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Are you looking for the best online ticket marketplace to help you purchase tickets for all of your favorite events? Do you want to be able to find and purchase tickets easily, while ensure you get the best deal possible? If so, you’ll want to learn more about TickPick.

TickPick is an online ticket marketplace designed to help you find tickets for all the sporting events, concerts, theater performances, and more that you want to see. Read through our review below to learn more about TickPick and how it works so you can decide if you want to give them your business.



  • You can purchase tickets for theater performances, sporting events, concerts, and more through this online marketplace.
  • You’ll be able to choose the best tickets/prices to match your needs and budget for each event you choose.
  • If you don’t have a particular event in mind and just want to get out, you can search for all events in your area for a particular day.
  • Selling tickets and getting paid with TickPick is easy. You’ll get paid with PayPal for tickets that sell within two weeks of the event.
  • There are mobile apps for Android and iOS devices.
  • You can bid on tickets if you are looking to pay less than the listed rates.
  • They do not charge buyer fees.

Sporting Events

Of the many types of tickets you can purchase through TickPick, tickets for sporting events are one of the most popular. You can find tickets for all of your favorite sports and teams on this site.

When you visit their home page, you’ll see some of the major sports organizations (MLB, NHL, NBA, and NFL) list across the top left-hand side. Hover over the “Other” tab will reveal other sports categories such as NCAA Football, NCAA Basketball, Soccer, WWE, Golf, and Tennis.


Clicking on any one of these categories that you are interested in will pull up a list of teams. You can click on the team name that you’d like to find tickets for. After clicking on a team, you’ll see a list of their upcoming games.

Each game listing will include the date and time of the game, where the game is being played, and the opposing team. If you see a game you’d like to purchase tickets for, you can click the “Buy Now” button next to the listing.

You’ll be taken to the page with a map of the stadium/court where you can view the different sections and prices and select the number of tickets you need. If you want to purchase a parking pass, you’ll be able to do this before checking out as well.


Once you have selected your seats, you’ll be taken to a page to confirm you purchase and enter your payment information. TickPick offers three different payment options. You can either pay using a credit/debit card, with PayPal, or by making monthly payments with Affirm.

Upon placing your order, you’ll receive a confirmation email. Your credit card will not get charged until the seller confirms the order.

Your tickets will be sent to you before your event. If you purchased tickets for a same-day event, they’ll be sent more quickly than tickets purchased for events farther in the future.


Another popular event type on TickPick is concerts. You’ll be able to find and purchase tickets to see all of your favorite performers and bands.

When you hover over the “Concerts” tab on the top left of the page, you’ll see the different music categories and performers that are currently available. The music categories include Hip Hop, Country, Pop, Rock, and Other. Under each music category a few of the more popular artists and bands are listed.


If you see the performer you want to see, you can click on their name. You can also click on the blue “All Concert Tickets” underneath the categories if you want to explore other options.

After you find the group or artist you want to see in a live event, click on their name. This will pull up a list of the different events that are available. You can click the “Buy Now” button next to the event that you want to attend. After this you’ll select your seats and checkout, following the same steps listed above.

Theater Performances

If you enjoy catching the latest musical, taking your kids to Disney on Ice, or being captivated by a Cirque du Soleil show, you’ll be able to find events that are of interest to you under the Theater section.


Purchasing tickets for these shows works the same as the other events. Simply select the performance you are interested in, choose the show date/time/location, select your seats, and enter your payment information.

Other Ways to Search for Tickets

In addition to looking through the different categories, TickPick offers a few other ways for you to search for tickets. Their homepage has a search bar towards the top.

If you know the name of the performer, team, or event you want to see, you can type it in the search bar. Doing so will pull up all the events that match your search criteria, and you’ll be able to select and purchase your tickets.


You can also search using the name of a specific venue. If you want to look for events in the venue or venues that are closest to you, type in the name of the venue and a list of the events taking place at that venue will be displayed.

Finally, you can also search for all events that are near your location by clicking on the map icon to the right of the search bar. When you do this, it will list all of the events in your area. The events will be ordered by date.

You can filter the results if you only want to view specific types of events by clicking on the event type you’re interested in on the right-hand side of the page. You can also modify the dates of the events to either start today or on a future day when you’re looking to have some fun.

Selling Tickets with TickPick

TickPick also makes it easy for you to sell tickets for events you are no long able to attend. Listing your tickets is free. TickPick will keep a small commission for selling your tickets, but they’ll also be connecting you with the buyer, so you’ll have much less work to do than if you were to try to sell them on your own.


When you’re ready to list your tickets, you’ll need to enter the event date and time, the seat numbers, and any other information about the seats that a buyer would want to know.

You’ll only get paid if your tickets sell. Payments are made through PayPal and will occur withing two weeks of the date of the event.

Mobile Apps

TickPick lets you take the ticket buying process to the palm of your hand through their mobile apps. They offer apps for both iOS and Android devices. You’ll be able to search for tickets for events and performers from the train, restaurants, back seat of your friend’s car, and anywhere else you are; you won’t need to worry about being tied down to your computer to find great deals.

What Makes TickPick Different from Other Online Ticket Marketplaces?

One of the things that makes TickPick stand out when compared to other online ticket marketplaces is the ability to bid for event tickets. You’ll be able to name the price you’re willing to pay and see if the seller is willing to accept your price.

No Buyers Fees

No Buyers Fees

Best Bang For Your Buck

Best Bang For Your Buck

Trusted and Secure

Trusted and Secure

Be cautious doing this if you are set on seeing a particular game or performance, as it could cause you to lose out on getting tickets for the event. However, bidding on tickets is a good strategy if you’d only be interested in attending an event for a cheaper price or are really looking for a great deal.

In addition to being able to bid for your tickets, there are a couple of other key features that will make you confident you selected the right online marketplace to use. Unlike some other companies, TickPick does not charge buyer fees. You’ll only pay the price you see listed for the tickets; no additional fees or commissions are added to your total, which could save you up to 10 or 15%.

Name Your Price

Name Your Price

iOS App

iOS App

Android App

Android App

TickPick can also help you make sure you’re getting a good seat at a great price. They have created an algorithm to grade tickets. You’ll see a letter grade between A+ and F next to each listing to help you know whether a particular ticket is a good deal.

Finally, TickPick is a reputable company that you can feel confident using. They are accredited by the Better Business Bureau and have been featured in various publications nationwide.


  • Unlike other online ticket marketplaces, TickPick offers you the opportunity to bid on event tickets
  • Finding events, selecting tickets, and completing your purchase is a clear process.
  • Sellers get paid using PayPal within two weeks of the event date.


  • If you choose to bid on tickets, it is possible that you’ll lose out on attending the event.

Final Verdict

If you like getting great deals for seeing live performances and sporting events, you’ll definitely want to give TickPick a try. This online ticket marketplace makes it easy to find and purchase tickets for all of your favorite events.

What sporting event or performance is next on your list to see? Visit TickPick’s website to score a great deal on tickets for the event!


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