ClickFunnels Review

Funnels are designed to help visitors to your site navigate through the sales process without getting confused or leaving your site before placing their order. Funnels can also be used to help direct customer to the perfect product to meet their specific needs, or they can be used to help you follow-up and stay in contact with your customers. Click Funnels can help make it easy for you to develop these valuable tools to help you increase your sales and add more loyal customers to your lists.

Clickfunnels Review

Over 96,000 entrepreneurs all over the world use Click Funnels to help them build their business and increase their profits. ClickFunnels have help then individuals to process more than $4 billion dollars. Read through our review below to find out if ClickFunnels is the solution your business has been searching for.

Tools to Help You Create Profitable Funnels and More

ClickFunnels strives to make it easy for you to create the funnels you'll need to move your business forward. Their dashboards will help walk you through the steps of creating the funnels you'll need.

ClickFunnels offers a wide variety of funnel templates for you to choose from. They can also help you choose the right funnel based on your needs and the products you sell. There are funnels for just about anything you can imagine -- from selling your products to customers or other businesses to increasing your leads to becoming a top selling author.

ClickFunnels Review

After choosing your funnel type, you can choose from their library of various page designs and styles. After choosing your style, your funnel will be complete and ready to make sure you convert your visitors to your site into leads, or subscribers into customers.

Then, you'll be able to personalize the look of your pages. The drag and drop editor will allow you to easily modify the look of the page or add the elements you want to see on it.

ClickFunnels Review

You can change fonts and texts, add images, videos, and more. This will allow you to create the perfect looks to match your brands, products, and to reach your customer base.

When you sign up with ClickFunnels, you won't need to use other apps or tools to run your websites, autoresponders, or shopping carts. ClickFunnels takes care of all of these services for you as well. They really are your one stop show for marketing your products, selling them to your customers, and delivering what your customers are looking for.

Funnels to Help Sell Your Products

One of the ways ClickFunnel's users frequently use their funnel builder is for creating funnels to sell products. These funnels are designed to guide the visitors to your site and encourage them to become a customer and place an order.

ClickFunnels Review

ClickFunnels offers many sales page templates for you to choose from in their Page Editor. They have done the work for you, and have created and tested thousands of different page templates. The pages with the highest conversion rates are ready and waiting for you to apply them to your website and needs.

After you've decided which design template you want to use, you can use the drag and drop editor to help you finish the funnel. There are numerous sales elements that you can choose and drop onto the page, depending on your needs and visions. After laying out the page, you'll be able to personalize these elements to add specific information related to your business and products.

ClickFunnels Review

Another well-known business technique for increase the value of an order is to offer your customers an upsell. ClickFunnels makes it easy to apply this technique to the orders placed through your website. You can crease upsell pages using the Page Editor, and then these pages will automatically display to encourage your visitors to add one of your products or services to their order before checking out.

ClickFunnels can also help you create order form pages. These pages are designed to ensure a quick check-out for your customers to prevent you loosing out on a sale because of a tedious check-out experience. ClickFunnels has pre-designed the templates for you, so all you'll need to do it add in the specific information related to the products or services you sell.

Funnels to Generate New Leads

Another essential aspect of growing a business is finding new leads. ClickFunnels can help you create opt-in pages that will help you build your subscriber list and provide you with more and more potential customers.

ClickFunnels Review

ClickFunnels has made it simple to create the perfect opt-in page for your website. There are a variety of templates to choose from, and you'll just need to add the relevant information related to your business. Once your page is complete, you'll be all set to gather new leads and expand on your customer base.

Funnels to Follow-Up with Customers

Actionetics MD is another service offered by ClickFunnels. When you sign up for your subscription, you can choose to upgrade to this service. With Actionetics MC, you'll be able to create marketing sequences to stay in touch and follow up with your customers. Actionetics is designed to get take the place of your email autoresponders, Facebook Messenger bots, marketing automation tools, and push notifications on your desktop.

ClickFunnels Review

The follow-up funnels are designed to help you stay in contact with your customers, build relationships, and create future sales for your business. Actionetics MD allows you to market to your customers to meet their specific needs. You will be able to send them personalized messages and offers that are more likely to resonate with them than if you were to send the same message or offer to your entire email list.

Actionetics will segment the members of your list to make it possible for you send targeted messages to them. Your smart list will include information about each member including who they are, how they came to visit your website, the products they've purchased, and any other actions they may have taken. You'll be able to pull any information about your customers down the road in order to send an email to a specific segment of your customer list.

Other Reasons to Give ClickFunnels a Try

There are many other reasons why you'll love using ClickFunnels. They have designed their dashboard to make it user-friendly and intuitive. All of the tools are organized and easily accessible, so it'll help you streamline the process of creating your funnels.

ClickFunnels also view security as a top priority. You can feel confident that your information and any information entered by your customers will be kept safe and secure.

ClickFunnels Review

Since ClickFunnels sites are hosted on a huge public cloud cluster, the websites you create will be able to handle lots of traffic. You won't need to worry about potential customers getting driven away from your site because it becomes unresponsive or loads slowly.

ClickFunnels frequently release software updates to ensure everything functions and runs smoothly. Additionally, they are always working on adding new templates to help you improve your funnels and webpages. These new templates are always free to use.

ClickFunnels Review

When you sign up with ClickFunnels, you won't have to download or install any programs onto your computer. All of the features you'll need will be accessible when you login to their website.

ClickFunnels also offers great customer service. If you encounter any issues, you'll be able to reach out and find support 24/7.

Finally, since they offer a 14-day free trial, there really is no reason not to try them out. You'll be able to experiment with all the tools and build funnels to see how beneficial becoming a subscriber can be for your business.


  • You will be able to create an effective funnel to help you increase sales or leads with just a few clicks.
  • You can create opt-in pages to help you collect information from new leads.
  • They offer a 14-day free trial that will allow you to test drive all of the features they have to offer.


  • If you want to take advantage of all the additional services offered by Actionetics MD, you'll have to pay extra to upgrade your subscription plan.

Final Verdict

If you're looking for a tool to help you increase your sales and stay in touch with your customers, give ClickFunnels a try. They offer a variety of tools that will make it easy for you to create these essential tools for your business.

We think that ClickFunnels will become a huge asset to your business. If you think that another sales funnel builder may be a better fit for you, head over to read our review titled the Top 5 Sales Funnel Builders. Here, in addition to ClickFunnels, you'll find information related to four other sales funnel builders that you may enjoy.


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