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One of the most important accessories for a baseball player is most definitely the baseball bat. A baseball bat is used on every play of the game by one player who is located within the batter's box. It is used to power through the ball during an incoming pitch in order to try and score more runs than the opposing team.

There are many different types of baseball bats, all with their own advantages and disadvantages. The make of a baseball bat can differ from brand to brand, but there are also specifications unique to certain age divisions (such as weight or "drop" for youth, high school, and professional leagues).

For reference, the drop is a regulated modification that can be implemented in bats. With a greater negative drop, such as -11, it means that the swing will feel swifter and the bat more balanced. Drops improve swings and they are highly regulated at competitive play. You will typically see a -3 for college to professional bats. 

As well, each player will have their own preferences when picking out a bat. While some might like a heavier baseball bat others might prefer a lighter, more agile bat. Additionally, each brand has their own style and reputation, so it can be tricky wading through all the types of bat-styles available.

One factor to take into consideration is the construction quality. This should not be overlooked, particularly so because a poor construction means that you are spending hundreds of dollars every time a new season rolls around. Price range could also be important for customers on a budget, or if this is your first bat purchase. Luckily, there are several options offered at an affordable price range.

If you are looking for a high quality baseball bat that is comfortable and effective, you will then probably want to take a good luck at each of the five products that are listed throughout this review. We've gathered up five of the best baseball bats for you to review. Batter up!

Top 5: Baseball Bats Review

Rawlings 2019 5150 USA Youth Baseball Bat (-11), 27"

We're starting off with the fifth rated bat, which is the Rawlings 2019 5150 USA Youth Baseball Bat. This bat is super light-weight and has received outstanding positive reviews. It is designed with a drop -11 balance overall, a significant improvement from the 2018 version of the bat.

Rawlings also constructed this bat with Aircraft-grade 5150 alloy and a patented pOp 2.0 technology for high responsiveness and a expanded sweet spot.

The 2019 version is designed for a quicker and more efficient swing so that more power can be generated through the sweet spot (the best spot on the bat to hit a baseball - it's around the middle). The added Hyper-Lite Speed Cap helps to control the swing speed but doesn't add too much weight.

Weighing in at only 9.6 ounces, players will feel more comfortable trying out a variety of techniques and introducing more technicality into their swing. This bat is 32 x 3 x 3 inches, which is a medium-sized bat.

This baseball bat has trended as one of the hottest new products currently listed on the market. Rawlings has long earned their reputation as a brand that makes durable baseball gear.


  • #1 Best Seller Rating on Amazon.
  • Designed for quicker swing speed.
  • Positive customer reviews.
  • Long term durability.


  • Ideal for youth players only.
  • Expensive price range.
Barnett BB-W Wooden Baseball Bat

This Barnett BB-W Wooden Baseball Bat is number four on our list and for good reason. This particular bat is perfect for casual or beginners to baseball and would be a great starter bat for any youth newcomer. The bat comes in a range of sizes, from 25 to 28, 30, and 32 inches.

The price range for this bat is extremely affordable, especially compared to the previous option. The feel of the rich and sturdy wood is also a plus since players will feel like they are in the big leagues.

BB-W Wooden baseball bat size 32'' (81,28 cm)
BB-W Wooden baseball bat size 32'' (81,28 cm)

Customers can purchase this wooden bat for just over twenty dollars. It is made with high quality wood so that it can be used for fun by players of all ages.


  • Ideal for beginners.
  • Durable wooden build.
  • Affordable price range.


  • Not ideal for competitive players.
Easton 2018 USSSA Ghost X Senior League Baseball Bat 2 3/4 (-10), 30/20 oz

The Easton 2018 USSSA Ghost X Senior League Baseball Bat has earned the third spot on this baseball bat review. This particular bat focuses its design towards competitive league players, with detailed modifications for next-level play.

With a loaded two-piece exact carbon design, this bat was built with an eight length to weight ratio so your bat will feel balanced and not bulky during your swing. The diameter of the barrel is a little bit thicker than most, at around 2 and 3/4 inches. This bat also comes with 1.4mm HYPERSKIN grip so your hands won't sting.

Easton 2018 USSSA Ghost X Senior League Baseball Bat 2 3/4 (-10), 30/20 oz

While this bat soars into the higher end of the price range, you can rest assure that your purchase is the #1 rated bat for youth baseball. Eaton also has a high customer reputation, so you can expect a high-quality and durably build.

The dimensions of this bat are 35 x 3 x 3 and it weighs only 3 pounds. This composite barrel bat is approved for the USSSA 14u and Eaton will honor the one year warranty even when purchased through Amazon. The balance is only a drop -5, but as it is regulation for the USSSA, it will still give you a competitive swing.


  • Ideal for competitive players.
  • Precision based carbon design.
  • Outstanding customer reviews.


  • Expensive price range.
EASTON Project 3 Alpha -3 BBCOR Baseball Bat | 32 inch / 29 oz | 2019 | 1 Piece Aluminum | Carbon-Core | ATAC Alloy | VRS COR | Speed End Cap

Now it is time to take an in-depth look at the EASTON 2019 Project 3 Alpha BBCOR Baseball Bat. This bat has earned the runner-up position on this countdown because it inherits a lot of advanced features that create a larger amount of precision and control for players to utilize during their swing.

The Project 3 Alpha has a drop of -3 and is BBCOR approved for high school and college players. The barrel diameter is set at 2 and 5/8th; an optimized barrel design can generate a higher launch angle and more control of the baseball during an impact.

The balanced feeling in the weight of the bat is not only comfortable, but also more efficient when powering through a swing. This is definitely a reputable baseball bat from a high quality brand in the sport of baseball.

This bat comes as a 33 or 30 inch bat. Made with a strong, material alloy (all as one piece), you can be certain that this bat will not only last, but will also take your game to the next level.


  • Power balanced swing weight.
  • Comfortable bat grip.
  • Enhanced control and precision.


  • Expensive price range.
Marucci MCBC7 Cat7 BBCOR Baseball Bat, 32"/29 oz

The highest ranked bat on this countdown is the Marucci MCBC7 Cat7 BBCOR Baseball Bat. There are several reasons that it has earned the top spot, but the most important reason is the fact that it is a consistently popular bat.

Built with Az4x alloy construction, this material adds increased versatility and strength. The bat to ball responsiveness is also quicker, with less lag upon contact. This bat is the second version of the bat, so Marucci has made some major improvements while staying true to its brand. The Av2 anti-vibration knob has been upgraded so that there is less negative feedback.

Like many of the higher-caliber bats, it has been constructed as one-piece of alloy, which makes it feel smoother and consistent than multi-piece bats. The 2 and 5/8th barrel is BBCOR certified and designed to provide a balanced yet speedy swing.

This bat was designed with an upgraded sweet spot, so you can show off a consistent swing while still purchasing a product within a reasonable price range. The dimensions of this bat are 35 x 3 x 3, weighing in at 2.5 pounds.

Faster swing speeds can be achieved because of the balanced weight proportioning that is integrated into the design of this baseball bat. As it is a BBCOR bar, it has a drop -3, is extremely comfortable for players, and has proven to be effective out on the field.

Unfortunately, this bat was made around 2016 and will not comply with the newest USAbat rules (2017 and on). If you are looking for a sleek, yet affordable bat for competitive play (but not for competitions) then this Marucci is the one for you.


  • Increased strength and swing speeds.
  • Comfortable light weight design.
  • Outstanding customer reviews.


  • Expensive price range.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Factors Should You Look for When Purchasing a Brand New Baseball Bat?

The specific factors that you should be looking for can vary depending on the competitive level that you plan on playing at. If you are a casual player and have only recently started practicing the basics of the game, you may want to consider a casual leisure bat to practice with. One of these bats is Barnett​​​​ BB-W Wooden Baseball Bat, an ideal bat for newcomers who are looking to enhance their skills.

Seasoned players are going to want to check out a more competitive, high quality bat like that EASTON 2019 Project 3 Alpha BBCOR Baseball Bat

The difference between these two bats, for example, is on the inside. Specific design elements like weight distribution can have a major impact on the launch angle of the ball and the amount of controlled and effective swing speed. A higher quality bat also tends to offer more consistency for competitive players.

Final Verdict

All of these baseball bats are extremely interesting and have a lot to offer each player. Hopefully the information provided in this review helped you to differentiate all the unique aspects that can be found in a baseball bat. 


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