Kinsta Review

If you are looking to find a managed WordPress hosting company for your website, Kinsta has numerous key benefits and features to offer you. In 2013, Kinsta was started with the goal of providing customers a WordPress hosting solution that will deliver speed and security for their websites.

In the sections below, we'll look at the various features that will be included if you sign up to use Kinsta to host your WordPress website. Read through our review to help you learn more about Kinsta to determine if it is a good fit for you.

Kinsta Review

Speed and Reliability

When you use Kinsta for your WordPress hosting, you won't need to worry about webpages that take forever to load. Kinsta uses Nginx, PHP 7.3, LXD software containers to provide you with unbeatable load speeds. With Kinsta, you'll receive automatic scalability and resource isolation that will further contribute to how quickly your pages will load.

 Speed and Reliability

Kinsta only utilizes the top, most reliable forms of technology. This helps ensure that your websites are hosted on a reliable network. Kinsta stays up to date with installing new versions for their technology to keep everything operating smoothly.

Since Kinsta is powered by the Google Cloud Platform, you'll be able to take advantage of the 20 global data centers that are provided by Google. This will help your pages load quickly for your customers and ensure that your data is transferred securely.

If your WordPress site is currently hosted on another platform, you won't need to worry about it being down while it is moved to Kinsta. Kinsta has a team of expert migrators who will take care of the whole process of migrating your site. They create a temporary domain to make sure that your customers and visitors will retain access to your site at all times.

Site Management

Kinsta has developed a user-friendly dashboard that will allow you to manage the various aspects of your site. The dashboard will make tasks such as adding new sites, requesting a migration, or viewing analytics easy and straightforward.


Since there are 20 Google Cloud Platform data centers all over the world, you'll be able to choose the server that is closest to the majority of your followers. This will ensure that the visitors to your website enjoy the best possible experience.

Kinsta also offers staging areas where you can test new versions of WordPress, plugins, or updates to your site. If you are satisfied with how the changes appear on your site, you'll be able to push these modifications to your life site by just pressing a button.

From the MyKinsta platform, you'll also be able to keep track of statistics, such as the number of people who visited your site, the response times, and CDN usage.

If there are others on your team who you would like to allow access to your site, you can do so easily with Kinsta. You can control which aspects of your site they have access to as well.



Kinsta also provides a number of security features that will ensure that the data associated with your site remains private. DDos attack detection, firewalls, and SSL support are all included in your subscription. Your site will also be monitored 24/7 to ensure that it is running error-free.

Other Features to Love

Kinsta performs backups of your site each day. This will allow you to revert to a previous version of your site in the event of a major problem. If your site is updated or revised numerous times a day and you would like to schedule more frequent backups, Kinsta can provide this service for an additional fee.


The team at Kinsta also monitors your site to ensure that it is up and running as it should be. Your site's status will be checked every two minutes to see if is down or up like it should be. Since Kinsta performs these checks every two minutes, it allows them to catch and remedy any issues before your customers even notice an issue.


With Kinsta, you'll be able to scale your site to meeting the needs of your growing business. If you get an unpredicted surge in the number of visitors to your site after an effective ad campaign, Kinsta will be ready to handle the increase traffic. Their powerful servers will ensure that everyone who tries to visit your website makes it through.

Kinsta also includes a hack guarantee with their plans. If your website gets hacked when it is hosted by Kinsta, they will fix it for you as quick as possible. Kinsta also implements numerous measures to prevent hacking in the first place, so it is highly unlikely that you'll get hacked.


Kinsta places a high value on the satisfaction of their customers. They have developed a variety of ways to support you and keep you as a loyal customer.

Kinsta's team are well-versed in WordPress. They'll be able to help you if you experience any issues, need help with themes or plugins, or are having trouble with server maintenance. Their team also communicates well with each other and will share any fixes they found to make sure everyone is well-equipped to address any issues that may pop up.


Since Kinsta's support team can be reached at any time day or night, you'll always be able to resolve your issues or find answers to your questions quickly. If a team member is working on a request for you, they will keep you updated about the status and what still needs to happen; ensuring that you don't remain in the dark about what is being done to help you.

Finally, Kinsta's team is invested in helping you solve any issues you may be experienced. If needed, they will reach out to the other experts on the team to help them take care of an especially challenging problem. They won't stop until they're able to find the solution you are looking for.

Kinsta Plans

Kinsta offers 10 different plan options to make sure that everyone is able to choose the plan that will best fit their needs. The most basic plan is the Starter Plan. This plan allows 1 WordPress Install, 20,000 visits to your website, and 10 GB of disk space. The Pro Plan will provide you with two WordPress installs, 40,000 visitors to your site, and 20 GB of disk space.

Kinsta Plans

Kinsta has also developed four plans that are designed for business. Each of these plans include a different number of WordPress Installs, monthly visitors, and disk space. If you run a large-scale company and need more, there are also four different enterprise plans for you to choose from. These plans continue adding more WordPress installs, monthly visitors, and disk space onto what is offered in the business plans.

With all of Kinsta's plans, you can choose to sign up for a monthly subscription or a yearly subscription. Signing up for a yearly subscription will decrease your total amount; you'll end up receiving two free months of service.


  • The MyKinsta dashboard can help you manage your website and keep track of everything from one convenient location.
  • Their customer support team will not quit working on an issue until they find a solution that you are happy with.
  • They offer 10 different plan options to help you find what will be suit your needs.


  • The plans are pretty pricey, especially if you'll need the features included in a business or enterprise plan.

Final Verdict

If you are looking for the right hosting company for your WordPress site, hopefully reading through our review has helped you decide if Kinsta will be a good fit. They offer a variety of features that are designed to make hosting your site safe, easy, and profitable. Visit their website to help you learn more about each plan option so you can select the best option for you and your website.


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