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It was already 3 weeks before my best friend’s birthday when I decided to try a Boomf personalized gift card. Every year I go for the same uninspired gift and I wanted something unexpected this time. Boomf gift cards come with bursting confetti. I found them on YouTube and I thought they are very original.

There are a few cards to choose from and you can even personalize them. I got my friend’s name printed on the card, together with a birthday wish. While he was reading, the card’s confetti’s exploded and we all laughed.


Since then, everybody at the office wants to get Boomf gifts that stand out. The company also makes products such as personalized marshmallows and chocolate which are quickly gaining popularity among my friends. As for me, I’ll be sticking with cards and confetti-filled birthday cubes as an original option for all types of events. My mum’s birthday is coming up and she’s going to be surprised next.

Boomf Characteristics

  • Makes confetti birthday cards.
  • Confetti cubes with personalized photos and messages.
  • Confetti cubes can also be personalized for weddings and anniversaries.
  • You can order personalized marshmallows as well.
  • Makes personalized birthday chocolate.
  • Orders to the USA are shipped with DHL.
  • The company ships internationally.
  • It costs $1.50 for express US birthday card shipping.
  • You will pay $9.25 for DHL express shipping to the US.

Boomf Bomb

Boomf Bomb is a confetti-filled cube that offers the same thrills as the card. However, it has the advantage of having 4 personalized walls which means it can be a specific gift for a person you love.

My mum’s birthday is going to benefit from this gift. I already plan to add a picture of her on the box. This can easily be done from the official website.


You need to navigate to Boomf bomb’s menu and select one of the cubes. At this point, you can rotate your cube and add pictures so that you know exactly what it will look like.

At first, I was a bit skeptical about adding photos of my friends or family. However, since this makes them look at the gift with more interest, the boomy surprise is going to be unexpected and extra fun.

Boomf Cannon

This confetti card is something I find most viable for office parties. It’s at such events that these gifts are fun ice breakers. However, they’re not expensive at all. As long as you order them in advance, you don’t need to pay expensive postage either.


What I love most about the cards apart from the confetti pop-out is their personalization. You can choose from a few friendly Boomf designs or you can add your own. I’ve already seen people at the office receiving them with their printed photos.

While my colleagues are reading the cards and appreciate their printed pictures, the confetti Boomf surprises them every time.

Those receiving the cards may also play with them for the whole day. You can simply reload the confetti and try the Boomf effect as many times as you’d like.

Boomf Wild Cards

The wild cards come in quirky shapes. Inspired by unicorns, pandas, and monkeys, they offer that 3D gift with a confetti surprise.


These wild cards also come with personalization. But here, you can only add your pictures with no access to Boomf designs and prints. As a result, it’s the type of gift you’d choose for a child where the shape of the wild card and its animal inspiration is going to be received with enthusiasm.

Personalized Marshmallows

At first, I was wondering if the personalized marshmallows are real. I called and they confirmed the personalized marshmallows are edible. They can be consumed up to 6 weeks which means you can order them in advance for birthdays.


It would be a hit to have a dozen marshmallows personalized for my nephew’s birthdays. I could simply write the name of all of his friends coming over on the marshmallows and we could all eat them together.

It thinks it’s a fun idea for birthday parties but it also works at the office. We always have sweets at the office and it might be inspiring for us to have them at our weekly stand up meetings as well.

Personalized Chocolate

Boomf personalized chocolate comes in 10cmx10cm size. They are customized with edible pictures on top. You can add these pictures from social media, from your computer or your smartphone directly from the official website.


It only takes a few seconds to upload the picture. Here, I must note that the website is very fast. I was looking at other personalized confetti gift website and their slow loading speed made my look elsewhere after losing my patience.

Ordering, Shipping, and Prices

Ordering Boomf confetti cards is not complicated. The company is located in the UK. But they ship to all corners of the world.

You can opt for more affordable express shipping. But you need to order your gifts 2-3 weeks before your event. But you can also place an order with DHL express shipping which should be at your address the following week.


Tracked shipping is also supported on the website. Remember that track shipping is not set by default. You will need to pay $6.60 for tracked shipping. In a way, shipping is more expensive than the birthday cards themselves.

If you’re placing an order from abroad, you need to know not all postal services and couriers accept tracked delivery. Make sure to have a quick look at Boomf’s shipping section of the website to see the countries which accept tracked shipping.

Those ordering from the UK and Europe have lower rates compared to those ordering from the US. For example, standard birthday card shipping in Europe is $1.99.

Refunds are also accepted. However, they don't refund the personalized gifts with user errors such as wrong name spelling. You need to double-check your personalized text is written correctly.

Boomf on Instagram

If you’re unsure about how Boomf confetti gifts are received, you can check them online on various platforms. For example, you can type in #boomf on Instagram to find over 25,000 surprise videos. I’m always intrigued by how such an affordable gift can be so fun for kids and adults.


  • Boomf bomb can be personalized with photos.
  • The confetti can be re-loaded multiple times.
  • The New Boomf Wild Card has a pop-up confetti envelope.


  • It takes up to 2 weeks to get the cards delivered to the US.

Final Verdict

Boomf has created a simple and entertaining birthday gift company. The entire ordering process is very easy and it is made online. I now use the service whenever I need cheap and fun gifts either for family members of for my work colleagues.

If you’re a bit unsure, there’s a no-risk option to see how your gift looks like. Simply upload your picture or personalized text on the gift cards. You’ll see a real-time representation of your gift. The same applies to all gifts as you can also have a 3D representation of your personalized chocolate or marshmallow before placing an order.


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