Corel Videostudio Pro Review

If you are in the business of creating videos, movies, or slideshows, it is quite likely that you are looking for high-quality video editing software that is capable of getting the job done. Corel Videostudio Pro is among the highest-rated video editing programs in the entire industry, but we are going to take a look at all of the important features that come along with this particular program.

We are going to try and determine who might be the perfect candidate for purchasing this video editing software. YouTube is an extremely popular social media platform that allows users to post their very own videos across the platform to their subscribers. We are going to look into the features of Corel Videostudio Pro to determine if it is an ideal selection for YouTube content creators.

Corel Videostudio Pro Review

It is finally time to begin our review, but before we finally start, we wanted to reiterate the fact that we believe the 2019 version is one of the most impressive and innovative video editing programs that are currently available at this price range. There are very few market competitors that can provide these types of video editing tools for the value that is currently being offered.

Corel Videostudio Pro

About the Software

It doesn't matter if you are a casual video content creator for social media or a professional movie maker, because Corel Videostudio Pro will place a high-quality collection of video editing tools right into your fingertips. This video editing software is simple, convenient, and intuitive, because of its award-winning design and impressive collection of features.

Corel Videostudio Pro Review

Editing videos can be stressful, frustrating, or confusing. While these characteristics could be apparent with any video editing software, it is incredibly unlikely that you will feel this way about Corel Videostudio. Most of the hard work is already done for users, but there is a large collection of features that make it easier than ever to produce video content.

Main Features

There are dozens of impressive features that we are going to take a look at today. One of the first features that we were impressed with was the ability to use brand-new seamless transitions. There are already several preset transitions that create an innovative way to transform from one clip to the next. If you are an advanced video editor, you might even be interested in creating a custom seamless transition for your video.

Corel Videostudio Pro Review

Many customers might also be excited about the enhanced color correction that has been implemented into this version of the software. Users can boost their saturation, brightness, vibrancy, and change the color theme of their video in just a few clips. Professional lighting can be achieved with the editing software.

Other Unique Features

Other important features include the ability to edit subtitles and titles, create stop motion animations, and the ability to utilize a collection of different filters. While all of these features can make a huge difference, they are not the only features that have caught our attention.

Corel Videostudio Pro Review

We were also impressed with the green screen support, as well as the ability to edit videos from multiple cameras and inputs. This software is also compatible with dozens of video file formats, including all of the standard formats that you would expect.

Audio Editing

Many content creators will know that audio editing is just as important as the video editing that goes into producing a high-quality movie or video. With that being said, we wanted to take a look at some of the audio editing features that are provided to users when they purchase. Users can utilize several custom audio filters and integrate the ScoreFitter royalty-free music library, which allows creators to place royalty-free music into their video for no additional cost.

Corel Videostudio Pro Review

System Requirements

Performance is one of the most important aspects when it comes to finding sufficient video editing software. We are going to look at some of the system requirements so that customers know if they are going to be able to utilize this software on their computers.

Corel Videostudio Pro Review

We will start by saying that the Corel Videostudio editing software is only supported on 64-bit computer systems and requires an installation of Windows 7 or newer. An Intel Core i5 processor is highly recommended, but some computers might be able to perform sufficiently with an i3 processor as well.

Users will certainly want at least 8 GB of high-speed RAM and a modern graphics card for optimal performance. The minimum display resolution that is supported for this software is currently 1024 by 768 pixels. A standard integrated sound card should function properly, assuming that the drivers do not conflict with any of the dependencies for Corel VideoStudio.


A total of approximately 4 GB of hard drive space is required to install the Corel Videostudio Pro editing software. An internet connection is required to register and update this product.

Users can install the software and select from multiple languages, including English, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, and Chinese. Dozens of supported import file formats and export file formats can be explored once the program has installed.

Extra Information

The 2019 version is incredibly impressive and comes equipped with hundreds of helpful innovative editing tools. If you are a YouTube Content Creator, we highly recommend this software to you because it can make your life a whole lot easier and the asking price is relatively generous.

Corel Videostudio Pro Review

This program is capable of producing high levels of performance without sacrificing quality or features. There are over 1500 different video effects, filters, and transitions that users can immediately begin using in their program.

It is also important to remember that there are two versions available for customers to purchase. There is the Pro version and the Ultimate version. This review has focused on the Pro version of the software, but some customers might be interested in upgrading to the Ultimate version for a few additional features.


  • New and Improved Color Correction Video Tools.
  • High-Quality Seamless Video Transitions.
  • Support for Seven Different Languages.


  • No Support for Mac.

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Final Verdict

We have now had the opportunity to take a look at all of the features that come with the Corel Videostudio Pro edition. This review has taught us a lot and hopefully, it has opened the eyes of many customers who might be interested in transitioning to this video editing software.

There are dozens of different reasons that you might want to switch to this program, but when it all comes down to it, it simply does an outstanding job of making video-editing simple and convenient for content creators. This program is also fast and effective and provides an incredible level of performance at all times.

We highly recommend that you visit their website and consider making a purchase. It is very likely that you will not be disappointed with the results of your purchase.


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