When the time comes, you will see the marketing of this software, and if you are armed, you are safe.

Marketing departments will use every phrase possible to sweeten the pot of the program they are selling. After all, it is their expertise. Consequently, we should thoroughly scrutinize the purchases we make based on hard facts of what we require. This is especially the features that are on offer.

Instead, we get our choices modified by rational thinking and base our decisions on desire (emotional response) to the product and its marketing. When you realize that we are prone to such forces, it becomes easier to choose the precise software.

Ultimately, the features of the product are what make it useful, and that is what you should put into consideration. Now, I believe you are armed to the tooth with basic marketing facts, and you will make the right decision, good value for your money.

Choosing a Video Editing Program

Most popular video editing software creators are wedged in a competition of who will make the best software, thus challenging to distinguish between the products. Many features are on offer that could only be available at the pro level. This makes it a grand time to get aboard.

If you thoroughly examine the top picks, you will find out that feature-for-feature, they are nearly the same. As such, sorting them out and ranking them narrows down to a few aspects.

The primary factor in making the right decision is finding out exactly what the software maker has to offer on each feature and their significance. We said it before that it is easy to be amused by the astonishing effects and features that you will seldom or never use. It might even be a purchase that you dislike.

Regarding this, I have listed some of the noticeable features available on the best brands, as per their usefulness.
Features to Consider.

1.Your Budget and Price

There is an adage that high quality comes at a high price. It is not just a maxim as it applies in almost every purchase you make in life. As we mentioned above, it is recommended that you get an overall picture of the market to see what is on offer. Once you have evaluated each provider, then isolate the category you belong to.

The video editing market currently has nearly four divisions regarding price. The first sub-range ($70) includes fundamental video editors with limits both features variety and output types.

The second pricing range (nearly $130) of video editors comprises of a variety of products that a user requires to fulfill their heart's desires. The following range includes what can be termed as prosumer products. They range between $400 and $500.

If you are looking for something professional with complex features and such, you might need to dig deeper into your pockets from $800 to $3,000. So, how much you are willing to pay determines what you get.

Please note that there are options for free video editing software. However, you will not get excellent performance out of them. They include limited editing features, file format, and more. Higher-end software, on the other hand, is costly but with unlimited features.


When purchasing a video editing software, its user-friendliness or what others call the learning curve or ease of use is a factor to consider.

How fast or long will it take before you become proficient with the software? Nothing sucks like buying a video editing program that takes you months to learn to edit your first video.

Ensure you choose a software that gets you started with auto modes and video editing templates. Auto modes are useful in helping you make videos fast as they let you pick a favorite video style, import media, and the video is auto-composed.

In video editing, templates refer to existing video projects. This enables you to swap the already placed media with yours. If you find a video editing program that includes many tutorials on how to use specific features, the better.

Tutorials can be more useful if they are integrated into the program itself. As such, you familiarize with each feature as you use it to edit your sample videos. This increases your learning curve and editing time.

3.User Interface (UI)

To some degree, many computer software tries to imitate a function similar to the one offered in the real world. The complexity in designing user interfaces for user video editing programs is due to the lack of design reference in the average consumer.

Since the program imitates the primary film editing concept, video editing is more straightforward at the professional level of editing program. However, for a novice, this remains to be a new adventure.

The video editing program attempts to follow the logical series of steps that the average individual would use when carrying out the project. Typically, they will have a user interface that starts with importing your audio, video, and images into the program.

The user interface should comprise of some logically handy library set-up to record everything. The following step involves trimming, cutting, and merging the video files on the timeline with any video filters or effects while working.

The next step involves audio additions and edits finishing off to titles and subtitles if needed. Finally, your edited video has to be submitted in your desired video file format. This is either an MPEG4 (for YouTube upload) or MPEG2 (for DVD). That is what designers use to make the videos you see.

From the process viewpoint, the design outline makes a lot of sense. However, you must admit that there are some mix-ups in some areas. Now, that is where the user interface comes into play.

The only simple action in any software is saving, which is never the case with the video editing process. Why? The video editing program has one primary rule: the original files are never changed.

Regardless of what you do with the video editing program, the original files are always left intact. That is why designers incorporate something they call a project file as you edit that records the changes you make. As such, saving the edited video in the program saves the project files, not the entire project.

What do we learn from this on the user interface?

a)If you lack any experience, all the software in the market will include puzzling aspects. Therefore, you will require a stretched learning curve in any video editing program that you choose before using it effectively.

The same applies if you are switching one video editing program for another, as you will possess some routines and habits inapplicable in the new program. This is more of a reequipping process than a learning curve.

As such, ensure that the program interface outlines the significant functions involved in the process of video editing.

b)Ensure that you look at the reviewers. In most cases, you will find product reviews that talk about how bogus they are. From such a perspective, every amateur video editing program will appear bulky, incongruous, and non-intuitive.

If you follow such reviewers, their prowess will lead to overlook on budget-friendly options, and either overspend on a video editing program or give up.

4.Input Formats

This is a factor that you should not overlook when choosing your video editing program. The majority offer compatibility with a variety of video file formats, yet we currently have a terrific number of devices and sources of video recording.

As such, make sure that you precisely know what video file formats you prefer to use. This will be based on the source of your files or recording devices for your raw video footage. You can then verify that the video editing program you seek can handle that precise video file format.

5.File Import

You also need to carefully confirm that your video file import method or device is supported by the video editing program that you are considering. While DV AVI is the most popular kind of standard video definition, it has been passed by time.

If you wish to import all videos from your old tapes, all video software I’m familiar with will capture seamlessly from the camcorder. Yet, there is a challenge in many camcorders, mobile devices, and cameras that take footage in many different methods.

Make sure that you verify the specific device and its compatibility with the video editor program, plus the precise type of video file it creates.

6.Editing Tools

The current lot of video editing program for the home user (hobbyist) includes three programs in one. The three functions are typically combined into a flexible workflow under video capture, editing, and execution.

a)Video Capture

Any quality video editing program will provide firewire transfer of ddv.avi film from a standard definition tape-based camcorder. While the standard definition system is currently falling-off, it may be significant as an archive.

Remember, this is the sole method of capturing or moving video file to a PC in full quality from a DV camcorder. However, I’m not sure why camcorder makers do not incorporate a firewire cable.

A decent video editing program will work with all types of transfer methods or capture. It is also important to ensure that the program can accommodate your specific file type.

Are you using a video capture card for transferring TV video files to your PC for editing? To reduce frustrations, ensure that your video editing program is compatible with video cards. If the source of your video files is a video card, ensure you select a program that is tested and verified for compatibility.

This information will be available on the company's website.


You might be thinking that the ability of the video editing program to edit is more crucial. The upshot is that this field has stiff competition that no manufacturer would sell a low-quality editor.

A quality video editing program should offer the following functions at best:

The capacity to handle the types of video files you have and convert them into other video types.
Ability to merge video clips, crop clip segments to shorten them
Make audio track adjustments of the video files and add extra audio like sound effects, voice-over, and background music.
Use basic corrective video filters to badly-shot videos.
Ability to include video transitions between clips on the timeline
Ability to include titles and subtitles with reliable control and useful features
Ability to overlap other video tracks to make a picture-in-picture effect while including transitions
Cope with a variety of image formats to integrate them into video footages and create slideshows.


The execution phase heavily depends on your intentions for the video that you are making or editing. First off, it is recommended that you check whether the program has a feature that scrutinizes your project elements for conversion.

The feature’s name differs from one software to another. However, Smart Encode or Smart Render are common names. It saves on both quality and time to your final video output.

If you intend to burn Blu-ray disks or DVDs, ensure that you verify the offered authoring options. Check that there are useful options for menu creation and the capacity to creative control on these menus.

Do you want to upload your videos to YouTube or similar online sites? The capacity to either have an output in MPEG4 per the site’s specifications is critical. The sites converts your videos, causing a loss in quality unless uploaded to their specs. These features are crucial if your videos will be viewed on PCs.

7.Editing Tracks

This term denotes the number of tracks accessible to you while editing. Some video editor program creators will offer you unlimited tracks. But the reality is you need:

The original video tracks.
Perhaps two tracks for video overlaps, one for picture-to-picture, or include mask effects.
Two tracks for still images.
a title track for the titles and one for subtitles
a music track
a narration or voice-over track
In total, those are nine tracks, and more than that would be a total mess! All the top video editing sets include plenty of tracks to play with, making the infinite tracks offer a low-priority feature.


If you watch some TV shows and movies, you will notice that they have no transition. This is something the professionals refer to as a cut. You create a video so your audience can view it and enjoy watching a seamless show.

Many video editing program builders will try to woo you with cool looking things.
Yet, the main transitions that you need do not exceed three. These include:

Fade to black - which may be a soft fade via black into the following scene, end the video or signify a major endpoint. It opens a new section.
Dissolve (a cross-fade) - allows a smooth transition from one shot to the next.
No transition - a shot transition from one to another.
You should be cautious when using the rest of the transitions.

9.Filters and Exclusive Effects

In my viewpoint, this is closely similar to transitions, and another point that video editing program builders will try to seduce you with. There are effective and useful effects that you will need, but the rest are there for modality.

Trust me, most of the filters they woo you with will remain unused for eternity.

10.Audio Control

To be honest, audio control is not amongst the video editing program’s strong suits since the dawn of the software. However, they are desperate to provide users with some suitable tools for their sound files, and improvements have also been made.

When choosing a video editing program, be cautious on the degree of audio control the software offers. Sound and your capacity to make it in-tune with your visual presentation is a crucial video editing element.

Volume control is a vital feature, especially when you need some audios louder or quieter than others. Ducking, for instance, reduces the background music when there is an ongoing narration or dialogue.

Another essential feature is Levelling or Normalization that automatically balances the different volume levels your project has once it has been completed. Remember also to check noise filters in a program.

11.Software Upgrades

Ensure you check the variety of products on offer from the video editor manufacturers and how they do it. Most of them will offer products based on skills, from apprentices to prosumers, and experts.

Please, examine the upgrade pricing, whether for a higher-level product or the software’s latest release. How many previous versions do they have? Do they offer any discounts to their customers?

12.Stability of the Program

This falls under two categories:
First, the actual video editing program's functional stability on your device compared to what they say. Ensure that you test it on the computer that you will use it on. This is because the process is demanding. Consequently, analyze the software’s minimum requirements against your computer’s specs, and double the mentioned RAM.

Second, exploit the free trials and if your first option has none, move on to the next dealer. This way, you are guaranteed. It is also important to make sure that the manufacturer offers quality customer support or help.

13.Downloadable vs. Online Software

Video editing programs can be categorized into downloadable and online software.

The first (downloadable) refers to tools that live on your PC, and stores all your projects on your hard drive. Usually, you cannot easily change computers or join forces with other editors for a project.

The other (online software) require an internet connection as they run on your browser. The storage for your projects with this category is on the cloud, and you can share it easily. As such, they do not consume your hard drive space, and you can move your work wherever you go.
We trust that our ultimate guide to choosing a video editing program was helpful. Now you can try these options and see how spontaneous, straightforward, or resilient they are compared to your expectations and goals in video editing.

Final Verdict

Now that we have had an opportunity to take a look at five of the best video editing programs, you might be interested in narrowing down your options so that you can ultimately make the best purchase decision.

Your favorite video editing software may depend on the type of content that you create, the good news is that this review has outlined which types of programs are best for each type of content creator. This will surely help you make your decision and have a major influence on potentially shaping the way you edit videos in the future.

The price range for video editing software is obviously important for many customers. There are many affordable choices, which is why you will want to take a close look at each program to determine which has the most overall value for your needs.


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