Sales Funnel Strategies

You’ve got your product ready to go, and you just made a sleek website, but the sales aren’t rolling in like you thought. You know your product is the best on the market, but business seems stagnant.

Many businesses think that having a great product will drive their business and gain them more customers, however, that’s only part of the story. Obtaining customers based on your product alone is difficult, however, there is one proven method to convert random strangers to loyal brand advocates—a sales funnel strategy. 

What Is a Sales Funnel Strategy?

To capitalize on your ideas and hard work, you need to come up with a plan to reach people who would buy your product. A sales funnel strategy will help you do this.

Sales Funnel Strategy

A sales funnel strategy isn’t really something you buy so much as it’s something you devise using multiple resources. You can imagine your funnel strategy as an upside down pyramid where at each level potential customers are filtered out until you finally get to the people willing to buy your product.

A sales funnel is comprised of 5 main parts that will help you find the best customers for your product. A well-designed sales funnel will help you get better leads by marketing to the right people, and then, those leads will make a purchase—potentially becoming lifelong customers.

Sales Funnel Stages

At the very top of your sales funnel strategy is the awareness phase. In this phase, potential customers become aware that your business exists. 

A level lower lies the interest phase. Potential customers will do their own research about your products and learn more about your business. 

Next is the evaluation phase. Here, people that have researched your business will compare you against your competitors. 

If a potential customer finds your business favorable compared to competitors, they will enter the decision phase. This phase is where your superior product shines.

Sales Funnel Pyramid

Finally, there is the purchase phase. A potential customer turns into a real customer. 

After a customer makes a purchase, they will enter two more stages past the purchase. The first is the reevaluation phases where a customer will reevaluate your business by your product. If they like your product, they’ll enter the repurchases phase where, you guessed it, they buy more of your product. 

What Is a Marketing Funnel?

A marketing sales funnel is the name for the few beginning stages of your sales funnel strategy. In these stages, you must bring awareness to the right people and then hold on to them until they make their first purchase.

Marketing Funnel

In the awareness stage, you want to market your product on websites, social media, and maybe even television. However, it’s not that simple. You can waste a lot of time, energy, and money on marketing if it’s not done in the right place.

When you go to market your product, you need a targeted plan. Advertising to the masses gets you ignored. That’s why you need to research your audience. Ask these questions: Who does my product appeal to? What platform do they use the most every day? Where should I place my advertisements? Using analytics, these questions are easily answered, and you’ll be able to reach more quality customers. 

Target Audience

Next, you will want to use an even more targeted marketing strategy to receive more attention to your business. The most common way to do this is to run email campaigns to people who know what your business is. By doing this, you can make sure they become engaged with your business, and if they’re interested in what you’re offering, then they will start researching your business.


After you establish your marketing, it’s time to get potential customers converted to actual customers.

Build a Funnel

The crux of a good sales funnel is a website that drives sales. You may have a sleek, beautiful website, but it may not drive sales the way you think it does. This is because most websites built without a sales funnel strategy in mind often have a lot of clutter. The more clutter you have, the more opportunities a potential customer has to miss the checkout page. 

Fortunately, Click Funnels has you covered. Click funnels offers a way to design your website with a sales funnel strategy in mind. You’ll be able to create a website that looks great, but also drives customers to make a purchase.

Hand Holding Credit Card

What makes Click Funnels so great, is it’s an all-in-one. It provides you with a website that drives purchases, but it also gives you real data about who uses your site for a better marketing strategy. 

By using Click Funnels, your website will work for you in two ways: It’ll help you come up with a targeted marketing strategy, and it’ll help you convert those leads into paying customers.


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