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My wife and I both adore watching movies - it is one of our favorite activities together after hard days at work. We often want to just rent out a movie and relax with a simple dinner, but many of the movie renters do not make the experience as simple as we would like it to be.

After doing some research online, I stumbled upon RedBox and I was instantly interested in the company because we happen to have an old DVD player that we want to use more. We just love that old-school feeling of playing a DVD, popping some popcorn and chilling with our friends.


That is why I dived into some research online to see what RedBox offers and I was very impressed that they offer DVD, BluRay Discs, and also stream movies and TV shows online. This meant the best of both worlds for me and my boyfriend and by now, we’re both hooked on RedBox.

Redbox Features

  • They offer movies at affordable prices.
  • They always have the newly released movies available.
  • DVD rental.
  • Blu-ray rental.
  • Online streaming.
  • Many kiosks around the country.
  • A very broad selection of movies and TV shows.
  • The opportunity to buy movies on discs.
  • 4K Ultra HD quality of movies.
  • Prices starting as low as $1.80 a day for DVDs and $2 a day for Blu-ray.
  • No monthly subscription required.
  • Earn free movie night rentals via Redbox Perks.
  • Reserve a movie online.
  • Return the disc in any of the kiosks.

Redbox Products

At the Box

RedBox offers an extremely rich selection of movies to rent. They make your choosing experience quite pleasant and easy by pointing out which movies have been awarded, and which of them are the most popular choices. Additionally, the staff itself has its own picks that they offer using their knowledge and expertise, and there are recommended movies that will look better on Blu-ray. There is also a possibility of buying these movies.


What comes in handy is the amazing filtering option that lets you filter movies by whether you want to buy them or rent them, whether you want them on DVD, Blu-ray or 4k UHD, filtering by genre, or even by rating. Finally, there are collections of movies by theme that additionally makes your choice easier, and a “Coming Soon” section that lets you know which movies you can expect in the future.

Redbox on Demand

RedBox lets you stream movies on all your devices without needing to subscribe - this is their newest addition. You pay for streaming for only one movie, TV show episode, or else, and not a monthly subscription which is very nice.


Once you rent a movie, you have 30 days to stream it, and once you watch it once you can re-watch it in the next 48 hours before the streaming process finishes.

Accessing Redbox on Demand can be done through your TV, phone, or other mobile devices. But, it is fair to mention that it might not be compatible with some types of devices. It is compatible with the following devices:

Smart TV devices:

  • Android TV.
  • Apple TV.
  • LG.
  • Roku.
  • Samsung TV.
  • Vizio Smart TV.

Mobile Devices:

  • iOS devices 10X and higher.
  • Android (5.0 Lollipop to 8.X Oreo).

Computers on Safari, Firefox, Internet Explorer and Edge.

  • Mac — OS X El Capitan, OS X Sierra, and OS X High Sierra.
  • Windows 7 and 10.

Redbox Specials

Free Live TV


One of the special things that RedBox offers is its free live TV that anybody can watch online. For those that can’t choose and just want to watch something easy, free TV is a great option where you can choose from several channels. Down below the live TV you can see the program and what’s going to be shown next and at which time. You can watch some famous channels like TMZ and USA Today.

Find a Box


Redbox has an extremely helpful feature called Find a Box that can help you to find the nearest box to you. You just enter your zip code, and the feature shows you all the boxes in the vicinity. By clicking on “Browse” you can see what’s available in each of them and decide on which one you would like to go.

Redbox Deals


RedBox offers a wide variety of deals for its customers. They have partnered up with other companies like DoorDash, Slice Pizza, and Chuck E. Cheese to bring you a full movie night experience in your homes accompanied by dinner.


Payment for the online streaming service can be done via a credit card from all the major providers like American Express, Discover, Mastercard, and Visa. On the other hand, for payment on the actual kiosks, you can use On Demand Cards, Visa Checkout or Masterpass.


Redbox App

For a better experience, RedBox has an app in which all the available movies are shown to customers from the comfort of their homes. Customers can check if the movies they are looking for are out on RedBox without having to go to an actual kiosk and checking in person. People can browse by filtering kiosks that are closest to their location. The payment can be done through the app, or online, so the movie will be reserved when the person arrives at the kiosk.


Customer Support

RedBox has very good customer support that can be reached on the following number 1.866.REDBOX3 (1.866.733.2693). It is available for 7 days a week, 8 am - 10 pm CT. Also, they are extremely responsive on Twitter on their Redbox Care (@redboxcare) profile, so people can contact them there as well. Another way of contacting the customer service is through email on [email protected].

Pros & Cons


  • Very affordable prices.
  • You pay for one movie without a need for a monthly subscription.
  • Fast process of renting.
  • Easy to return to any kiosk of your choosing.
  • Many good deals and promo codes.


  • You can only keep the movie for one day which is sometimes a too short period.
  • Sometimes the movies under “New releases” are not very new.

Final Verdict

So far, I am very impressed with RexBox, and so is my wife. We often have date nights in the company of Redbox’s movies and we really love the big array of movies to choose from. I especially like the collections of movies where I always find something interesting even though I have a bit of a tricky taste when it comes to movies.

Also, I am very positively impacted by the new releases that will be available very soon after the movies are released, and I have to mention the great deals we always get. I honestly recommend RedBox, and it is very easy to rent one movie and check it out without having to make a monthly or yearly obligation.


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