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Do you enjoy sharing your knowledge and expertise on a topic with others? Are you looking for a way to create online courses that will allow you to share this knowledge while increasing your profits? With Thinkific, you'll be able to build a business by creating online courses to share with others.

In the sections below, we have conducted a review of Thinkific. We'll cover some of the basics as well as some of the features and benefits that make Thinkific stand out. After reading through our review, you should be able to decide if Thinkific will be a good fit for helping you create online course to increase your income.

Thinkific Review

Building Courses

Once you have decided on the content you want to offer through your online courses, Thinkific will make it easy for you to upload your content and get your course all set up. You can use their drag and drop tools to help you modify the order in which your lessons will appear to make sure they are set in the order that makes the most sense for your students.

Building Courses

You will be able to make your courses engaging and interactive for your students as well. You can add videos, discussion tools, or create surveys for your students as they are learning.

You will be able to share files with your students that they will be able to download to their computers. Thinkific will also allow you to create quizzes to assess what your students have learned at various points throughout your course.

Fully Customization

With Thinkific, you can set up your course to run exactly how you want it to. You can create prerequisite lessons that your students must complete before enrolling in a particular course, create private courses that will only be accessible by certain individuals, add different instructors to your courses, and create membership sites for your students. These features will ensure that you deliver the best possible experiences for your students.

Designing Your Site

In today's world, the look of your courses is nearly as important as the content you offer. Designing attractive and engaging courses can help you attract students to sign up and can ensure that your attendees are engaged and learning throughout the course.

 Designing Your Site

Thinkific has developed a variety of themes that are designed for the specific purpose of selling educational courses. You will be able to customize the look of whichever theme you choose and add the different sections and pieces you'll need for your course.

Thinkific offers tools that will allow you to easily modify the look of your course without needing to enter any code. However, if you enjoy coding and want to further customize your site, Thinkific provides you full access to CSS and HTML coding.

Marketing and Selling Your Courses

Without marketing tools, you won't be able to enroll as many students in the courses you offer. With Thinkific, you can create coupons and special promotions for your courses to increase interest and attract new students. You can also offer free trials for portions of your courses and offer customized first month payment options.

Marketing and Selling

Students who register for your course will be able to pay using all major credit cards through a secure checkout system. To reach all the members of your audience, you will also be able to accept payments in more than 100 different currencies. Once a student pays for your course, you will receive the payment immediately.

To encourage others to share your courses and attract new students, you can create an affiliate program. You can set up tracking and customized commission rates to make sure those who share your courses are compensated if someone they refer signs up.

You will also be able to connect Thinkific with you're the email provider you use. Thinkific can help you create targeted email campaigns to send to your leads to encourage them to register for one of your courses.

Marketing and Selling

If you're already using marketing apps or other tools for your business, Thinkific will be able to integrate with them to help you further grow and promote your business.

With Thinkific, you'll also be able to run an analysis on the ads and marketing campaigns that you create. You can determine how effective they were at getting new students to register for your courses to help you determine whether you want to scale your ads, modify them, or terminate them.

Providing Support to Students

Thinkific wants to help you help your students experience success. They have developed a variety of features that are designed to help your students get the most out of your courses to ensure that they are satisfied with the content you are providing.

Providing Support to Students

Thinkific will display progress indicators to help your students see how much content remains in a particular section of the course. You will be able to determine whether you want your students to be able to look back on course content and videos as much as they want, or whether you only want them to be able to view them a certain number of times. You can help your students feel pride when they complete a course by creating completion pages or certificates for the courses you offer.

You will also be able to monitor the progress of your students and encourage them as they complete your courses. Thinkific offers various reporting tools that will allow you to monitor the progress of individual students or particular cohorts. You will be able to export data to share it with others or use it for your business purposes as well.

Student Progress

To help show your students that you care about them and their progress, you can also create automated check-ins. Thinkific can send emails or reminders for you that will let you check in on your students and encourage them to complete the course.

Security Features

Thinkific takes your security and that of your students seriously. SSL certificates are included for your site, and Thinkific provides secure hosting on the cloud to make sure that your information and data is protected.


Updates will automatically be installed, so you won't need to worry about using an outdated version of Thinkific or missing out on a new feature.

Thinkific also provides 24/7 monitoring to ensure that your site is operating as it should be. Their sites have a 99.9% uptime, so you won't lose out on students due to bad experiences with a poorly functioning site.

Selecting the Right Plan

Thinkific offers four different plans to help you choose the package that is right for you and your current needs. The first plan is free.

Selecting the Right Plan

With the Free Plan, you'll be able to create three courses for an unlimited number of students. You will also be able to create surveys and quizzes for your students and will receive your funds immediately after students sign up.

The Basic Plan adds on to what is offered in the Free Plan. With this plan, you'll be able to develop an unlimited number of course. You will also be able to set up email integrations and email students, create a custom domain, create schedule content, offer coupons, and run affiliate reporting.

The Pro Plan continues to build on what is offered in the Basic Plan. With this plan, you can create two site administrator accounts, set up five course administrators, create private courses, and receive priority support from the Thinkific team if you encounter any issues. Additionally, you can set up advance course pricing options for your students and create assignments and completion certificates.

The most advanced plan offered by Thinkific is the Premier Plan. This plan is best suited for well-established companies who are looking to build their followings and their business even more. The Premier Plan allows you to add five site administrator accounts, set up 50 course administrators, add 15 group analysts, and offer single sign on.

If you sign up for the Premier Plan, you'll also receive the onboarding package. When you sign up, you will receive a call from a team member at Thinkific to help you get started and make sure you are set up and ready to build your business.


  • Thinkific makes it easy to upload your course content and design your course pages.
  • You can create coupons, special offers, and an affiliate program to help you increase the number of students who register for your courses.
  • You can monitor your students' progress in completing your courses and set up automated emails to check-in on them.


  • If you want to be able to create assignments or certificates for your students, you will need to sign up for the Pro Plan.

Final Verdict

If you are looking to create online courses to share valuable content with others, Thinkific offers a variety of tools that will help you do so with ease. You'll be able to offer courses packed full of great content and user-friendly features that will help your students interact and engage with what you have to offer. Visit Thinkific's website to create your first online course and watch your business take off!


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