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Have you ever missed the NBA game of a lifetime just because the tickets sold out too fast?

It seems like vendors run out of tickets for their popular sporting events within ten minutes. But there are still ways to get tickets up until the last minute, and event ticket sites are some of the most reliable options.

There are a ton of reseller marketplaces that allow people to sell their NBA tickets at prices they designate. We've taken a look at five of the most popular to show you where to look.

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Stubhub is one of the largest event ticketing marketplaces in the world, offering tickets for thousands of events on local and national levels. Sporting events make up a large chunk of the listings.

When you arrive at the website's homepage, there's a search bar that you can use to look for specific events by sports team or player name. If you have an NBA team you're rooting for, this will give you immediate access to all the scheduled games and available tickets for them.


If you're not sure exactly what you're looking for, you can peruse the NBA section of the website. The main page menu has a drop-down list that lets you choose whether you're searching for finals tickets, playoffs tickets, or tickets for a specific team.

On the actual NBA page, you'll be shown events in your area and events outside your area. You can sort them by date, price, popularity, or distance. You can also customize your filters to look for events on specific dates or time frames.

You can select any of the teams to view their event schedules, including whatever games are closest to your physical location. The bottom of the page contains a helpful FAQ regarding the NBA season, how ticketing works, and the history of basketball in the United States.

It's also possible to search for tickets in specific NBA-related categories. The most comprehensive list of these includes:

  • Road games.
  • Global games.
  • Regular season.
  • Team schedules.
  • Matchups.
  • Packages.
  • Events.
  • All star weekend.
  • Playoffs.
  • Parking passes.


  • Not only can you search for tickets by team, but you can also filter results based on specific categories like NBA-related non-game events or parking passes.
  • There are several sort-by options for results and customization choices for time periods.
  • The ticket comparison process is very simple, letting you view multiple seats and their prices in a drop-down format.


  • There are certain fees applicable, and it's hard to know what percentage the final fee will be because different ticket orders have different criteria.

TickPick is another one of the top event ticketing companies in the country. It's a fantastic option for anyone who wants a pricing structure that includes all fees in the main ticket price. Since all costs have been accounted for, you don't have to pay any additional charges when you check out.


The website will let you search for tickets by an event or team, so you can find team scheduling and playoff tickets fairly easily. You can also browse a drop-down list of NBA events by category:

  • NBA Finals.
  • NBA Slam Dunk Contest.
  • NBA All Star Game.
  • Eastern Atlantic teams.
  • Eastern Central teams.
  • Eastern Southeast teams.
  • Western Northwest teams.
  • Western Pacific teams.
  • Western Southwest teams.

The easy, streamlined categorization makes it simple to find what you're looking for by team name or region.

The NBA tickets page gives you access to all of these categories along with helpful tips and tricks for how to save money while still getting the seats you want.

When you click on your team of choice, you'll be shown a list of their upcoming events. This includes a location, venue, basic description, and the lowest ticket price currently available.

Upon picking an event, you're shown a graphic of the stadium. You can click on the sections where you want to find tickets. There are also additional filters and sorting methods.

You can also place a ticket bid wherein you input your ideal ticket criteria and what you're willing to pay, and an interested seller can take you up on it.


  • No hidden fees are charged, and every listing has a "deal rating" using an algorithm that compares the ticket's market value to its listed price.
  • You can use the bidding system to get a lower price on event tickets, though your success is more likely if you don't have many specific criteria.
  • The streamlined search process and visual stadium guide make choosing your ideal spots super quick and easy.


  • The advanced ticket filtering options can be a little cumbersome to use.

As soon as you open the TicketNetwork homepage, you're given a birds-eye view of the most popular and trending events across a variety of categories. If you click on the NBA tab, you'll be brought to a page that allows you to find events by team.

Teams are separated into Western Conference and Eastern Conference columns. When tickets are available for events like the all-star game or the playoffs, the categories are found at the bottom of the page.


You can look at events for a specific team and refine them by your preferred time frame and location. Once you know which event you're going to, you can view the listed tickets. It's possible to narrow options down by price range and seating position.

The interface is streamlined and easy to use. You'll have to do research to compare the listed prices to the market value, but it's common to find deals.


  • The straightforward website setup is easy to use and navigate.
  • You're given a clear picture of events that you can narrow down to help make planning faster.
  • Tickets can be quickly compared and filtered so you're looking at the seats and quantities you want.


  • The homepage's search function won't easily let you type in a team name or event, so you have to click a few buttons to find the information you want.
Select A Ticket

Select A Ticket is an online ticket reseller that offers tickets for dozens of different kinds of events. While the service is best known for its massive range of Broadway and theater offerings, it also has a large scope of sports options. You can find NBA tickets as one of the major sports categories.

The company's Basketball page will show you some of the most popular teams at the top. Below that, you'll be given a list of basketball-related events in your area. You can change your location to see events in different areas. After the location-based results, there's a list of all events.

Select A Ticket

You can filter the list of events without needing to narrow down a certain team or category, which makes this a versatile option. The filters are very comprehensive, but they can sometimes be detailed enough that filling out your criteria becomes overwhelming.

If you do choose a team, be aware that non-NBA events are on the same page with the NBA events unless you specify NBA-only in your filters. Clicking on your team of choice will show you their upcoming events with the date, time, and venue. When you click the Find Tickets button, you'll be shown a list of all the available ticket choices.

The search function includes an interactive graphic map of the stadium. You can choose exactly where you want to be in the seats, which quickly narrows down your options.


  • The interactive stadium graphic lets you quickly filter tickets by your preferred seating sections.
  • There are robust filtering options that can be ideal for those with highly specific needs.
  • It's easy to find local and national events for both the NBA and other basketball leagues.


  • You have to use specified filters if you want to search NBA events only, rather than looking at all available basketball events across all leagues.

ScoreBig is a reseller marketplace with tickets to thousands of events. Sometimes you can find tickets that are deeply discounted, though you need to do research to determine whether a ticket is above or below market price.

On the homepage, you can search for your favorite NBA team or the event you want tickets to. You'll also be given a snapshot of the upcoming local events in your area including music, sports, and theater.


The NBA page sorts teams into sections based on whether they're in the western or eastern conference. Below that, there's information about ticketing and the history of the NBA in the United States.

Clicking on a team will bring up a list of their upcoming events. The database shows ones in your area first, but you can also look at a list of all locations or enter a different location. Similarly, you can change the date parameters to look for a specific time frame.

When you've chosen an event, you can look at the available tickets. Filtering options allow you to further narrow down your criteria. You'll be able to see the quantity of available tickets, starting price, and seating section.

This platform functions best when people use it to look for deals. There are no guarantees that you'll find more affordable prices or more dramatic bargains here. But it is common for last-minute sellers to offer event tickets at a steep discount. You can even search for events by seeking discounted tickets.


  • It's easy to search for a team name or find your team of choice on the NBA tickets page.
  • The list of events automatically shows you what's closest to your location, but you can change the parameters if you're planning or willing to travel.
  • You may be able to search for last-minute event tickets that are selling at deeply discounted rates, though there's never a guarantee.


  • The event searching system doesn't have categories for non-team events like early playoffs ticket buying or all star game buying.

Top Pick

We really can't beat the versatility, variety, and ease of use of Stubhub. The marketplace has a larger selection of NBA tickets than nearly any other online reseller in the world, and it's super easy to narrow down the best events and categories.

One possible drawback of this seller, though, is that the listed ticket price doesn't include the company's convenience fees and other expenses. You might find yourself paying more at the checkout than you expect.


If this is a deal breaker for you, then TickPick is an option that comes close. The website and search functions are just as easy to use, and narrowing down your preferred ticket criteria takes just a few clicks. There's even a bidding system where you can name a price and see if a reseller will accept it.

TickPick integrates all company expenses and fees into their basic ticket prices. That means you know exactly what you're paying before you check out.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Preseason NBA Tickets?

Rather than being for games, these are tickets to events that let fans see how different teams are coming together for a new season. You get a glimpse at new players, new tactics, and a lot of athletic prowess.

What's the Cheapest Way to Get NBA Tickets?

You should compare ticket prices across several platforms to get a feel for the average selling point. Some people find deep discounts on last-minute purchases, but it's a risk: If no tickets become available, you'll miss the event.


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