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This review will be taking an in-depth look at five of the most popular racing helmets that are currently for sale to the public. Racing helmets are typically designed as a major safety enhancement for competitive real world racing. They are designed to absorb major impacts during collisions so that your head can be shielded from injury. The most common injury that they prevent is a concussion. Without a high quality racing helmet, drivers are placing themselves at great risk to potentially receive an injury.

These five products have all met the safety standards that are expected in this industry. These helmets are designed for racing, but they don't exactly have to be used for that specific purpose. Many motorcycle rides or bike riders also wear these types of racing helmets because they often times provide more safety than an average product.

It can certainly be a major challenge to figure out which product is best for your needs. While safety features are always the priority, there can also be other additional features that drastically impact the value and appearance that customers are looking for. The in-depth analysis that each product will receive in the following section of this review will likely help you understand these differences.

Now that all of the important risks about safety have been discussed, it is time to talk about some of the additional aspects and factors that customers should consider before purchasing a racing helmet. A lot of the circumstances depend on exactly what type of racing you are doing. If you are in an open-wheel racing vehicle without a roll cage or windshield, then you will likely want to purchase a helmet with maximum protective features.

Alternatively, if you are racing in a closed cockpit stock car or something similar, you can focus more on the design of the helmet and a little bit less on the safety features. This doesn't change the fact that safety should always be the number one priority, however.

Top 5: Racing Helmets Review

RaceQuip 253115 Gloss White Large OF15 Open Face Helmet (Snell SA-2015 Rated)

One racing helmet that you might want to consider is the RaceQuip 253115 Gloss White Large OF15 Open Face Helmet. This particular product has earned the fifth position on this product list because it has all of the safety features that are important to race car drivers, particularly racers that race in closed cockpit vehicles.

There are five size options available, ranging from small to extra large. The simple open faced design is great for competitive racers, but it does in fact lack the addition of a front shield. This means that your face is exposed, which might not be ideal for open wheel racing as well as open cockpit racing.

Bikers and motorcycle riders could find some purpose for this helmet, but it certainly isn't the most recommended option. All together, customers agree that while it is an affordable racing helmet, it likely isn't the most modern choice that is currently available. There are still many reasons to consider a racing helmet like this for your needs, however.


  • Five Sizes to Choose From.
  • Comfortable and Durable Design.
  • Positive Customer Reviews.


  • Open Face Helmet.
  • Expensive Price Range.
1Storm Adult Motocross Helmet BMX MX ATV Dirt Bike Helmet Racing Style HF801; Glossy White

This 1Storm Adult Motocross Helmet is ideal for outdoors bike riding on dirt. There are several color schemes and sizes available for adults to select from. It is extremely affordable and is equipped with imperative safety features that can assist in preventing serious head injuries.

The design of this helmet is light weight and durable. The outer shelling is extremely focused on safety to protect the integrity of the helmet. If you are looking for a great value, then this product could potentially fit your needs perfectly. The glossy finish to the outside of the helmet also sports a UV protected layer to ensure that the helmet is completely assured of covering your head and protecting from sunburns as well.

The outstanding customer reviews stem from the high quality design elements that are integrated into this racing helmet. All of the positive aspects have resonated with customers which has resulted in an incredible collection of positive remarks.


  • Affordable Price Range.
  • Positive Customer Reviews.
  • Several Color Schemes to Choose From.


  • Ideal for Dirt Bike Riders.
HJC 824-266 CL-17 Full-Face Motorcycle Helmet (Wine, XX-Large)

This motorcycle racing helmet is the number three product on this countdown of the best racing helmet accessories. The HJC 824-266 CL-17 Full-Face Motorcycle Helmet is a strong contender in this list because of its overall value and quality that it provides to its users.

There are over a dozen different size options available for users to customize. There are also more than eight different color schemes that can be applied to the outer shell of the helmet. This is an incredible amount of customization that can be applied to this particular helmet product.

There are also enhanced features like anti-scratch and anti-fog that make this helmet a lot more convenient than some other similar products. The ventilation system that is integrated is also designed to filter heat out of the helmet and to increase airflow so that the interior of the helmet can stay cool enough for your needs.

This helmet has also received outstanding customer feedback because of its impressive collection of safety features and general high level of quality. If you are not confident in this helmet's integrity, then you should take another look at the impressive list of features and customer feedback that make it one of the best options in the entire market. This helmet is particularly for motorcycle racing, but it can be used for other racing purposes as well.


  • Several Size Options Available.
  • 8+ Color Options Available.
  • Anti-Scratch and Anti-Fog Design.


  • Expensive Price Range.
  • Ideal for Motorcycle Racing.
Conquer Snell SA2015 Aerodynamic Vented Full Face Auto Racing Helmet

The second place product has clocked in as the Conquer Snell SA2015 Aerodynamic Vented Full Face Auto Racing Helmet. There are several factors that played into the fact that this particular helmet has earned the runner-up position on this countdown of racing helmet products. The most important factor is the popularity that customers have expressed directly towards this helmet.

One of the reasons that it has received such positive feedback is because the helmet is designed with simplicity in mind. It is designed for auto racers and focuses on comfort and safety features. The fire retardant interior is an enhanced safety feature that can protect from interior fires in a racing vehicle. The outer shell is capable of protecting from head related injuries that could stem from heavy impacts.

The safety features are immense and the overall value of this helmet is great when considering all of the high quality design elements that are integrated into the product.


  • Fire Retardant Interior Design.
  • Two Color Options Available.
  • Four Helmet Sizes Available.
  • Positive Customer Reviews.


  • Expensive Price Range.
ILM Full Face Motorcycle Street Bike Helmet with Removable Winter Neck Scarf + 2 Visors DOT (M, Gloss Black)

The highest ranked racing helmet on this list of products is the ILM Full Face Motorcycle Street Bike Helmet. This particular helmet is extremely affordable and provides an outstanding level of customization and safety features that users are looking for.

Two different visor types are included and an optional neck scarf can also be used in colder temperatures. The aerodynamic design of this helmet is capable of preventing drag and wind noise at high speeds. The lightweight shell is integrated for the purpose of comfort. All of these aspects piece together into one high quality racing helmet that is capable of providing enhanced safety features.

ILM Full Face Motorcycle Street Bike Helmet with Removable Winter Neck Scarf + 2 Visors DOT (M, Gloss Black)
ILM Full Face Motorcycle Street Bike Helmet with Removable Winter Neck Scarf + 2 Visors DOT (M, Gloss Black)

The less durable materials might mean that scratching and cosmetic wear could take place more than other helmets. No safety features are compromised because the shell is designed to remain strong, but the materials don't feature any anti-scratch layers. This is to help increase the affordability and reduce the price overall for customers on a budget.


  • 8 Color Choices Available.
  • 5 Helmet Sizes Available.
  • Affordable Price Range.
  • Outstanding Customer Reputation.


  • Short Term Durability.

Frequently Asked Questions

What safety features are most important in racing helmets?

Neck and head protection is extremely important for safety in modern racing vehicles. These can help protect the head and neck from serious concussion related injuries that stem from major impacts. Additionally, users might prefer a complete face shield to prevent any debris or materials from impacting the face. These are usually more expensive, but in most cases are definitely worth the extra price.

What is the difference between a motorcycle helmet and standard racing helmet?

Many of the features are the same when comparing these two styles of helmets. Usually motorcycle helmets feature a full face mask while some racing helmets are open faced and don't feature a visor.

In some rarer cases, motorcycle helmets might be equipped with anti-drag technology and improved aerodynamics to reduce drag and prevent wind noise. This is a rare feature but it does exist in some helmets.

How do I make sure I get a helmet in the right size?

Your helmet needs to be sized properly to provide adequate protection. If the fit is too loose, the design doesn't protect the entire skull, or the head isn't cushioned the way it should be, then you could still get seriously injured in an accident.

It's not quite as simple as deciding yourself what feels like it fits, either. The vast majority of people with helmets have a design that's a minimum of one size too big. You might be surprised by how snug helmets are actually supposed to be.

Some people have their heads measured by a specialist before getting their helmets. But if you've never gotten a professional measurement prior to purchasing a helmet, there's a pretty good chance that your fit is off, too. That goes even if you've used measuring tape to measure your head yourself.

These are the steps to follow to get the correct head measurement:

  • Make sure you use a cloth measuring tool rather than plastic, as it's more accurate. Wrap the tape around the head right above the eyebrow.
  • Measure the same space again at least two more times to make sure you're getting the most accurate read.
  • With each consecutive measurement, rotate the tape's angle very slightly as it curves around the back of the head.
  • Look at your numbers, paying special attention to the largest one.
What does a properly-fitting helmet feel like?

A helmet that fits properly will meet a variety of different requirements.

The helmet will have a firm pressure that encompasses the widest part of your head. That's the part that you measured to get your size. There shouldn't be any uncomfortable pinching, and it shouldn't feel like the helmet is "resting" on your head rather than pressing against it.

If you don't feel like the helmet is in firm contact with your head, then it's too big.

When the chin strap of the helmet is fastened, there should be pressure against your cheeks. Your skin should slide when you move the helmet.

The last test is to secure the chin strap and then reach to the edge of the helmet that rests near your neck. Pull upward gently. A helmet that slides down until it's further than your eyebrows is a helmet that's too loose.

What's most comfortable isn't always safest. A helmet that feels like it rests lightly against your head might be more comfortable, but it won't keep you safe the way it should.

How does head shape impact helmet wear?

Different heads have different shapes. Because helmets need to conform so closely to the shape of your head, you'll find that not all helmets are compatible with your skull. Helmet manufacturers have identified three shapes, which are defined by looking at the head from above:

  • Round oval
  • Intermediate oval
  • Long oval

Intermediate oval heads are the most common. Round heads are widest, and long ones are narrowest.

Different brands and fitments are built for different head shapes. A helmet suited to round-headed people will have dangerous gaps at the sides for narrow-headed people. And a narrow-headed helmet that fits a round-headed person at the sides will have dangerous gaps in the front and back.

That's why it's best to figure out your head shape and make sure that the brand you're buying suits it before you make your purchase.

What are the differences between different types of helmets?

Different helmets can be designed for different activities. For example, you'll find that bike helmets and motorcycle helmets tend to be packaged differently. Some of the types of helmets manufactured include:

  • Racing
  • Track
  • Rally
  • Karting

Racing helmets are designed to be safe because they need to protect you if you end up hitting your head at high speeds. Not only do manufacturers design them with safety in mind, but a racing helmet also needs to be compliant with FIA or Snell safety standards.

The standards vary by level of competition. Prior to getting your helmet, you'll need to know what kind of competitions you're racing in and find out about the safety standards therein.

Racers who race prototypes or single-seaters need to have full-face helmets. Narrow apertures are best, since these protect your view if debris hits you as you race.

Racers who race GT cars and saloons don't face the same facial dangers, so you can choose between a closed helmet or an open-face one. Closed helmets do continue to offer additional protection when compared to open ones, though.

Track day racing helmets don't have to meet specific safety standards. You aren't racing on an official circuit. However, you're still engaging in risky driving that will reach a high speed. You want to get a good helmet. Closed cars mean you have your choice of open-face or closed-face, while open cars must have full-face helmets.

Rally helmets typically have the same sort of stringent requirements as racing helmets. Rally racing is regulated by FIA or Snell. Because of how important it is to communicate when engaging in rally driving, most people use a helmet that's compatible with intercoms, amplifiers, and other sound-boosting technology.

When karters are on the track, their bodies are very exposed. This means that all karting helmets are full-face. Drivers under the age of 15 who compete must use CMR-approved helmets. Above the age of 15, you don't have to have CMR approval. Any full-face helmet that has been FIA or Snell approved can typically be used in kart racing as well.

What materials are racing helmets made out of?

Racing helmets are typically made with three potential materials:

  • Fiberglass
  • Carbon Racing
  • Composite

The outside of a fiberglass helmet is comprised entirely of fiberglass. These options tend to be the cheapest, but they're also very heavy and uncomfortable. Composite helmets are complexly constructed of multiple materials for maximum safety.

Carbon helmets are the strongest helmets due to being made of pure carbon. They give riders the best possible protection from debris and impact. They're also the lightest helmets.

Final Verdict

All of these racing helmets are made with high quality materials so that customers can be assured that they are protected in all instances of competitive outdoor racing. These helmets might also be great for the purpose of outdoor bike or motorcycle riding.

Now is the time to figure out which product balances out all of these factors the best. It is likely that at least one of these racing helmets will fit your specifications perfectly. Hopefully all of the information learned in this review will help you make a confident purchase decision in the near future!


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