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It was so difficult for me to change my career. I always wanted to get into tech but I had no patience to attend university. After trying out a few free online courses, I decided to invest in guided learning. Udacity was the platform I stumbled up.

It has many courses in the tech space and them tech real skills you can then apply in various jobs. Data science, artificial intelligence, and cloud computing courses are on offer. However, I was mainly interested in a programming language.


I always dream about creating useful software and since the pay scheme for programmers is attractive, this is the route I took. What I like the most about my courses is they come with a practical side. I’m always working on some project which is not too different from an employee’s role.

Another considerable advantage comes with the offered guided learning. Whenever I was learning on my own, I had no one to ask about clarifications. Udacity addresses my fears. Following up next month, I’m enrolling in a front end developer 4-month course to take my skills further.

Udacity Features

  • A vast range of IT programs to choose from.
  • Each program lasts a few months.
  • Teaching programs are guided by tutors.
  • Includes artificial intelligence courses such as AI for business leaders.
  • Programing courses such as Java developer basics.
  • Cloud computing courses.
  • Data science courses such as data visualization.
  • Business skills improved through courses such as AI product management.
  • Autonomous systems C++ courses.
  • All courses are conducted online.

Front End Development Introduction

As mentioned above, I’m already moving ahead with my courses on Udacity. This time, I’m joining a front end web development course. For me, this is an integral part of IT. This type of role is the mid-ground between the product or company and the customer.


Demand for front end developers is growing. Even if there are more people into programming than before, there are more jobs and products to choose from as well. In my role, it’s important to understand which of these positions can apply to me.

The front end developer course is my attempt at guided learning. My reason for joining is poor time management. I simply got too distracted with self-learning and I decided to take this route, as opposed to being stuck for 3-4 years at university.

CSS and Website Layout

This part of the course focuses on HTML semantics. I’m going to learn about the basics of written code. I’m then going to put it into practice with CSS styling. This is where the core of the course lies. From this point onwards, anyone enrolled in the course knows how to style a website.

I was always curious as to how real websites are made. But making my responsive layouts is a valuable skill. Just based on this part of the course, I can potentially manage to get a job either at a small firm or at an agency. But I could also work as a freelancer as I already am while on the course.


Javascript controls a webpage. Document Object Model show page content and how it interacts with the user. This is the part of the course where you learn the advanced skills of front end development.

At this stage, it is even more important to rely on testing. Classic AB testing where trainees work with different tools for different outcomes is what dictates the ultimate results here.


Web APIs will teach me how to modify the website element dynamically. I already see this as a pre-automation tool that can help me save time and ultimately make more money. HTTP requests are also thought here. I need to master this area as I may end up working at a web hosting company dealing with such issues daily.

Build Tools

Speaking of automation, certain build tools such as Webpack are also important here. The course is not limited to purely theoretical data but it also visualizes you in a job or project. This is where Webpack proves practical. Of course, you can’t master it in 4 months. However, the course lays the foundation for this automation process.

Projects and Support

All projects of the course are based on real-world scenarios. You build websites people use today. You’re not learning web development skills people relied on the ’90s or even in 2010. With more dynamics and extra automation tools, I’m expecting to be better prepared for the front end career I’m looking to build.


Course Duration

You can start this course at a time Udacity allows. However, it takes an average of 4 months to complete. In this interval, trainees go through a combination of theoretical learning and practical projects.

Personal coaching is available on all Udacity courses. This is why I’m looking for a bit of help, particularly in the Web APIs section. While it may take more time for me to comprehend some terms, I’m hoping to get up to date quickly.


All Udacity programs come with interesting extras. Mentor support and access to a community of students are standard. But you also get personal career coaching, which not many courses offer.


Github review and even a Linkedin profile review are included in these career tips you get from industry professionals. But most importantly, you get valuable feedback on your projects. I’m not afraid of making mistakes and trying out a few different things on my own.

However, once finished, Udacity also helps me write a professional resume. If you also join one of their courses, teachers are going to give you a few pointers on what to expect in interviews once you’re ready to head out into the real world.


You can buy for the course in monthly installments. If you want a one-off payment, it costs $716. But I’m going to go with the monthly payments of $199 to get avoid getting myself in too much financial trouble while studying. In the meantime, I’m also working as a freelancer remotely to cover some of the costs of the course.


Udacity Promo Codes

We will keep the most up to date and best Udacity coupon codes & discounts in this area below!


  • Udacity is dedicated to tech skills courses.
  • Learning on your schedule is a top attribute of the company.
  • 24/7 support is supported with questions answered by tutors.


  • You still need to have proper time management skills to complete a course.

Final Verdict

Udacity is a growing platform where industry professionals teach future professionals valuable tech skills. Their courses are highly practical. While you get professional tutoring, you are still required to have some motivation to learn.

On average, a week of training lasts between 5 and 10 hours for most students. I can’t put in more work at the moment as I’m already freelancing on the side. But since I can learn at my own pace, it can be the right option for a future career.

But Udacity has so many inspiring tech courses to choose from. Artificial Intelligence is growing. Data science is still strong. You can head to udacity.com to find a course that suits your interests. You never know where you might apply them either as a career or simply as a side project to earn extra cash.


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