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Bannersnack is an innovative online banner creator. It simplifies the process and it allows those like me to create professional banners without editing skills. You may be interested in Bannersnack if you own a website or blog. But you may also use banners to add visual elements to various articles.

My story with Bannersnack started when I wanted to create my first banner. I was working on a blog post for my company and I vividly remember the director asking me to add a few enticing visual elements to my report.

I had no idea how to create a banner.


After asking a coworker, she recommended Bannersnack as a simple tool to have my banner ready in minutes.

Since then, I create Google Ad banners, e-commerce banners and social media graphics for my friends using the platform.

Bannersnack Features

  • Creates simple and complex banners.
  • It works with simple templates or with Bannersnack templates.
  • Full customization options on background images.
  • Text customization options.
  • Allows users to embed the final banner to Facebook Ads, DoubleClick, etc.
  • The premium version allows users to create an unlimited number of banners.
  • Supports custom animation.
  • Bannersnack supports multi-user login for the same project.

The software includes all the tools you need to create your banners. I like that I have access to the banners I created from anywhere. All my banners are saved into my account. Here are a few other features you might like.

Online Banner Creation

The online access to banner creation tools means you don’t have to spend time and resources downloading complicated software.

Bannersnack simplifies this by integrating all of its tools in cloud computing. You simply create an account on the official website and you immediately have access to the tools and media library the company has to offer without downloading them to your computer.


There are a few solid reasons why this system works. Apart from its time-saving results, it also allows quick banner export to other platforms.

You can send the banner to your personal or business Facebook account. You can integrate the visuals in your Instagram ads campaign. Attractive Twitter headers might be made easy with Bannersnack which then sends it out to the social network. You can also create YouTube banners to have attractive thumbnails on a video content platform.

Drag-and-Drop Functionality

Since everything is online, you have simple tools within Bannersnack. Some are inserted automatically, such as text boxes. But you can also drag your texts from one side of the image to another directly, just like with professional software.


My favorite drag-and-drop feature is the background tool. It allows me to quickly add a relevant background image from the stock library. While I also have my photos and graphics to add, it helps to have access to a professional line of photos.

Animations and Buttons

Bannersnack is not limited to static 2D banners. It also creates minimalistic animations that stand out when used in the right area of a website.

My favorite Bannersnack feature is its button tool. It gives you access to a few preset buttons you can customize and insert in your banner. For me, this a button linked to another post for my company. Those reading my original post simply had to click the banner to get more information.

But the button may also be used for various promotions. Since it takes just a few seconds to add a banner, you can use this tool to change your weekly or monthly promotions on your website with customized text embedded in a button.

Types of Downloadable Files

You may save your banner as a.JPG file. This common file is often used for social media posts, banners, articles and any other types of images. PNG files can also be created directly on Bannersnack and they can be the space-saving option for some users.


GIF and HTML5 documents can also be created. These documents are available to download or embed. If you’re working with a website administrator, you can simply send them the embed code for the banner to be placed on any webpage.

These files are also accepted by major advertising networks. You can use them in Google’s Display Network but you can also use them in AdRool and Facebook campaigns.

Bannersnack Uses

Advertising online is never easy. I know my company makes constant efforts to maximize the results.

But since banners are items you can click on, keeping track of these clicks is easy. This is why Bannersnack created an Analyzer tool which shows the number of clicks your banner had.

It’s an interesting method of checking how your banner is performing. If you’re working in advertising, this might be a simple tool for A-B testing. This type of testing refers to changing and optimizing parameters for certain campaigns to see better results. I’m not in advertising. But I still use the Analyzer tool to see if and how many readers clicked my recommended articles I regularly promote with banners.


In the advertisement, banners attract attention. If you’ve ever created a Facebook add, you know that the most successful campaigns are based on attractive images. Users scrolling through endless feeds are not going to stop at simple text ads. If you manage to integrate the right graphics into the campaign, you might get better results.


Enhancing User Experience

As for me, I look to maximize the user experience on my company’s website. I want all those visiting our website to get real value and for use to provide maximum information in a way that is easy to consume.

As a result, I use attractive banners to direct the attention of the readers to the most important areas of the webpage. A lot of what my company does is inter-connected. I also use banners to send visitors to similar products they might be interested in.


There are 2 major routes into Bannersnack subscription plans. You can choose individual plans or team plans which are mainly useful for businesses.


I chose the individual route as there’s no team for me to work with.

If you’re new on the Bannersnack website, you can subscribe to a free trial where you see the ins and outs of the software.

Once the trial period is over, you can choose the $7 Starter plan. It allows 30 monthly banners with access to 3,000 media library resources.

The Pro plan costs $18 per month and it comes with unlimited monthly banner creation. It offers users up to 5,000 media library resources with included animations and transitions.

The Plus plan is the comprehensive option of individual subscriptions. It costs $36 and it offers custom branded URLs together with extended analytics. You can use this plan if you want to keep an eye on how your banner is performing.



All of these plans come with pre-defined templates. Feel free to go to the website and join a free or a paid monthly plan to check these templates. They are categorized in various industries from automobile to beauty. Practically, you don’t have to waste time coming up with a banner that works for your line of work.

Final Verdict

If you’re working in teams, you need to head over to Team Plans to organize your banners. Here’s where you create the access accounts to all those who take part in your advertisement campaign.

Bannersnack has various levels of practicality. From the enthusiastic individual adding graphics and creating simple banners to businesses working with entire marketing departments, it covers all needs. But the best part is that when you sign-up to the free trial, there are no limitations to your account and you can see all functions Bannersnack has to offer.


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