Ideapaint Reviews

When I was working on a project I needed to set up various milestones in writing. I quickly purchased a whiteboard and I placed it near my desk. But it proved too small for my needs.

I then sat down and I made a few calculations. It turns out I needed 12 whiteboards for each part of my work project. I needed to write dates, statistics, achievements and future objectives. Simply put, whiteboards were not viable.

After looking for alternatives I found Ideapaint. At first, it sounded too good to be true. A paint that you can write on and then erase just as a regular whiteboard sounded new to me.

Ideapaint Reviews

But I ordered it and turn an entire wall into a whiteboard. This simplified my work annotations considerably and I use the wall even today. Whenever there are kids next to my desk, I can rest assured they can be busy drawing on the wall without any worries. However, I also saved considerably by not purchasing the 12 whiteboards.

Ideapaint Features

  • Ideapaint turns regular walls into whiteboards. Here’s what you can expect with this innovative paint.
  • Sufficient paint to cover a couple of walls.
  • Once dried, the paint acts as a whiteboard you can write on and erase when ready.
  • Considerable value proposition as the paint is more affordable than multiple whiteboards.
  • Reduced environmental impact.
  • 10-years warranty.
  • Low odor formulation safe to apply on walls at home.
  • Paint which can be applied in schools or offices.


I was a bit unsure about the application process Ideapaint comes with. But if you’re familiar with applying latex paint, you won’t have any problems at all.

There are two cans you get in the pack and they need to be mixed well before application.

Ideapaint Reviews

A primer may also need to be applied on the wall so that the paint sticks better. You can also order your primer at Ideapaint.

You also need to know the paint only applies to regular walls, chalkboards, aluminum, wood, and plastic.

The manufacturer only recommends applying the paint in 50 square feet areas at a time. You’ll need to protect the immediate areas of the wall with masking tape. I’d also add that having an open window during the process is also helpful for better ventilation.

After you’ve applied the first layer, you can go back and apply a second layer of paint. You’ll need to wait for at least 3 minutes to do so.

When you finish applying the paint, you can remove the excess tape immediately and allow the wall to dry out properly. You should leave the paint dry for 4 days before you start writing on it.


You can expect the paint to hold up well in time. The manufacturer offers a 10-year warranty. However, I prefer to paint my walls every 3-4 years and I think I’ll do the same with my Ideapaint wall.

Ideapaint Reviews

As for the cleaning process, there’s an efficient cleaner Ideapaint sells. You can get a couple of those spray cleaners to make your life easier. However, if you’re using Ideapaint for kids to draw on walls, you may need additional cleaner as you’ll be removing their drawings frequently.

Value and Pricing

It costs $3-$4 to cover a wall in Ideapaint. It might be a bit more expensive than your most affordable latex paint in department stores. But it’s considerably more affordable than the best whiteboard which may cost anywhere between $8 and $18 per square foot.

In my case, I painted an entire wall. It made sense to do so as my work projects vary in complexity.

Ideapaint Reviews

Some projects only require a few square feet for me to write on and make my plan. Other projects require the entire wall.

What I’ve also found interesting is that I tend to write everything down for all the projects I’m working on at the same time.

If before I was stuck to one project per whiteboard, I now use different color erase markers to write down all of my project plans on the same wall.

In terms of pure abilities to keep the workflow organized, it has proven a life-saver.


Ideapaint works on any wall. It blends in with rooms at home or at the office and it keeps them clutter-free. If you want to stay organized and have a clean room in which you can work without interruptions, you need a clean organized space.

Since I’ve used Ideapaint myself, I’ve also seen other people do it. I was working at a coworking space over the weekend and I’ve seen they used Ideapaint as well.

Ideapaint Reviews

They use it as a marketing method. Every registered member goes in and signs the wall and leaves a few impressions, just as a guestbook. But it looks very interesting and everybody was taking pictures of this wall.

Its versatility may also be seen in schools. Kids always write on walls and anticipating their moves is something the creators of the paint had in mind.

This is the reason I’ve seen parents painting their kids’ rooms in Ideapaint online. It seems like a logical use of the paint.

Environmental Impact

The reduced environmental impact of this paint also needs to be noted. In theory, this paint doesn’t need to be replaced at any given time. There’s nothing to discard as it has no end of the lifecycle.

Ideapaint Reviews

Using fewer materials and replacing traditional whiteboards can make a difference. I know many offices that don’t use whiteboards anymore and they simply keep them locked in storage rooms.

Since you don’t discard the Ideapaint wall, you simply paint over it again with regular paint or you apply another layer of Ideapaint a few years down the line.


Ideapaint PRO comes with a 10-year lifetime warranty. Whiteboards rarely have any type of warranty and they don’t last as long.

Ideapaint Reviews

I’ve already used my Ideapaint wall every day. I can say that as long as you stick to eraser-type markers, you will have a wall that can be used for years.

This inexpensive solution proves considerably easy to live with.

Ideapaint Magnetic Primer

Over the years, Ideapaint has grown as a company. Since their humble beginnings, those behind the company also launched other interesting products with similar applicability.

One of these products is the Magnetic Primer. It has a magnetic quality to it and it is a bit stronger than other magnetic liquids.

Ideapaint Reviews

The wallcovering has serious applicability in creative play such as at schools. But it may also be used at the office where workers can attach various notes to their written plans.

The Magnetic Primer also proves more affordable than purchasing metallic planks to add to walls. You can cover 50 square feet at $165.

Personally, I don’t need the Magnetic Primer right now. But if you’re working with pictures or any other forms of creative papers, documents or drawings, it can simplify your work effort considerably. It also works to keep your workspace organized.

I’ve seen Ideapaint’s Magnetic Primer applied in a photographer’s studio. It is here that the photographer was always attaching new pictures to the wall. This wall was turned into a portfolio that everybody walking into the studio could see and ask questions about.

A Few Words on Markers

Whiteboard markers are the best for Ideapaint use. If you already have a few, then you can start writing right away.

Ideapaint Reviews

But Ideapaint also has markers you can use. If you’re solely noting work-related tasks, black markers should do the job.

However, if you’re working on larger projects, you can purchase various color markers to make things stand out. These low-odor markers are available in black, green, red, and blue.

Endless Creativity

If you’re looking to add Ideapaint to your home or workplace, you can take these ideas further and apply them beyond your immediate work-related tasks.

You can create a quirky place space for children or you can simply have a distinct office to work in with a combination of paint you can write or with wallcoverings you can place magnets on.

Ideapaint Reviews

Feel free to go to the Ideapaint website and check the Ideas section. In this section, you’ll see an example where parents used Ideapaint in the nursery room where a wall was converted for graphics to create an inviting room for a newborn.

Another example includes a kitchen space where Ideapaint was used as a medium for a cleaning rota. The calendar on the wall served as an organizer to keep the shared kitchen space clean every month.

Ideapaint Promo Codes & Deals

We will keep this area updated with the most up to date and best discounts for Ideapaint that are available!


  • You can apply Ideapaint on your own.
  • It can be used as a whiteboard.
  • Ideapaint can be used as a creative outlet for kids.


  • Kids can only draw on the wall up to a certain height.

Final Verdict

Ideapaint has multiple other users. I use it for my work tasks as it replaced too many whiteboards and a large investment I needed to make.

The paint is easy to apply and you shouldn’t need a painter to prepare a wall at home or at the office. At the moment, I’m also thinking of applying Ideapaint in other areas of my home in order to boost productivity and to keep it free from dust-collecting whiteboards and notebooks.


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