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On my friend’s 21st birthday, we all decided to rent a limousine. It took a bit of effort to find the right one. Price 4 Limo is the website we founded on. The website aggregates limousines and other similar vehicles such as party buses.

You can search for vehicles depending on your location, make or year. Since I wasn’t sure exactly what I was looking for, the website’s location search tools proved the most efficient. The options included Lincoln stretch limos, Chrysler 300 limos, and even Hummer limos. Since we wanted something a bit more classy on a budget, we all decided to rent out the Lincoln limousine.

Price 4 Limo Review

Now, we all put in around $100 each for our rental. This was based on a 3-hours rental interval. But I also saw a few limousines where you could have an extra free hour with a minimum 5-hour rental. Depending on your event, you may even get other types of discounts.

Price 4 Limo Features

  • Find and hire limousines and party vans.
  • Buses for hire for larger groups.
  • Limousine rental priced at an hourly rate.
  • includes location searches for available vehicles.
  • Applicable discounts on certain vehicles.
  • Vehicle rental is available for other events.
  • There’s a system of reviews for each vehicle powered by Trustpilot.
  • Special offers on multiple vehicles hire for corporate events.

Events to Consider

Since our group was celebrating a birthday party, I only looked at the vehicles you can hire for such events. But also covers all other types of events. Weddings, proms, kids parties, sporting events corporate events, nights out and even funeral services can be covered by these vehicles.

Price 4 Limo Review

The rate remains largely the same for all of these events. The sole exception applies to larger events where you may book multiple vehicles and get preferential prices. But the type of event might dictate the rental interval as well.

If you’re looking for a wedding limousine, you may want to book it for more than an hour. This should give you sufficient time to take some photos as well. On the other hand, you may only need an hour with the limousine for nights out with your friends.


There are more than 12,000 limousines on Price 4 Limo. These cover all types of vehicles and their functionality is what dictates their versatility. But the price is also impacted by your group. Classic limousines have a seating capacity between 8 and 20 passengers.

Price 4 Limo Review

Our group was rather small so we went with an 8-seater which was also the most affordable option. But we also discussed that going with a 10-seater would have gotten us a bit more room to sit back and drink our champagne.

Party Buses

If you want something a bit more daring, party buses are the way to go. There are plenty of options across the US. So what can you expect differently from a standard limousine? A party bus allows you to sit up while traveling. You may also get better music and a larger mini bar inside as well.

Price 4 Limo Review

As its name suggests, these buses are made for larger parties, especially compared to the physical limitations of limousines. You can get an 18-passenger bus to start with. The largest party bus on hosts up to 25 passengers.

I vividly remember seeing a Mercedes Sprinter converted into a party bus. It was advertised as a vehicle for 10 passengers. It came with AUX ports so that you can play your music. It also included TV and mood lighting.

Charter Buses

But what happens if you need to transport a larger group? There’s a holiday coming up and my nephew’s school colleagues expressed their will to go camping for a few days. After the parents discussed among them, they all decided to look for a charter bus instead of all of them having to drive the kids to and from the camp.

Price 4 Limo Review

Such charter buses can be booked on Price 4 Limo’s website. Before long, they were able to find and available charter bus for 50 passengers. All 30 kids are going on the trip together with several parents who are going to guide the little ones around the camp while watching them as well.

The bus they hired was well-equipped. The kids will watch movies on the included TV sets until they get there. USB ports may also help them charge their mobile devices so they don’t get bored on the 2-hour drive.


Sprinters are other types of specialized vehicles you can count on with the company. These are particularly useful for corporate events. If you’re the type of business person working on the road with a few colleagues, it’s the type of vehicle you need.

Price 4 Limo Review

These business Sprinters are usually upgraded to leather seats and extra legroom. But regular Sprinters which take people from one location to another are also available to hire in most states.

Shuttle Buses

My parents love shuttle buses. After I told them about my limousine booking experience, they’re also considering hiring a vehicle. But they don’t want a limousine. They want a shuttle bus they can share with their friends.

Price 4 Limo Review

Planning trips for the elderly becomes a lot easier with the roomier shuttle buses. My parents want to visit a few towns and restaurants along the way. At their age, getting on and off a vehicle might be a challenge. Shuttle buses offer a comfortable option regardless of your age.


My Lincoln limousine for 8 passengers was $590 for 4 hours. We all paid a little over $100 each to surprise my nephew. Now, the price per hour could have been lower. The rates decrease towards the 8-hours hiring mark.

Price 4 Limo Review

But prices also differ from one vehicle to another. H2 hummer limousines for 18 passengers cost at least $980 for 4 hours.

My parents are already booked their shuttle bus trip. They’re paying $1534 for 7 hours for a vehicle with 22 seats. That’s just $69 per person for a full day of traveling.

Online Booking

All of these vehicles plus others can be booked directly. If you’re considering your limousine hire event, you can find a free vehicle by searching your area. It’s better to look in advance as the most attractive limousines are usually booked quickly on weekends.

Customer Support Phone and Live Chat

If you need any help with your booking, there are 2 main methods of getting help. You can either call Price 4 Limo directly or you can use the online chat system. If you have any special requests and extras which are not listed in the limousine’s description, you need to discuss them in advance.


  • Over 12,000 limousines across the country.
  • An online booking system with clear pricing per hour.
  • The company offers shuttle bus and van hire additionally.


  • The most affordable rates are offered with multi-hour hires.

Final Verdict

As one of the most comprehensive limousines hire companies, Price 4 Limo offers an easy online booking system. Limousines can be hired with a few clicks and rates are visible. Unlike other similar services, there are no hidden fees or service charges to worry about.

If you’re planning your next limousine hire, you can check your options according to your area. Make sure you look by city or state to find better options at lower prices.


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