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Have you ever dreamed about being in the stadium as the team you've cheered for all your life wins the Super Bowl?

Unless you're one of a lucky handful, this is probably an unrealized fantasy. Football is an American pastime and a huge aspect of American culture. That means that NFL tickets can get really pricey really fast. And what happens if you buy season tickets only for your team to lose in the first round of cuts?

Online ticketing platforms can get you access to NFL tickets. We've broken down the benefits and drawbacks of some of the best.

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StubHub is one of the largest online ticketing platforms in the US, offering tickets to theater productions, comedy specials, concerts, and sports events across the spectrum. The NFL is just one of many sports leagues with event ticketing available.

Finding NFL tickets is easy with the intuitive website layout. You just mouse over "Sports," and the NFL is right there.


When you look at the drop-down list of ticket opportunities, at the top you'll see tickets for the NFL Playoffs and Super Bowl. Even if you don't yet know who's going to play, you can secure a seat at this event. It can be exciting if you love the atmosphere of football, and infinitely more thrilling if your team makes it that far.

Underneath that, there are individual ticketing options for every team in the NFL. You just have to find the one you're rooting for.

Upon clicking on the team or event of choice, you'll be brought to a list of all the known dates and venues for this season. If looking for a specific team, you can filter your events by choosing:

  • Home games, away games, or both.
  • More specific dates, with the option to customize a range.
  • Tickets for the event itself, for parking, or for other purposes.

The events are sorted by date as a default option. But you can choose to sort by:

  • Date.
  • Price.
  • Distance.
  • Event popularity.

This filtering system is fantastic because it lets you plan an amazing NFL experience to see your favorite team, even if you don't have the complete season schedule memorized.


  • It's easy to search for NFL ticketing by playoffs, Super Bowl, or any scheduled games for your favorite team.
  • The filtering system lets you find the best event for you even if you're not familiar with the exact season schedule.
  • You can sort tickets by the part of the stadium that the seats are in as well as the quantity.


  • The company charges service and purchase fees for the convenience, so you'll end up paying more at checkout than the listed base price of the ticket.

TicketNetwork is another event ticketing website that has sporting events sorted by league. When you go to the NFL page, you'll find teams sorted by the National Football Conference and American Football Conference. From there, you just have to click a team name to pull up their scheduled events.

There's also a section for additional events. That's where you'll find NFL ticketing data, tickets for the Pro Bowl, and tickets for the Super Bowl. Tickets for these games do tend to sell out fast, and the price inflates a lot as soon as it's known what teams will be competing.


When you do click on a team, you'll be shown a list of their events. You can specify that you only want to view games in the team's hometown rather than away games. You can also customize your dates or filter for games within the next week or month.

This criteria doesn't allow for quite the same level of filtering and sorting, but it still lets you find the events you're looking for. From there, you can compare the prices and seating positions of available tickets.

Like the previous option on the list, this company charges service fees and other fees when you complete your transaction. That means you'll be paying more at checkout than the price of the tickets.


  • You can search for early playoff and Super Bowl tickets as well as tickets for any team.
  • The filtering system makes it easy to narrow down games that work with your location and schedule.
  • All multi-ticket purchases are guaranteed to be seated together unless the seller specifically notes that they aren't.


  • There are transaction and convenience fees charged that make the price higher than the base level.

TickPick is an event ticketing company with a business model built around supplying tickets without charging hidden fees. Any fees and commissions are factored into the display price of the ticket, so you don't pay anything extra once you reach the checkout screen.

The company's homepage allows you to easily search by sports team or event, so if you have a favorite team or want playoff tickets, you can find your options without even pressing a button.


When you navigate to the NFL page, you'll find categories for the Super Bowl, Pro Bowl, and any preseason events. Then you have the option to choose a specific team to view events for.

Teams are sorted more thoroughly on this page than with most of the other organizational systems. The categories are:

  • NFC East.
  • AFC East.
  • NFC North.
  • AFC North.
  • NFC West.
  • AFC West.
  • NFC South.
  • AFC South.

Another charming aspect of this setup is that the page gives you quick guidelines for how to get the best value when you're looking for NFL tickets. This includes the best times to buy, the places you should sit, information about last minute purchases, and information about a bidding system.

The bidding system is unique to TickPick. You state what tickets you're looking for and what you're willing to pay, and you see whether a seller is willing to match your price or negotiate.


  • A very well-organized homepage search and NFL page make it easy to find information about events and scheduling for any team.
  • The website's NFL page also includes step-by-step guidelines and tips for finding the most inexpensive options.
  • There's a bidding system that lets you name your own ticket price and see if any sellers are willing to match it.


  • The number of available tickets might not be as high as with larger reseller websites that have bigger user bases.
Select A Ticket

Select A Ticket is another event ticketing website that allows resellers to list their tickets at their own prices. On the homepage, you can search for ticketing information by typing a team name or event into the search bar. This makes finding your NFL team schedule easy.

When you go to the Sports Tickets page, you'll be shown a labeled set of photographs for each of the categories. Clicking on the NFL link will bring you to the website's Football Tickets page.

Select A Ticket

It should be noted that this event category includes all types of football events. In addition to the NFL, you'll see listings for:

  • AFL.
  • CFL.
  • NCAA.
  • Other leagues and events.

If you only want to see NFL listings, you'll have to filter the results by clicking on the NFL category.

There are a ton of search filtering options that you can adjust to be as broad or specific as you like. You can search certain months, certain venues, predetermined or customized dates, and the involved performers. You can even filter events by the days of the week they land on, or whether they occur during day or night.

These search parameters do allow you to be very specific in your choices, but they also mean that you have to click more buttons to get where you want to go.


  • The football page shows you information about all football leagues and events throughout the country, rather than just the NFL.
  • The filtering options are more highly specific than you get with any of the competition, which allows you to narrow down options by multiple criteria.
  • You can search for events by a team name or browse local sports events in your area.


  • The customized filter options are organized in a way that's a little unwieldy, so the interface isn't as intuitive as some of the other web design options on the market.

ScoreBig is an event ticketing marketplace that allows people to resell their tickets for their own prices. When you go to the homepage, you have the option to search for tickets by team name and event type. It's easy to look up available NFL tickets for a specific team or playoff game.

You can view a page with specific NFL tickets by finding the NFL tab in the "Sports" menu. The teams are divided into AFC and NFC categories, with an easy-to-read layout showing the name and a photo of the home stadium for each.


There doesn't appear to be an easy way to find playoff or Super Bowl tickets early in the season, but the company may make these categories available once there are actually tickets on sale.

When you click on a team, you'll be brought to a roster of all of their events. The default sorting will be whatever events are in the closest geographic radius to you. You can alter your search results to show events in all locations or events in a different city.

You can also narrow down the events by time frame. Options include:

  • This month.
  • A specific month.
  • This weekend.
  • This week.
  • Tomorrow.
  • Today.

This makes it fairly easy to find tickets if you're planning for a specific weekend or sightseeing in a specific area.


  • You can search for events and team names from the home page, finding schedules without clicking a button.
  • The NFL page has an aesthetically pleasing design with teams sorted simply to make finding them easier.
  • A lot of information regarding the history of the NFL and NFL ticket buying is also available through the website.


  • Finding playoff and Super Bowl tickets might be difficult until deep into the football season.

Top Pick

If we're picking a winner out of these five excellent options, the best choice has to go to StubHub for a number of reasons:

  • Easy search options for team schedules and playoff games.
  • Intuitive page formatting with helpful search filters.
  • Ability to pinpoint criteria without needing to click a lot of buttons.

In addition, because this service is one of the largest online ticket vendors in the world, you're likely to find more variety when you search for options. The many sellers make the market more competitive in terms of pricing and ideal seating.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Buy NFL Tickets in the off Season?

Most NFL events won't have on-sale tickets until the season's schedules are announced. However, there are several teams that have season passes available year-round. These allow you to come to every game the team participates in during the season.

When Is the Best Time to Buy NFL Tickets?

That depends on the event. If you're buying playoff or Super Bowl tickets, they're much cheaper before the playing teams have been announced. Otherwise, the best time varies. You may be able to find last-minute tickets at a steep discount right before a game.


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